Cats Available for Adoption


Our home office is based in Seven Valleys, Pennsylvania.  We are a network of foster homes in various locations throughout York County that care for each cat we take in.  Once our cats are ready for adoption some of the are temporarily housed at 5 Retail Satellite Locations:

image      West Manchester Town Center, 1800 Loucks Road York, PA 17408

image Queensgate Town Center, 1919 Springwood Road York, PA 17403**

image Shrewsbury, 570 Shrewsbury Commons Avenue  Shrewsbury, PA 147361**

image York Marketplace, 2533 E. Market Street, York, PA 17402**

image Hanover, 801 S Baltimore St., South Hanover Shopping Center, Hanover, PA 17331

Cape Horn Pets, 673 Lombard Road, Red Lion, PA 17356**

**starred locations also have a Heavenly Paws donation bin**


*all cats have been spayed or neutered unless they are too young or too ill for  the operation*



(14-221) Luna is a beautiful, 4-year old, declawed, spayed, female, Turkish Angora. This very rare, blue & amber eyed kitty will do best in a calm home. She just loves to be petted & will let you know when she is done. She requires an all wet diet of prescription food (not really any more expensive than regular wet food) & multiple litter boxes. She would love to be your companion but would prefer to keep her distance from the other pets in the house. Luna is currently being cared for in a foster home


(15-026) Lilly is a beautiful 5 year old, spayed tortoiseshell with plenty of “torti-tude”.  She loves to play with her feather toy and loves to window watch.  She also loves to give head butts.  She does best in a calm home where she can be the center of your attention.  She is currently being cared for in a foster home.

IMG_1223(15-013) Mama is an 11 yr old spayed female. Mama is a sweetheart and just wants to snuggle!  She would do best in a home with not so many cats.  She does not like dogs.  Mama does well with people and children ages 5 and up.  She has lost a few teeth over the years. She cannot go to a store because she gets stresses over the cage & gets depressed. So she is hanging out in a foster home! Please don’t overlook Mama, she is a very very sweet girl!

(16-022) Smokey is a gorgeous gray girl, spayed, and about 1 year old. Of course being young, she loves to play! She’s skittish, so fast movements can frighten her. Because of this, she’s not terribly fond of children- you know they’re always on the move! She does love other cats, getting head rubs and perching up high and watch the world go by! Smokey is being fostered, learning how to relax a little and enjoy life. She’s looking for that purrfect home willing to give her time and patience; in return, she’ll give a lifetime of love!


(16-153) Oh hi there! My name is Buttons. I’m a sweet and social girl that LOVES attention!!  I’m FIV+, but that only means I’m extra special!  Us cats with FIV can still live long, happy lives; even with other NON-FIV cats 🙂  Buttons would love to get a furever home of her own! She’s now hanging out at a foster home, so fill out an adoption application online!

(16-045) Aspen is a 2-3 year old gorgeous girl. Aspen does ok with other pets but would prefer only 1 or 2 fur sibling. She is quite vocal to her human friends. Aspen enjoys very much being petted and talked to. She would love to sit on your lap if you have the patience. Aspen would be most happy in a quiet home with no other animals or small children. Aspen is at Cape Horn Pets in Red Lion, please apply online or in-store if interested in adopting her

(16-334) This gorgeous lady is named Fran & she’s 3 years old. She’s a silly girl who loves getting butt-rubs & scratches (sometimes she will even hiss in agreement). Fran is very sweet & quiet, but needs a home where she can sleep the day away! While she may look a little pouty in her photos, she actually has the cutest baby-face. Fran is currently being cared for at Cape Horn Pets! Please fill out an adoption application online or meet her in store!

(16-371) Bree would love to find her forever family soon! She is about 5 months old. Bree tends to be a little shy. She has a very calm temperament, but gets along well with children & other pets too. Bree loves to play with all sorts of toys. Bree is staying with her foster family at this time. Please apply for Bree through our online adoption application.

(16-328) Echo is a skinny 3 year old male. He was found as an abandoned stray & was very malnourished at the time. Since his care in our shelter, he’s gained some weight & surely bloomed into a great house cat. Echo loves to talk, he is very vocal (which is why he’s named Echo). He needs lots of attention from his humans. He loves to ride on your shoulders & rub himself on your head. Recently, Echo’s foster mom found a lump on his leg. A trip to the vet revealed that he has at least 17 pellets around his body. He must have been shot with a shotgun or pellet gun sometime in his life. Echo deserves a forever home where he can be loved & appreciated. He is currently hanging out at a foster home, but you can apply to meet him with an adoption application

1/21 (16-386) Flash is a big, shy tuxedo around 2 years old. He loves hiding. He loves to be held (if you can catch him)! He needs lots of love & attention. He gets along well with other cats. Flash is now at Cape Horn Pets in Red Lion, please apply online or in-store to adopt him!

17359010_1387046851360009_8337258763464822416_o1/30 (16-311) Seymour is an 3-5 year old guy. He has a sweet heart & an orange coat. He gets along with kids & other kitties. Please consider adopting this gentleman, adult cats need homes too! If you would like to meet Seymour, please submit an adoption application!

2/16 (17-016) Pumpkin is a beautiful lady around 3-5 years old. She is a sweet girl once she gets to know you. She does not mind quiet & calm cats but is not fond of nosy kitties. Pumpkin would like her personal space to be respected. She does not like doggies & not too fond of kids either. Pumpkin really likes playing with her toys. Pumpkin is now sleeping over at PetValu in Queensgate


img-6785153332/27 (16-405) Simba is a big tomcat who seems to have been through a lot. He seems to have a scarred ear, scarred eye, & rotten teeth. He is shown to be very appreciative of his new surroundings. He was always purring, headbutting, & rubbing on his caretaker, but now he’s ready for adoption! He will continue his new life with lots of love & wet food. Please consider sharing a lifetime with Simba! He is a real shy guy but a huge love bug! You can meet him at PetValu in East York!

