Cats Available for Adoption


Our home office is based in Seven Valleys, Pennsylvania.  We are a network of fosterhomes in various locations throughout York County that care for each cat we take in.  Once our cats are ready for adoption some of the are temporarily housed at 6 Retail Satellite Locations:

image      West Manchester Town Center, 1800 Loucks Road York, PA 17408

image Queensgate Town Center, 1919 Springwood Road York, PA 17403**

image Shrewsbury, 570 Shrewsbury Commons Avenue  Shrewsbury, PA 147361**

image York Marketplace, 2533 E. Market Street, York, PA 17402**

image Hanover, 801 S Baltimore St., South Hanover Shopping Center, Hanover, PA 17331

Cape Horn Pets, 673 Lombard Road, Red Lion, PA 17356**

**starred locations also have a Heavenly Paws donation bin**


*all cats have been spayed or neutered unless they are too young or too ill for  the operation*


(15-103) Mama Cat is a snuggly 8-10 year old spayed female. Mama Cat was found outside and pregnant. After she had her babies, she was left behind by her “owner.” I can’t imagine why anyone would leave Mama Cat behind, because she is the sweetest girl you will ever meet! She loves to talk, snuggle and have her head rubbed. She loves laps to lay on and soaking up the sun!!!! If you are looking for a calm, sweet, cuddle bug… Mama the cat for you!!! Mama Cat is currently being cared for in a foster home

2/16 (17-016) Pumpkin is a beautiful lady around 3-5 years old. She is a sweet girl once she gets to know you. She does not mind quiet & calm cats but is not fond of nosy kitties. Pumpkin would like her personal space to be respected. She is fine with kids & dogs too. Pumpkin really likes playing with her toys. Pumpkin is now sleeping over at her foster home

3/18 (17-046) Chloe is a precious 3-5 year old little lady! Chloe is shy at first. But when she learns to trust you, she can be quite sweet. She loves to play but likes to cuddle too! The way to Chloe’s heart is with head scratches & wet food. She does not like dogs but seems to do well with other cats. Chloe is sleeping over at her foster mom’s home!

4/30 (17-095) Lea is a 1-2 year old tabby. She is also on the smaller side & a great joy. She is good with kids, dogs, & other cats. She is really lovely once she gets to know you & will sleep in your lap forever. Lea sometimes does not like her tail touched. She loves to go to events with us & walk on her leash! Please stop by to meet her at Cape Horn Pets

5/8 (17-047) Jackson (or Jack) is a sweet boy who can still be shy around humans. He still is somewhat nervous around strangers but don’t let him fool you! He begs for attention by flirting and teasing you. He is a love bug at heart! He would to best with a home that has a cat sibling! He’s about 9 months old & loves treats!! Apply online today to meet him in his foster home.


5/8 (17-071) Victoria is a young kitty, about 5-10 months old, who enjoys lots of love. She loves her scratching post & bed. She is great with kids, dogs, & other cats. She is especially wonderful with kittens! Victoria would love a good perch to window-watch. Victoria is currently in a foster home, please fill out an adoption application to meet her.


6/14 (17-107 & 17-108) Bashta (black, male) & Manhattan (female, white/gray) are a bonded brother & sister duo! They both love to be petted & Bashta is a big guy who loves to take long naps in your lap. Manhattan is a very nervous girl, so she needs her brother around to keep her comfortable. They are 7 years old & are great with other kitties too. Please apply online to meet Bashta & Manhattan in their foster home.


7/6 (17-042) Jenna loves to greet people with meows & headbutts. She is an affectionate, independent 1 year old lady. She would do great in a home with other cats. She will need a patient home that will give her time to adjust. Please apply for Jenna online or in-store at Cape Horn Pets!


7/17 (17-122) Penny is a breast cancer survivor who desperately needs a forever home. She came to us declawed & full of breast cancer. She has since had a full masectomy, but still not quite in the clear. She’s an absolute sweetheart. She will reach her paw out & gently tap you to get your attention when she wants pet. She will follow you around just to be with you. Penny is only about 3 to 5 years old & currently in a foster home


7/23 (17-308) NoName is a very large handsome brown tabby. He is a 2 year old Neutered male. He is very sweet and loving. Came to us with 3 open wounds on his side. NoName is FIV+, but can live a long & happy life! He was confirmed FIV positive and cleared healthy by the vet. He gets along great with other cats and our youth volunteers! Please apply to adopt NoName today online or in-store at Cape Horn Pets! To learn more about FIV, contact us!


7/23  (17-204) Azalea is an absolute laid-back lover girl. She enjoys a good window perch & chin scratch any day. She loves attention & giving kisses. This pretty girl would do great in a multicast household. You can meet Azalea today at Cape Horn Pets

7/23 (17-272 & 17-273) Timmy & Tiffany are two 11 week old black kittens. Timmy is a very curious & playful boy. Tiffany is a very laid-back & calm lady. They both love cuddling & play-time. They get along with cats, dogs and kids. They are currently hanging out in a foster home. Apply online today to meet them.


8/23 (17-275) Oscar is a sweet, four-month-old neutered boy. He takes some time to warm up to people but loves to snuggle & has the loudest purr. He is currently hanging out with his foster family, but you can visit him by giving us a call or sending us a Facebook message!



