Cats Available for Adoption


Our home office is based in Seven Valleys, Pennsylvania.  We are a network of foster homes in various locations throughout York County that care for each cat we take in.  Once our cats are ready for adoption some of the are temporarily housed at 6 Retail Satellite Locations:

image      West Manchester Town Center, 1800 Loucks Road York, PA 17408

image Queensgate Town Center, 1919 Springwood Road York, PA 17403**

image Shrewsbury, 570 Shrewsbury Commons Avenue  Shrewsbury, PA 147361**

image York Marketplace, 2533 E. Market Street, York, PA 17402**

image Hanover, 801 S Baltimore St., South Hanover Shopping Center, Hanover, PA 17331

Cape Horn Pets, 673 Lombard Road, Red Lion, PA 17356**

**starred locations also have a Heavenly Paws donation bin**


*all cats have been spayed or neutered unless they are too young or too ill for  the operation*



(14-221) Luna is a beautiful, 4-year old, declawed, spayed, female, Turkish Angora. This very rare, blue & amber eyed kitty will do best in a calm home. She just loves to be petted & will let you know when she is done. She requires an all wet diet of prescription food (not really any more expensive than regular wet food) & multiple litter boxes. She would love to be your companion but would prefer to keep her distance from the other pets in the house. Luna is currently being cared for in a foster home


(15-026) Lilly is a beautiful 5 year old, spayed tortoiseshell with plenty of “torti-tude”.  She loves to play with her feather toy and loves to window watch.  She also loves to give head butts.  She does best in a calm home where she can be the center of your attention.  She is currently being cared for in a foster home.

IMG_1223(15-013) Mama is an 11 yr old spayed female. Mama is a sweetheart and just wants to snuggle!  She would do best in a home with not so many cats.  She does not like dogs.  Mama does well with people and children ages 5 and up.  She has lost a few teeth over the years. She cannot go to a store because she gets stresses over the cage & gets depressed. So she is hanging out in a foster home! Please don’t overlook Mama, she is a very very sweet girl!

(16-371) Bree would love to find her forever family soon! She is about 5 months old. Bree tends to be a little shy. She has a very calm temperament, but gets along well with children & other pets too. Bree loves to play with all sorts of toys. Bree is staying with her foster family at this time. Please apply for Bree through our online adoption application.

1/30 (16-311) Seymour is an 3-5 year old guy. He has a sweet heart & an orange coat. He gets along with kids & other kitties. Please consider adopting this gentleman, adult cats need homes too! If you would like to meet Seymour, please fill out an application on him. He is currently in foster care with an ear infection

2/16 (17-016) Pumpkin is a beautiful lady around 3-5 years old. She is a sweet girl once she gets to know you. She does not mind quiet & calm cats but is not fond of nosy kitties. Pumpkin would like her personal space to be respected. She is fine with kids & dogs too. Pumpkin really likes playing with her toys. Pumpkin is now sleeping over at her foster home

3/18 (17-046) Chloe is a precious little lady! Chloe is shy at first. But when she learns to trust you, she can be quite sweet. She loves to play but likes to cuddle too! The way to Chloe’s heart is with head scratches & wet food. She does not like dogs but seems to do well with other cats. Chloe is sleeping over at her foster mom’s home!

3/18 (17-057) Minnie is a 3-5 year old gal. She has proven to be good with kids & other cats. She was found as a stray in York city. Minnie has silky smooth fur & loves to get lots of attention. Please fill out an adoption application to meet Minnie


3/28 George is a big, easy-going guy. He’s around 3-5 years old & would rather nap than play. George is an independent cat who doesn’t beg for attention but will gladly receive it when offered. He is known for his loud purrs of approval & showing his big belly for rubs. George would love to keep you company on your lazy days! George is now in a foster home. Please contact us to meet him!

4/30 (17-095) Lea is a 1-2 year old tabby. She is also on the smaller side & a great joy. She is good with kids, dogs, & other cats. She is really lovely once she gets to know you & will sleep in your lap forever. Lea sometimes does not like her tail touched. She loves to go to events with us & walk on her leash! Please apply online to meet her

19550907_1777583645603445_579132913_n5/3 (17-102) Brady is a big lover boy but can be shy at first. He’s 5 years old. He is taking applications for a new family! Please apply today online or in person at Cape Horn Pets!

3/18 (17-058) Susie is an older gal around 4-10 years old. She is looking for a retirement home with a loving & caring family. Susie gets along with kids, dogs, & other cats. Please consider adopting a sweet senior kitty like Susie

5/8 (17-047) Jackson (or Jack) is a sweet boy who can still be shy around humans. He loves attention but gets nervous around strangers. He would love to have a cat sibling in his new home! He’s about 9 months old & loves treats!! He is currently keeping cool in his foster home!


5/8 (17-071) Victoria is a young kitty, about 5-10 months old, who enjoys lots of love. She loves her scratching post & bed. She is great with kids, dogs, & other cats. Victoria would love a good perch to window-watch. Now at Cape Horn Pets in Red Lion!


