Cold weather is coming so please take care of your outdoor kitties. Do you have a shelter for them that is insulated? A heated water and food dish for them? You can buy these items on Chewy or Amazon Smile. Some people prefer to make their own shelters and here are a few links about how to do so. Always use straw, not hay or blankets. If you keep your shelters outside throughout the year please remember to clean them out for the fall and winter.…/creating-winter-shelters/…/feral-cat-shelter-options…/

Remember, cats do take shelter in and under cars so please knock on your hood if your car is outside.If you are going to TNR please make sure to check your humane traps frequently as cats can freeze to death in them if in traps for too long outside. You can put your traps in your unfinished basement or in any warm area. If extreme weather is predicted it is not recommended to trap (cats usually take shelter then anyway).

Below are more tips on how to keep outdoor cats safe and warm in the cold weather. If you have an outdoor shelter for your outdoor kitties let’s see them in the comments section!

Thank you!