Cats Available for Adoption


Our home office is based in Seven Valleys, Pennsylvania.  We are a network of foster homes in various locations throughout York County that care for each cat we take in.  Once our cats are ready for adoption some of them are temporarily housed at the following Retail Satellite Locations:

image      West Manchester Town Center, 1800 Loucks Road York, PA 17408

image Queensgate Town Center, 1919 Springwood Road York, PA 17403**

image Shrewsbury, 570 Shrewsbury Commons Avenue  Shrewsbury, PA 147361**

image York Marketplace, 2533 E. Market Street, York, PA 17402**

image Hanover, 801 S Baltimore St., South Hanover Shopping Center, Hanover, PA 17331**

image Hanover, 449 Eisenhower Drive, Hanover, PA 17331

Cape Horn Pets, 673 Lombard Road, Red Lion, PA 17356**

**starred locations also have a Heavenly Paws donation bin**


The following cats are ready for adoption.  They are all up to date on vaccinations including rabies, spayed or neutered, and tested negative to Feline Leukemia and FIV, unless otherwise noted.

2.25.18 Lincoln

Location: Foster Care

Meet Lincoln. Lincoln is still waiting for his forever person, or family, to scoop him up. Lincoln is a special boy. He has a sweet and loving personality with a slight quirk – he bites. He is around 5 years old and a chunky boy with a half tail. He loves to be rubbed on and loves to rub on your legs. He will lick your fingers and knuckles. He truly is a sweetheart who gets overstimulated and shows his excitement by biting. Our hearts are heavy for him because we know how great of a kitty he is but this quirk makes him hard to adopt. The vet says there is not a medical reason he is biting. If you love a sassy sweetheart with a big personality and a lot of love and love bites to give – please consider him. The rescue, including volunteers, just love him. He should not go to a home with small children but can adjust to cats and dogs.

3.8.18 Grayco “Grey Dude” 17-491

Location: Cape Horn

Grayco is a 10 yr old very sweet older male! His favorite pastimes are taking long naps in his bed, waiting for you by the door and he’s a huge canned food enthusiast and likes a variety of flavors. He will let you know when he’s hungry by following you and giving you sad eyes. Grayco loves kisses and will head butt you all day long, please don’t let his age fool you! He has a ton of love to give! Grayco does great with other cats and children ages 5 and up.


3.20.18 Jack (Jackson) (17-047)

Location: Foster Care

Jack is an amazing 2 year old boy that is a bit shy and slow to trust people. When you finally do gain his trust he open up like a book. He is a bit flirty and cavalier. He will love on you at times and pull away at others. He loves attention and looks forward to treat time. He loves to play with his kick toys and sounds like a horse running around the room. Jack would love a friendly cat sibling.


9.8.18 Mittens & Sweetie
Location: Cape Horn Pets

These girls are 1-2 years old and we believe they’re sisters. Mittens has been slowly coming out of her shell and just LOVES to be pet…She’s a polydactyl with extra toes on her front paws that look like…you guessed it–mittens! Sweetie (has a darker face) is still just as affectionate and lovey…She’s a big fan of treats too! While they are both a bit shy and can seem nervous with all the noises in the store, I have NO doubt they will be happy, content kitties after time in their new home. We’d love to see them adopted together as they take great comfort in each other.

10.29.18 Sammie
Location: Foster Care

Sammie. Sammie is an 18 year old female living the golden life at her foster home. She lost her home due to no fault of her own. She is very sweet and loves to sit with you in the quiet evenings. Sammie loves attention and has the loudest purr! Her favorite past times are sleeping, canned food and meowing for water from the faucet. Please consider giving this girl a home!

10.29.18 Sarge
Location: Foster Care
Sarge. What can I say about Sarge?!?! This big boy is a hoot! He’s always doing funny things and talking to you! He loves canned food, dry food, people food did I mention he likes food?! He’s a super sweet boy and about 10 yrs old. Sarge is a diabetic and requires a special diet, blood sugar monitoring as well as possible insulin. Sarge had a full dental recently and he has very few functional teeth left as they were removed. He’s recovering well but his blood sugar still hasn’t regulated yet, he’s currently on 4 units of insulin twice a day and get 2-3 cans of food per day. When his belly is full of canned food, which is better for a diabetic, he’s less apt to sneak dry food. He has also been playing! He has a lot more energy now that his diabetes is more regulated, but will likely require insulin for the rest of his life which he is super good about getting. Sarge waits to get his insulin after he eats and then goes about his day until lunch (yes he will let you know it’s lunchtime) and dinner (he will let you know about dinner too). Don’t let diabetes scare you! It’s easily managed with proper care!

