Cats Available for Adoption


Our home office is based in Seven Valleys, Pennsylvania.  We are a network of foster homes in various locations throughout York County that care for each cat we take in.  Once our cats are ready for adoption some of them are temporarily housed at the following Retail Satellite Locations:

image      West Manchester Town Center, 1800 Loucks Road York, PA 17408

image Queensgate Town Center, 1919 Springwood Road York, PA 17403**

image Shrewsbury, 570 Shrewsbury Commons Avenue  Shrewsbury, PA 147361**

image York Marketplace, 2533 E. Market Street, York, PA 17402**

image Hanover, 801 S Baltimore St., South Hanover Shopping Center, Hanover, PA 17331**

image Hanover, 449 Eisenhower Drive, Hanover, PA 17331

Cape Horn Pets, 673 Lombard Road, Red Lion, PA 17356**

**starred locations also have a Heavenly Paws donation bin**


The following cats are ready for adoption.  They are all up to date on vaccinations including rabies, spayed or neutered, and tested negative to Feline Leukemia and FIV, unless otherwise noted.

2.25.18 Lincoln (18-05

Location: Foster Care

Meet Lincoln. Lincoln is still waiting for his forever person, or family, to scoop him up. Lincoln is a special boy. He has a sweet and loving personality with a slight quirk – he bites. He is around 5 years old and a chunky boy with a half tail. He loves to be rubbed on and loves to rub on your legs. He will lick your fingers and knuckles. He truly is a sweetheart who gets overstimulated and shows his excitement by biting. Our hearts are heavy for him because we know how great of a kitty he is but this quirk makes him hard to adopt. The vet says there is not a medical reason he is biting. If you love a sassy sweetheart with a big personality and a lot of love and love bites to give – please consider him. The rescue, including volunteers, just love him. He should not go to a home with small children but can adjust to cats and dogs.

3.8.18 Grayco “Grey Dude” 17-491

Location: Foster Home

Grayco is a 10 yr old very sweet older male! His favorite pastimes are taking long naps in his bed, waiting for you by the door and he’s a huge canned food enthusiast and likes a variety of flavors. He will let you know when he’s hungry by following you and giving you sad eyes. Grayco loves kisses and will head butt you all day long, please don’t let his age fool you! He has a ton of love to give! Grayco does great with other cats and children ages 5 and up.


3.20.18 Jack (Jackson) (17-047)

Location: Cape Horn Pets

Jack is an amazing 2 year old boy that is a bit shy and slow to trust people. When you finally do gain his trust he open up like a book. He is a bit flirty and cavalier. He will love on you at times and pull away at others. He loves attention and looks forward to treat time. He loves to play with his kick toys and sounds like a horse running around the room. Jack would love a friendly cat sibling.

8.18.18 Melody (15-148)
Location: Cape Horn Pets
Melody is a 3 year old white cat with brown tabby markings. This lovely lady was adopted from Heavenly Paws in 2015 at around 8 weeks old. Her “family” recently moved and decided they couldn’t take Melody with them. The first evening we took Melody in, it took around 15 minutes for us to close her carrier as she was so confused and scared she was spit hissing like a feral. The fear of the unknown that she had broke our hearts more than we can explain. The first week was rough. She wouldn’t let us near her, when she finally did she would occasionally hiss and attempt to swat and bite. Her foster Mom has been working to gain her trust and promise her that good people are still in this world and she will never not be loved. She now loves her foster mommy’s attention and rubs her head on her foster mommy’s cheek to show affection.
She meows nonstop for pets and truly wants to be nearby at all times. While we don’t know how she has lived the last 3 years, we do know that in the short time we have had her we can see an amazingly loyal and loving kitty. At this point she needs to go into a home with no other animals, and preferably no small kids. Her encounters with animals in her foster home has been very nerve racking and aggressive and we would not feel comfortable adopting her to a home with other animals at this time.

8.28.18 Willow
Location: Cape Horn Pets
Willow is a sweet 3-5 year old girl. She’s super friendly, but wants to be the only pet in the house. Do you need a love bug who will demand all of your attention?