6/11 (17-203) Poppy is an 8-10 month old female kitty. She’s very sweet & loves head rubs. She is shy but enjoys being loved on. She warms up quickly & will begin to purr. Poppy is hanging out at Cape Horn Pets!

2017-06-14 17.06.43

6/14 (17-107 & 17-108) Bashta (black, male) & Manhattan (female, white/gray) are a bonded brother & sister duo! They both love to be petted & take long naps in your lap. Manhattan is a very nervous girl, so she needs her brother around to keep her comfortable. They are 7 years old & are great with other kitties too. Please ask to meet Bashta & Manhattan at Cape Horn Pets in Red Lion!


6/21 (17-207) Dahlia is a long-haired black beauty who was found recently with large mats of fur. She is already quite thankful & happy to be in the market for a new forever home! Dahlia is about 1-2 years old. She can be shy but warms up quickly. She is good with kids & other kitties. You can meet after submitting an application for adoption. She is currently in a foster help


6/21 Reeses is a sweet female torti. She is around 1 year old. She has finished nursing her litter, & they have all been adopted, so now it’s her turn to go home! She loves affection. She is friendly, vocal, and loves to be wherever her people are. She slept in bed with her foster parents & even was a fan of hard boiled eggs for breakfast with her foster family. She is now looking for a permanent home for herself. Do you have love, eggs, & a home to share? Reeses is enjoying the attention at Cape Horn Pets but ready to break free! Stretching out on the floor may be one of her favorite pastimes! Reeses seems to like other cats

6/21 (17-233) Little Tom is about 11 months old & a neutered male. He is your typical sweet orange boy. He loves to play with his brother & they often sleep side-by-side. He would love to be adopted with his brother Kandi. Little Tom is now at Petco in West Manchester


6/21 (17-234) Kandi is an 11 month old neutered male. He is very friendly & likes to be held. He enjoys playing with his brother Little Tom. He’s a very unique color. Instead of brown stripes they are black stripes. Please consider adopting Kandi & Little Tom together. Kandi is now getting some TLC at a foster home


6/27 Peaches is a 1-2 year old medium-haired brown tabby. She has stunning green eyes. She is shy at first but very lovable once you gain her trust. She is sweet, gentle, & likes to be an observer from a safe place before coming in to be pet. She is a petite thing but fiercely objects to living with dogs. She would do okay living with older children. She so far has done well with the presence of other cats & has been having a tough adjustment since her kittens left. Please consider adopting this sweet mama Peaches. You can meet her at PetValu in East York


6/29 (17-061) Ana is a 6-8 month old kitty. She is a super playful gal but needs to be the only cat in the house because she has FeLV. Ana loves all kinds of toys, scratching posts, & cat trees. She loves to be held & cuddled too. If you only need one, Ana only needs you! She is currently at Pet Valu in Queensgate!


6/29 (17-239) Caspian is a 10 week old cutie! He’s a lovable little boy with lots of energy!! You can meet him & his siblings at the PetValu in Queensgate. They were all fostered with dogs, kids, & other cats


7/6 (17-042) Jenna loves to greet people with meows & headbutts. She is an affectionate, independent 1 year old lady. She will need a patient home that will give her time to adjust. Please apply for Jenna online for she is currently in a foster home


7/6 (17-224) Sadie is about 1 year old. She was brought to us with her 5 kittens. She is now on the market for a family since her babies have all been adopted. You can find her at the PetValu in East York

FB_IMG_14902060476027/12 (16-234) Wobbles is our cute kitten friend. She is currently in foster care for cerebellar hypoplasia (hence the name!). Wobbles would appreciate if you would sponsor her or donate in her name! She requires vet visits, potty mats, & lots of love. Wobbles is adoptable & currently in a foster home!


7/12 (17-145) Huey is one of three adoptable brothers, all around 9 weeks old. He’s an outgoing, sweet boy. He loves kisses & cuddles. Huey loves playtime as well. You can meet him at PetValu in Hanover


7/12 (17-144) Louey is a more laid-back kind of kitten. He is quite sweet. Louey loves playtime & cuddles. Now at PetValu in Hanover


7/12 (17-143) Dewey is the talker of the group. Like his brothers, he loves to play & be loved. Please apply to adopt in-store or online


7/17 (17-250) Tuna is about 10 weeks old. He is a very curious, playful, young kitty. Now at PetValu in Queensgate


7/17 Penny is a breast cancer survivor who desperately needs a forever home. She has had a full masectomy. She’s an absolute sweetheart. She will reach her paw out & gently tap you to get your attention when she wants pet. She will follow you around just to be with you. Penny is only about 3 to 5 years old & currently in a foster home

7/17 (17-222) Hermione is about 15 weeks old. Hermione is very sweet (although a little timid at first). She loves to sit in your lap & be held. She can be found at the PetValu in Queensgate


7/17 (17-206) Parker is a 14 week old boy who loves attention. He’s very playful & loves to climb. He would love to go home with a cool cat tree! Please meet him at PetValu in Queensgate center.