11.13.18 Peon (18-394)

Location: Cape Horn

Peon is probably 5 to 8 years old. He is FIV positive. He is not thrilled about other cats but will put up with them. He would be happiest as an only cat.

12.7.18 Chester (18-439)
Location: Foster Care
Chester is an adorable 12 week old boy who just wants to be held and loved! He enjoys playing with his kitty friends and finding that warm spot to sleep!!

12.15.18 Chad (18-468)

Location: Foster Care

Chad is a very sweet 2 year old handsome boy. The vet said his eye lids are permanently scarred from either a past injury or illness. There is nothing needed to be done with them except sometimes he needs them wiped off. It’s no big deal and he doesn’t mind it.

1.9. 19 Juniper (18-418)

Location: Pet Valu Shrewsbury

Juniper aka Junie has really blossomed over the last several months. She came to the rescue with her sister at the beginning of November 2018 at around 5 months old. She was leery of humans but you could tell she was intrigued by our breed. With patience, treats, play time, and did I mention patience … she has turned in to an amazingly fun, goofy, playful, and loving cat. The day she “cracked” and began trusting humans was a glorious day and she has not looked back since. She was fostered with other cats, and two small dogs, and did fine. She has a dominant personality. She loves to play; batting and chasing balls around the house. On top of balls, which may be her favorite, she also enjoys playing with mice, laser pointers, and feather wands … anything and everything really. At the store she has been enjoying harness walks and literally running the aisles and flopping down for pets. She is a purr machine when she is happy and being loved on. Her fur coat is beautiful and in the sun you can see faint orange patches throughout her brown tabby markings (her sister is a torti). If you are looking for a fun loving kitty who is affectionate and sweet, you have to meet this girl.

1.9.19 Wesley
Location: Foster Home

Wesley came to us 2 months ago after her trailer burnt down. She was one of half a dozen cats that was thrown out and left behind by an undeserving owner. She and the others begged the neighbors for food until someone contacted us to help. Wesley has a large wound on her neck when we took her in. Luckily, it just needed to be cleaned and cared for. She’s now doing much better and ready for adoption. Wesley is a sweet 8-10 year old that loves attention and would barely sit still for us to take a picture.

1.16.19 Cleatus (18-473)

Location: Foster Home
Cleatus is an 8-10 year old black cat that came to us after his owner passed away and he was thrown out. Luckily the neighbors found him and brought him to us! Cleatus is a survivor. He had horrible dental abscesses and decay in his mouth, but he still managed to eat and not be completely anti-social. He recently had full mouth extractions and is on his way to recovery. We hope that Cleatus finds a loving family that will dote on him and give him lots of love because he deserves it! Due to not having any teeth, he will need to remain on an all wet food diet.


1.16.19 Black Panther (18-393)

Location: Foster Home

Are you looking for a little house panther to chase away the bugs? Look no further! Black Panther is a 6 Month old neutered male. He is a little shy at first, but warms up quickly and loves to be scratched and rubbed all over. This Avenger will protect your home from evil villains and cuddle with you too!

1.16.19 Karyn’s Kittens
Location: Foster Home
Do you love black kitties? We do! Meet 3 spoiled rotten siblings named Alice , Wally, and Vinney. These cuties were born on October 25th and are currently looking for their forever homes.



1.23.19 Guiness (19-023)

Location: Foster Home
Guinness is a 1-2 year old neutered male. He is extremely handsome, and the most loveable boy around. He rubs against your legs and purrs up a storm. He doesn’t mind being held and loves attention. He doesn’t react when his foster mom’s dog passes by, but he has not met other cats. Guiness is an extra special boy who has tested positive for FeLv, feline leukemia. He must be an only cat or can be adopted with other FeLv positive cats. For more information about Feline Leukemia, please take a look at this article:


2.3.19 Little Girl (19-009)
Location: Foster Home
Little girls mom passed away and the family was unable to care for all of the kitties. Little girl is a sweet, talkative & friendly kitty who wants to find her new mom and dad to love forever! She’s a compact little kitty with a huge personality! She will do fine with other laid-back cats/dogs that will not be in her face.

2.3.19 Binky (19-008)
Location: Petvalu South Hanover
Binky’s mom passed away and the family was unable to care for all the kitties. Binky has a severe allergy to flea bites and ends up with flea dermatitis. She came with a large loss of hair over her body but after being treated her fur started coming back right away. She is an approx. 3 yr old who is outgoing, loving and sweet girl who thrives on attention! She does OK with laid-back cats and calm dogs!