9.8.18 Mittens & Sweetie
Location: Cape Horn Pets

These girls are 1-2 years old and we believe they’re sisters. Mittens has been slowly coming out of her shell and just LOVES to be pet…She’s a polydactyl with extra toes on her front paws that look like…you guessed it–mittens! Sweetie (has a darker face) is still just as affectionate and lovey…She’s a big fan of treats too! While they are both a bit shy and can seem nervous with all the noises in the store, I have NO doubt they will be happy, content kitties after time in their new home. We’d love to see them adopted together as they take great comfort in each other.

10.4.18 Darnel
Location: Petvalu Shrewsbury

Darnel has been with us for far too long. He is brown tabby with white markings and around 8 months old. His siblings have been adopted and yet he still waits for the perfect fit. Darnel is people shy but loves other cats, even the most grumpy ones. He needs someone with a big heart and a lot of patience to work with him to gain his trust. He would love to have lots of kitty friends or maybe even a doggy. He is toy-driven and can be summoned with feather sticks, bells, and other noisy toys. The best way to bond with him is at dinner time, where he may let you pet him while he eats if you are quiet and sit on the floor. He will keep you company around the house and sit on the couch near you, but he is not a lap cat yet. He also loves to cuddle in cat beds. He is such a special boy and deserves all the love in the world.


10.8.18 Clare (18-350)
Location: Foster Care

Clare is a sweet orange tabby born on 6.1.18. She is timid at first but then outgoing and playful. She likes to play with balls, bell toys, and mice toys. She gets along with kids, dogs, and cats.

10.8.18 Missy (18-095)
Location: Foster Care

Missy is an 8 year old female torti. She is a very loving and sweet girl who just wants to find her forever home. She loves attention and will give you head bumps to show how much she loves you. She gets along with kids, dogs, and cats.

10.29.18 Shinko

Location: Foster Care

Shinko is a 12 year old super sweet boy! He loves to get kisses and loves to be loved. Being an older guy he likes to have his own space and would do well in a quiet home with plenty of litter boxes. He would do best in a smaller size home or apartment with NO other cats or dogs. He does fine with children age 6 and up. Don’t let his age fool you! He has a ton of love to give.

10.29.18 Sammie
Location: Foster Care

Sammie. Sammie is an 18 year old female living the golden life at her foster home. She lost her home due to no fault of her own. She is very sweet and loves to sit with you in the quiet evenings. Sammie loves attention and has the loudest purr! Her favorite past times are sleeping, canned food and meowing for water from the faucet. Please consider giving this girl a home!

10.29.18 Zoey
Location: Foster Care

Zoey. Zoey is an extremely sweet 12 yr old lover bug! Unfortunately her owner passed away and she needed help. Zoey is hyperthyroid so she requires medication twice a day to control her thyroid. She will paw at you for attention and loves to snuggle! She is good with other cats and children.

10.29.18 Sarge
Location: Foster Care
Sarge. What can I say about Sarge?!?! This big boy is a hoot! He’s always doing funny things and talking to you! He loves canned food, dry food, people food did I mention he likes food?! He’s a super sweet boy and about 10 yrs old. Sarge is a diabetic and requires a special diet, blood sugar monitoring as well as possible insulin.

10.31.18 Oakley (15-303)
Location: Foster Care
Oakley is the cutest 8 year old calico. She was adopted in 2015 and after being returned we realized she had been severely neglected in her previous home. She was returned after supposedly peeing for 3 years and the owner never had her to the vet. She was severely matted, had untreated conjunctivitis for at least a year, severe wheezing in her chest, she had a bad infection of the gums and needed calcii buildup scraped off. After lots of vet care and TLC from her foster mom, she’s back to her happy and healthy self! Her previous owner was appalled that this cat was ruining his stuff and he wanted nothing to do with her. He brought her to us in a carrier that was soaked With pee (had to have been in that carrier for days) and the carrier was inside a trash bag! I’ve had her for a few months now and this sweet girl is a whole new cat. She has NEVER peed outside of the box in her foster home and I have to blame the previous owners negligence on her past litterboxe issues.
She can be a little hissy with unfamiliar animals and swats occasionally but only because she really wants to be the center of attention (it is not malicious behavior and can be overcome with proper introductions and patience). She loves people! She really craves all of the attention and gets sad when she has to share. Oakley has missed out on a lot of love and snuggles over the years and she just wants a human who will allow her to shine❤️ Please consider giving this sweet girl the home she deserves!