3/5 Jenny is a 1-2 year old black beauty. She is very sweet on her own terms. Once she knows you & trusts you, she wants to be with you constantly. She is not necessarily a snuggler yet. She will sit on the couch with you but not against you. She likes to play with string toys. She is great with other animals including dogs. We think Jenny would fit in well in an adult household. She needs a special adopter that will understand & respect her boundaries. Maybe one day she will even be a snuggler!! Jenny is currently in a foster home, please fill out an adoption application online to meet her

3/18 (17-046) Chloe is now ready to go home! Chloe is shy at first. But when she learns to trust you, she can be quite sweet. She loves to play but likes to cuddle too! She does not like dogs but seems to do well with other cats. Chloe is sleeping over at Petco in West Manchester!

3/18 (17-057) Minnie is a 3-5 year old gal. She has proven to be good with kids & other cats. She was found as a stray in York city. Minnie has silky smooth fur & loves to get lots of attention. You can meet Minnie at the PetValu in Queensgate

3/22 You’re just in time for spring flowers! Here we have a beautiful long haired Daisy! She is just super sweet & friendly! She loves attention & walks on the leash. She’s unsure of other kitties & would be ok with kids! Daisy is staying at CapeHorn Pets, please apply for her through our online application


3/22 Charlie is a 1-2 year old black-coated female kitty. She’s almost completely black, she has two teeny white patches on her belly! Charlie is a friendly kitty who will greet you at the cage when you visit her. She’s loves other cats. She gets along with kids & dogs too! Charlie is young, so she still likes a good play session; but she will also enjoy a cat-nap on your lap. Apply to meet her!


3/28 George is a big, easy-going guy. He’s around 3-5 years old & would rather nap than play. George is an independent cat who doesn’t beg for attention but will gladly receive it when offered. He is known for his loud purrs of approval & showing his big belly for rubs. George would love to keep you company on your lazy days! George is now at the PetValu in East York center & ready to meet you!


3/28 (17-063) Sunshine is around 8-10 years old. She lost her home when her owner was put into a nursing home. She needs a tooth pulled before she can be adopted but otherwise healthy! Cute too, look at those big eyes!!! Please fill out an adoption application to meet Sunshine!


3/28 This is Milo. He’s a 14lb baby who loves to be pet & held. He loves food!! Milo is great around other cats & loves his foster friend Petey. He is healthy & ready for his forever home! Milo is currently sleeping over at Cape Horn Pets but would love to meet you


4/10 Louis C. Kat is an amazingly sweet boy. While we thought he found his forever home when he was adopted at 2 years old, he found his way back to us 6 years later when his family couldn’t keep him. At the age of 8 years old this cuddly boy is now looking for his real forever family. Louis is reserved. He finds comfort in routine & known surroundings. While he may have to be nudged a little to come join his foster family, once on the couch, he sinks in & purrs loudly. He will not pass up a head rub or chin scratch. He even enjoys kisses on the forehead. If he is really relaxed, he likes to have his big ol’ belly rubbed too. He is super excited to be on a wet food diet. He loves all the chicken pate! You can meet Louis today at PetValu Shrewsbury!


4/10 (17-070) Buddy is a big handsome lovable boy. He is good with kids & didn’t mind his foster brother of a dog. Buddy just wants loved up on. He has permanent scarring from either wounds or infections in his ears but is healthy. Meet Buddy today at the PetValu in Hanover!

4/12 This great guy is named Doodle! He’s friendly, not a mean bone in his body. He was found with a very injured stump of a tail. He’s going to get the rest of his tail amputated, but is otherwise healthy & ready for adoption as soon as surgery is done! Vet said he is a neutered male & about 3 years old. So go ahead & submit an application to meet him! He’s a big boy at 11 pounds. He is extremely sweet & affectionate! Doodle is currently in a foster home


4/17 Petey is a super sociable boy who is a few years of age. He loves to talk to his humans & take long naps on your lap! He also loves his foster brother, Milo! Stop by Cape Horn Pets to fall in love with Petey!

4/17 (17-094) Cinder is a young guy around 1 year old. He’s a sweet boy! Currently staying at the Petco in West Manchester!


4/17 (17-048)  Gracie is a patch tabby lady who is about 2 years old. She’s very sweet & good with kids! You can meet her today at the new PetValu in Hanover!


4/17 (17-091) Athena is a shorthaired dilute tortie about 9 weeks old! She is very well socialized. She has lived with children & small dogs. Athena & her brother, Zeus, are now at the PetValu in Queensgate! They would be great as a pair or singly.


4/17 (17-090) Zeus is a shorthaired grey tabby with a white bib & kitten mittens. Zeus is just 9 weeks old & ready to be adopted! He is very well socialized. He has lived with children & small dogs. Zeus & his sister, Athena, are now at the PetValu in Queensgate!

4/22 (17-093) Kylee is a beautiful 2-3 year old spayed female torti. She is sweet, cuddly, & playful. She gets along with other cats & children. Kylee loves to play ball & be pet. If you are looking for a calm & affectionate lap cat – she may be your girl! Stop by to say hello to her at the Pet Valu in Shrewsbury


4/22 (17-089) Skittles is a 1 year old female gray tabby. She was abandoned (while pregnant) with her brother last winter. A kind neighbor took them in & helped raise the kittens. Skittles loves attention & bird watching. She will follow you around the house & can sometimes be talkative. She is good with other cats, dogs, & kids. Skittles is overall a super sweet young lady! She will be getting spayed on the 23rd. If you are interested in adopting Skittles, please fill out an application!