2.3.19 Allie (17-449)
Location: Foster Home
Allie is a sweet 1 yr old girl who loves attention. She loves to play with balls and mouse toys! She would love to have that one person that she can call her own! She would do OK with other kitties as well as calmer dogs!


2.3.19 Charlie (19-001)
Location: Pet Valu North Hanover
Charlie’s owner passed away and he and his sister Heidi came to us. Charlie likes to hide when with a more dominant cat like Heidi. But when he does come out he loves having his back rubbed. He likes to keep his distance but loves to check out his new surroundings and once he finds his furever family he will really come out of his shell!

2.3.19 Heidi (19-002)
Location: Foster Home
Heidis owner passed away leaving her and her brother Charlie behind. Heidi is a 5 year old lover girl. She loves her cheeks to be rubbed. And once you start, her purring will go and go. She is definitely an attention hog. Her brother always hides in the back waiting his turn. Sometimes when she is getting her cheeks rubbed she might want to love bite ya but if you tell her no she will stop. She loves to curl up in her bed for a nap. Heidi does not like being approached/cornered, she prefers to come to you. A home with older children would be best for her.

2.3.19 Peewee
Location: Foster Home
Peewee came to me when he was just six weeks old as a feral. He was very skeptical of me, but immediately took to making friends with the other kitties in the home. A month and a half into Peewee being here, I was worried he would remain semi-feral. He made progress in that he would come near me and play with wand toys with me, but would never allow me close enough to pet him. Then one morning, in an event that I have declared as “the accidental petting”, Peewee completely transformed. I almost cried that same evening when he jumped onto the couch and let me pet him for the first time of his own free will. I was so proud of him! He now actively seeks me out for pets, attention, and cuddles. He loves to play with toys and the other cats. Peewee is now ready to find his forever home!

2.3.19 Agape
Location: Foster Home

It is finally Agape’s time to shine!

Agape was adopted from the SPCA as a young kitten by a wonderful woman who eventually brought her kitties with her to an assisted living facility. She cherished her kitties through her final moments. Agape stayed with her owner after her final breaths. When Heavenly Paws arrived to bring the kitties into our foster homes, Agape was lost and terrified. It took a team of staff to get her into a carrier at the facility.

After bringing her to her foster home, she acted almost feral because she just lost the only human she had ever known. It took months of work and love to make Agape comfortable again. Her foster mommy would sit across the room and talk to her and toss treats each and every day. It was close to three months before she left her hiding spot in the closet with her foster mommy in the room, but even then she was cautious.

Since that day, Agape has blossomed. She just loves to be loved. Every time her mom comes in her room she runs to say hello and snuggles until she has to leave.

Agape is around 13 years old and front declawed. She loves to be cuddled and will sit with you or on you all day. She is not a fan of dogs. She lived with another cat but wasn’t a huge fan of him either. They lived in tight quarters in assisted living so with an adequate amount of space she may fair well with a calm kitty. She will only eat green Fancy Feast cans and Rachel Ray Nutrish dry food. She also LOVES Sheba meaty sticks and all smelly soft treats. It is unlikely she will adjust quickly to a new home but with patience and time she will make for a wonderful addition.

Please consider taking a chance on this sweetheart, she deserves all the love in the world.

2.13.19 Archie (19-027)

Location: Pet Valu South Hanover

Archie is a big handsome love bug around 1-2 years old.

2.13.19 Herman

Location: Foster Home

2.13.19 Ginny (19-032)

Location: Pet Valu North Hanover

Ginny is estimated to be 5-8 years old. She is a big chunky monkey with lots of love to give.

2.13.19 Amaretto (19-025)

Location: Foster Home

I am a gorgeous muted calico, about 3 years old. I was being fed outside in Stewartstown but was rescued from the cold. I’m a very vocal (cute sounds) and sweet girl that purrs when I’m being scratched. But I will let you know when I’ve had enough. I haven’t been around dogs and I’m not too sure about other cats. But I will be a great companion and would love to come home with you.

2.13.19 Isaac (19-026)

Location: Cape Horn Pets

Isaac is 3-5 years old. He is an amazing and special guy he is your typical Siamese and will talk your ear off. He loves attention and will cry and beg for it. You will in turn get one of the loudest purrs ever and biscuits will be made!! He will even on occasion share his belly with you if you cat h him in the right mood! He loves his canned food but will also settle for dry if he must! So if those gorgeous blue eyes have drawn you in, he has the attitude and temperament of a Siamese, so we ask if you are interested that you know and have experience with the breed.