10.31.18 Cali (19-339)
Location: Patvalu North Hanover
Cali is a very sweet girl that will take all the love you can give! She is a playful kitten who would enjoy a friend to romp and snuggle with.

10.31.18 Gracie (18-235)
Location: Petvalu South Hanover
Gracie had a rough start, but she hasn’t let that keep her down! She is a spunky girl who loves to play. She loves to keep you company, but doesn’t mind doing her own thing either.

11.6.18 Wall-E

Location: Petvalu South Hanover

Wall-E is a shy, laid back guy that thrives on love and attention. Once he realizes that he can trust you, he will give you all of his love and his personality will shine through. He is an amazing boy looking for his forever family!

11.13.18 Grey Goose (18-272)

Location: Foster Care

I’m a very active 12 week old handsome boy. I need a place where I can run, climb, play, and run! I may be too energetic for small children but I do love interaction. I like playing with the other kittens but I’m definitely the boss.

11.13.18 Midnight (18-385)

Location: Foster Care

Midnight is a very sweet 2-3 year old female.

11.13.18 Papa Bear (18-410)

Location: Petvalu Queensgate

Papa Bear is a lover lover!!! His nose is a little beat up but healing nicely. He’s probably about a year old.

11.13.18 Peon (18-394)

Location: Foster Care

Peon is probably 5 to 8 years old. He is FIV positive. He is not thrilled about other cats but will put up with them. He would be happiest as an only cat.

11.13.18 Josephine 18-398
Location: Pet Valu Queensgate

Josephine is a sweet but shy beautiful torti. She is 7 months old. She was born on 4/15/18 in York City. Her momma, her, and five siblings were brought inside by a wonderful lady and taken care of until the rescue had room for them. She finds comfort with her brothers. She enjoys pets and attention. She will need a patient person or family who wants to give her the space to gain trust but has the time to work with her through snuggles, pets, and playing.

11.13.18 Bella Mia (18-409)
Location: Petco West Manchester Town Center

Bella Mia is an absolutely stunning lady. She is 1-2 years old and a mix between a torti and a calico. She was found in York City pregnant and gave birth to six beautiful babies. A lovely woman took Bella Mia in to care for her, along with her babies, until the rescue had a foster home open. Almost seven months later Bella Mia has since been spayed and is ready to find a loving forever home. She is an outgoing girl who loves to get attention. She enjoys lounging around and playing with wand toys. While she has lived in her finder’s home with other cats and dogs, as well as in her foster’s home, she hasn’t seemed to want to buddy up with any of the other animals. She actually will slap her fur babies if they try to eat before her – I mean it is always nice to let them know she is queen. If you are looking for an affectionate yet independent sidekick – this girl is for you!!

11.3.18 Anna (right – 18-423) Mariah (left – 18-422)

Location: Petvalu Queensgate

Anna is a little love. She is probably under a year old. Mariah came in with Anna and is a 4.5 month old little girl. Mariah may be Anna’s baby. Both are super sweet but nervous.

11.13.18 Lilah (18-435)

Location: Pet Valu East York

Lilah is a sweet curious little girl under a year old. She’s very curious and looking for a new home to explore. Will you be her adventure companion?

11.13.18 Rumchata (18-333)

Location: Foster Care

I am a very soft and playful 11 week old tuxedo gal. I love to run around with my foster siblings and climb on the cat tree. I’m fine with the gentle pup at my foster home too. I’d be a sweet addition to any furever home.

11.21.18 Spike (18-390)

Location: Foster Care

Spike is a senior boy who is FIV+. He’s an absolute love bug and good with other cats. He deserves a nice snuggly home with lots of love. FIV is a manageable disease that does not easily transfer to cats that are not FIV+. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information on FIV+ cats.

12.1.18 Hunter

Location: Petvalu North Hanover

Hunter is a timid guy who loves attention and cuddles. He is about 6 months old and would like to have kitty friends to cuddle with too. Will you be his Christmas wish come true?

12.1.18 Puddin

Location: Petvalu North Hanover

Puddin is outgoing and talkative. He’s 6 month old and likes to play and cuddle. He would do best in a home with other cats. He is looking for his forever family.

12.1.18 Forest

Location: Foster Care

Forest is a sweet 6 month old boy. He loves to play, cuddle and be loved on. He would love to have a forever home this Christmas.