8/23 (17-305 & 17-318) Cole & Eclipse are two lucky black cat siblings. They are both around 14 weeks old. Cole is fairly laid-back & loves to be held. Eclipse is very friendly and learning to be leash trained. As kittens, they can both be playful. They are good with kids, dogs, & other cats. You can meet them today at the PetValu in Queensgate



Sweet Richard has made his way back to us–not to any fault of his own but his previous home just wasn’t a good fit. This time we are hoping to find him a purrfect home to retire in.

Richard is a senior kitty of around 10 years. His foster suspects that he had a home in the past before he was put outside. He needs a home that can provide an all wet food diet -currently he will only eat bff/weruva for us. We will not adopt to a home that can not provide his specific diet.

He’s our first cat we have ever had that needed to have his penis removed due to health issues. So he’s had it rough and it’s time he gets a home who can love on him like he deserves. Please visit him at Pet Valu – US East York Marketplace and if you can’t adopt… please consider sharing his story and making a donation of a can of bff food to sponsor one of his meals.


17-374 Liesl is a beautiful young kitty who is a little shy at first, but once she warms up to you, she will love you forever. She is currently hanging out at Pet Valu Shrewsbury. You just have to come meet her!


17-373 Marta is another beautiful young kitty who just loves to find a nice warm spot to hide. Once she feels comfortable with you, she just loves to get attention! She is also VERY smart, so she will need someone who can play with her and keep her busy mind occupied. She is currently hanging out at Pet Valu Shrewsbury.

1266x2250.jpeg.8b6b4b54ff86490e8c78c45d49c30913.jpeg9-5 (17-302)  Mona is a 12 week old female kitten currently with her foster. She is extremely affectionate, loves kids, other cats and dogs.

9-5 (17-303) Hilda is also 12 weeks old, extremely playful and loving. She is also Mona’s twin sister. Also very good with kids, other cats and dogs. Currently resides with her sister at her foster home.

 9-5 (17-378) Athena is a female 18 week old kitten. Loves cuddles and sunbathing. Very friendly to children of all ages. Loves other kitties but is afraid of dogs. Also living at her foster home. Apply online to meet her today.



9/7 Meet Kelly. She is a very outgoing gal who just loves to rub all over you for attention. She also loves to talk. She will let you know what she is thinking! Come meet her at Pet Valu Hanover!




9/7 This beautiful lady is Torie. She’s a bit more reserved than her sister, Kelly, but is still as sweet as can be. When she came to us, she had an injured tail and it had to be amputated. But don’t worry! There’s still plenty of her to love! Not to mention she just loves to be snuggled and pet! Be sure to come out to meet her at Pet Valu Hanover.




Honey Is between 2-5 years young and oh-so-cute 🙂 He is SUPER snuggly and loves a good lap to chill on. He’s very outgoing and social, loves people and likes patrolling the store on a harness!! Honey is just a big lovebug and will make a fantastic friend for life!
He is currently at the Pet Valu South Hanover and would love for you to visit.



Lilly is a lovely 4 year old spayed female. Unfortunately, in her short 4 years, she has experienced such heartache. A good Samaritan found this girl with her leg caught in her collar, which caused a large laceration where it had rubbed. Thankfully, she was brought to us, so she could receive proper vet care. The laceration required surgery and she needed a safe place where she could heal. Her foster mommy was kind enough to give her lots of love while she was recovering. Despite her tough life, she is just loving life and enjoys being around people. She is now in Petco, awaiting her forever home. Won’t you come out to meet her?



9/19/17  (17-299) Meet Peyton! This girl loves to climb! She loves to sit on top of her cat tree and watch everyone. Another one of her favorite things to do is climb up on your shoulder and hang out. Did I mention this cutie pie is a lover? She just loves to purr and cuddle and can’t wait to meet you!  Drop by Petco to meet her.



9/19/17  (17-393, 17-392) These two are quite the pair! Milk, on the left, is a 13-14 week old gal who just loves to take care of her brother, Scrapple, who is on the right. Scrapple is an 8-12 month old boy, who eats up the attention from his sister! They love to play together and will lay down and cuddle when it’s time. They are currently being cared for in a foster home.



9/19/17 (17-389) Ziggy  is a 5 year old neutered male brown tabby. He has the biggest cat paws! He’s a gentle giant – a lovable, squishy, fluff ball who just wants to be by your side. He might be large in stature, but he doesn’t have a mean or aggressive bone in his body. When his foster mommy walks into his room, he jumps up from his bed and races to meet her. He’s looking for a best friend and he deserves one! Stop by Pet Valu in Shrewsbury to meet him!


9/19/17  Meet Mango! This orange tabby girl is in need of love <3. She just wants to be petted. If you stop she will paw politely to ask you to continue. What a sweetie! What makes her unique is how big her eyes are. You won’t find another kitty in town as cool as her! You can meet her at her foster home by calling, sending an email, or messaging us on Facebook.


9/19/17 (17-317) This big boy is Bruce. Don’t be fooled, though. He’s a 10+ year old big bundle of love! This vocal boy was adopted from Heavenly Paws 5 years ago, but was returned due to no fault of his own and is now looking once again for his forever family. He loves to hang around in his cat bed, so if you are looking for a guy who just wants to chill, Bruce is your man! Be sure to come out to meet him at Cape Horn Pets.