2.13.19 Papa

Location: Pet Valu Queensgate

2.13.19 Colonel McWhiskers (19-031)

Location: Pet Valu Queensgate

2.13.19 Nicks

Location: Pet Valu Shrewsbury

Nicks story is a little heartbreaking. Nicks came to the rescue in 2017 as a bottle baby. She was adopted out around 3 months old to an older woman who fell in love with her at the store. We recently received a call that Nicks was becoming too much for the older woman to handle and she wanted to surrender her back to the rescue. Nicks was a wonderful kitty, and this is no fault of her own, the older woman was always afraid of falling with Nicks being around constantly. Sounds like Nicks loved her a lot and for that our hearts are crushed for Nicks. She is currently confused and scared but sweet as can be. The volunteers are doing their best trying to make her feel comfortable and loved. She has a whole lot of love and companionship to add to a family – she just needs the right family to find her. We have been told she was around a small to medium size dog a good bit and did very well. She has not been around other cats since she was a kitten herself but at the store seems to do just fine. We anticipate she will need a little time to adjust to a new home but once comfortable will be a great addition. She is currently enjoying blanket forts at the store and peeking out to see what is going on.

2.13.19 Thanos

Location: Pet Valu South Hanover

2.17.19 Mousecatel (19-029)

Location: Foster Home

I am a very sweet 7 month old boy. I’m shy and skittish so I’ll need a calm home, and will need lots of love and patience in order to adjust. I’m a bit of a social eater so I like human company when I eat. I’m okay with cats and dogs, but not small children. Once I’m comfortable I will knead and nurse on your shirt.

2.17.19 Papa 19-033

Location: Petvalu Queensgate

Papa is a wonderful big lug. He is FIV positive, but is great with other cats. He’s probably about 3 years old. He has a girlfriend, Blondie, that likes to snuggle with him and he just sits there while she rubs all over him. Papa is very laid back and chill.

2.17.19 Archie

2.17.19 Olaf 18-134

Location: Foster Home

Olaf who was adopted in June and renamed Rose was returned Wednesday. The previous owner said she wasn’t getting along with their other cats, but her examples of “bullying” didn’t seem to add up. We’ll be happy to discuss these instances with any interested adopter, Olaf seems to do fine with the kitties that she is in foster care with.

Olaf is about 10 months old. Very sweet and kid friendly. She loves to talk and chirp.

2.17.19 Philly (19-024)
Location: Foster Home

Philly is an amazingly sweet senior kitty. At almost 15 years old Philly lost his home due to no fault of his own. He is a very well mannered boy. He is declawed and doesn’t appear interested in playing with most toys. He will roll around occasionally on top of cat nip but that’s about the extent of his activity level. He enjoys pets and attention; butt scratches make him roll over for belly rubs.

In an effort to make his transition into foster life less stressful, he hasn’t been around other cats and dogs, and therefore we would like him to be an only pet — or go to a home with other older or calmer animals. His initial week was intense and Philly lost a little weight due to appetite loss. He has since found a love for fancy feast chicken gravy lovers and he has been eating well. He loves his flower water fountain and it will go to his forever home with him.

Philly was checked out by the vet and he looks great. His blood pressure was good and his thyroid and kidneys looked fine. He has a slightly elevated glucose level (199) and therefore we are going to start working with him to eat a better diet to control his blood sugar. The gravy food isn’t the best for this … but we wanted to get the handsome boy to eat first.

He has been a pleasure to have in foster care. He truly enjoys being with people and occasionally watching out the window. If you’d like to learn more about Philly, or see if you are a fit for him, please fill out an application online.

2.17.19 Cole

Location: Foster Home

Cole is a big scaredy cat that likes to eat, sleep and hide. He spent a month underneath his foster mom’s bed until he decided that she wasn’t scary after all, and now is very friendly – especially when food is involved!

Once Cole warms up to you and his new environment, he’ll follow you around and snuggle on the couch. He loves to be brushed and petted and will even chase after a laser pointer or string toy. When he’s not looking for attention, he likes to sleep at the top of tall cat trees or boxes on the floor.

Cole is a lap cat and will sneak his way under your arm and into your lap little by little hoping that you won’t notice. He’ll swarm around you for pets, rubbing the whole length of his body against you and around you.

He does well with most cats, but can get territorial with more dominant personalities. He would not do well with a dog or younger children. Cole is looking for a permanent home that’s quiet with a stable lifestyle. He is about a year and a half old and very handsome with sleek black fur and round liquid-gold eyes.

Are you patient with a quite home and are looking for someone to keep you company and be your best friend? then Cole is your boy!