Marley (18-443) Mackey (18-444)
Location: Foster Care

Meet Marley and Mackey – the tabby sisters. These two adorable girls were born on 9/10/2018. They lived outside with their momma until a wonderful family was able to catch them and bring them inside. They are still a little timid with quick movements but once they get comfortable they love pets and cuddling on the couch. Both girls are playful and sweet. Marley, the brown tabby, warms up more quickly and is a purring machine. She appears to be a little more gentle than Mackey but we are still learning a lot about them. Mackey, the grey tabby, is a little more reserved initially however she is known to climb on the couch for cuddles when the evening rolls around and everyone calms down. Both girls love to run around the house and play with each other and the other animals.

12.1.18 Prudence
Location: Petco
Prudence is a sweet girl that loves attention. She is a little shy around new people, but she opens up quickly.

12.1.18 Jupiter
Location: Petvalu Shrewsbury
Jupiter is 7 months old and has a goatee. He starts purring as soon as he realizes you’re not scary. He’s a little skittish, but warms up really quickly and loves pets.

12.1.18 Juno
Location: Petvalu Shrewsbury
This is Juno, she’s a little fluffy and likes to play hard to get. She’ll speed walk just out of reach, but keeps looking over her shoulder to see if you’re following her. She loves to be held, even like a baby.

12.1.18 Minerva
Location: Petvalu Shrewsbury
This is Minerva. She is the most outgoing and adventurous of her siblings and also the smallest. She gets excited to see you and will arch her back and rub up against what ever is near. She doesn’t mind being held, but has way too much stuff to see and do to be pinned for too long. She loves to play with anything and everything.

12.1.18 Maple
Location: Petvalu South Hanover
Maple is a talker and would love to tell you about her day and then ask you about yours. She’s a sweetie that wants to find her forever home this Christmas.

12.7.18 Jasper (18-452)
Location: Foster Care
Meet big handsome Jasper. He’s just a big love bug, that likes to give kisses. He’s great with children and other cats.

12.7.18 Lenon (18-392)
Location: Foster Care
Lenon is the coolest cat ever. He’s so chilled out wherever he goes, even at the vet. He’s great with kids and cats. He is about 10 years old and takes a very inexpensive medication for his thyroid. Please consider adding him to your life!!

12.7.18 Momma & Poppa (18-440 & 441)
Location: Petco
Momma and Poppa came to the shelter together and are about 1-2 years old. Momma is a petite, sweet girl. While Poppa is a handsome calm boy. They both do well with other cats and can be adopted together or separately.

12.7.18 Handsome Rob
Location: Foster Care
Handsome Rob refuses to hold still for a good photo. He’s a very sweet 1.5-2 year old male and is a typical orange love bug. He loves to be loved and rubbed and is good with kids.

12.7.18 Beau (18-416)
Location: Petvalu Shrewsbury
Beau is a 1-to-1-1/2-year-old handsome boy with gorgeous eyes! He is very affectionate, friendly and playful. He enjoys a good cuddle and likes to snuggle with you to go to sleep. He loves attention and will tell you when he needs some by either seeking you out or talking to you. He is a big fan of long brushing sessions. Beau is good with children. Given proper introductions and time to adjust, he would do okay with other cats and calm dogs.

12.7.18 Merlin (18-424)
Location: Foster Care
Merlin is a sweet 5-6 month old petite boy. He is shy at first but once he warms up he loves to play, run and be a normal loving kitten!

12.7.18 Chester (18-439)
Location: Foster Care
Chester is an adorable 12 week old boy who just wants to be held and loved! He enjoys playing with his kitty friends and finding that warm spot to sleep!!

12.7.18 Noel (18-449)
Location: Foster Care
Noel is an outgoing and extremely friendly 6 month female. Will talk your ear off and climb your legs if you ignore her! She wants to be center of attention. She enjoys playing with her kitty friends and getting as much affection as she can!

12.7.18 Merry (18-451)
Location: Foster Care
Merry is a talker and loves to purr! She loves head scratches and chin rubs! She really wants to have a forever family for Christmas.

12.7.18 Nick (18-448)
Location: Foster Care
Nick is a handsome boy about nine months old. He is very shy at first but then when he warms up to you is a very loving sweet boy. Will do fine with other cats. Prefers to lay in higher areas so Nick would love to have his very own kitty tree!