Cats Available for Adoption


Our home office is based in Seven Valleys, Pennsylvania.  We are a network of foster homes in various locations throughout York County that care for each cat we take in.  Once our cats are ready for adoption some of them are temporarily housed at the following Retail Satellite Locations:

image      West Manchester Town Center, 1800 Loucks Road York, PA 17408

image Queensgate Town Center, 1919 Springwood Road York, PA 17403**

image Shrewsbury, 570 Shrewsbury Commons Avenue  Shrewsbury, PA 147361**

image York Marketplace, 2533 E. Market Street, York, PA 17402**

image Hanover, 801 S Baltimore St., South Hanover Shopping Center, Hanover, PA 17331

image Hanover, 449 Eisenhower Drive, Hanover, PA 17331

Cape Horn Pets, 673 Lombard Road, Red Lion, PA 17356**

**starred locations also have a Heavenly Paws donation bin**


The following cats are ready for adoption.  They are all up to date on vaccinations including rabies, spayed or neutered, and tested negative to Feline Leukemia and FIV, unless otherwise noted.

Lucy 2017

12.28.17  Lucy  (17-121)

Location: Foster Home

Lucy is a sweet 1-2 year old girl who prefers to come to you on her own terms.  Basically she is an all out DIVA!  She does not like to be picked up but will come to be loved on when called. She is very playful and wants to be part of a loving quiet family.  She does well with cats and dogs but is nervous around children.

1.15.18 Butterbean (17-277)

Location: Foster Home

Hi, my name is Butterbean but my foster Mom calls me Butterball because I eat everyone’s food. I love treats, naps, my friend Shadow, my brother Casey, and running the stairs at 3 in the morning. I don’t like being touched, being touched, oh and please don’t touch me.

I’m looking for a home — someone who wants to feed me treats and look at me from a couch cushion away. I promise if you need to give me flea meds, or take me to the vet, I’ll only run for about 10 minutes till I get tired and give up… but be quick and fearless with me because I don’t like any nonsense.

Think you can handle me? My foster dad would love a YES … he said I’m turning into “that guy” that sleeps on someone’s couch for his entire life without chipping in on rent. I’ve only been here since July — geez… he is dramatic!

Approx. 10 months old – neutered male – FIV+ … for more information on FIV please reach out to us. Butterbean is waiting for a family of his own.

1.15.18 Casey (17-278)

Location: Foster Home

My name is Casey. Butterbean is my brother — most days I’ll claim him.

I am an avid runner, some would say my passion is for sprinting, especially if I hear a can open or a treat bag crinkle. I’ve clocked pretty fast times and taken out a few opponents on my way to see what was being given out. I like to keep an eye on everything so I am usually a creepy distance away from you at all times. My foster mom thought me being nearby meant I wanted to be pet and kissed on – umm no. I’m not in to that mushy stuff.

I love to eat treats; pretty much any kind. I love them so much I’ll eat them out of your hand if you stay still. You have to trust that I love and appreciate you and not need me to show it to you through touch.

I’m a little bit of a challenge to catch for flea meds and Vet visits, but lucky you, I’m very predictable and end up hiding in the same spot.

Approx. 10 month old – neutered male – FIV+ … for more information on FIV please reach out to us. Casey is  waiting for a family of his own.


1.21.18 Salem (17-440)

Location: Foster Home

Salem is a handsome 1-2 year old, black & white, neutered male cat. His foster mommy calls him the purr monster. He is loving, but is very skittish, and we are working hard on gaining his trust and making him comfortable and confident. Once you get near Salem, he rubs all over you and has the loudest purr! He loves catnip pillows and batting pens around the floor — typical cute cat things!

2.25.18 Lincoln (18-053)

Location: Cape Horn Pets

Lincoln is about 5 years old and a big chunky boy. He loves to be rubbed on and loves to rub on your legs. In the second picture you can see he only has a half tail. He does nip at times so would be best in a home without small children.

3.8.18 Grayco “Grey Dude” 17-491

Location: Foster Care

Grayco is a 10 yr old very sweet older male! His favorite pastimes are taking long naps in his bed, waiting for you by the door and he’s a huge canned food enthusiast and likes a variety of flavors. He will let you know when he’s hungry by following you and giving you sad eyes. Grayco loves kisses and will head butt you all day long, please don’t let his age fool you! He has a ton of love to give! Grayco does great with other cats and children ages 5 and up.

3.20.18 Jack (Jackson) (17-047)

Location: Foster Home

Jack is an amazing 2 year old boy that is a bit shy and slow to trust people. When you finally do gain his trust he open up like a book. He is a bit flirty and cavalier. He will love on you at times and pull away at others. He loves attention and looks forward to treat time. He loves to play with his kick toys and sounds like a horse running around the room. Jack would love a friendly cat sibling or if you would consider adopting he and his mom, Chloe, together!

3.20.18 Chloe (17-046)

Location: Petvalu South Hanover

Chloe is a sweet, easy going, lovey  3 year old girl, She is shy but friendly. Chloe will come when you call her but likes to keep a distance until she fully trusts you. She enjoys playtime with balls and mouse toys. She gives head bumps and purrs extremely loud. She does well with other cats and would love if you would consider adopting both her and her son Jackson together!

4.7.18 Willow (18-063)

Location: Foster care

Willow is a petite little girl with a touch of sass. At 1-2 years old, she weighs in just below 7 lbs. Willow was tossed out on the streets in York city when her owner decided she didn’t want her anymore. With eyes like that, who wouldn’t fall in love? We say she has a ‘touch of sass’ because she occasionally swats/bites if she’s overwhelmed. She is very good at telling you when she’s had enough. Her tail will start to flutter and swish and the rest of her body freezes. Due to her occasional temperament changes, we suggest that she live in a home with no small children. She has done okay with the majority of the cats in her foster home as well as larger dogs that are low-moderate energy. Aside from her occasional quirks, I must say she is an amazing cuddler and lap kitty. She absolutely adores cat beds and will lay in them all day if you let her. She also always comes running when we call her. Willow loves pets and loves to rub all over you. As we head into the dreaded stink bug season, I must also tell you that she’s the most amazing stink bug hunter that I have ever met. Willow would do best in a home with a lot of enrichment toys/climbers/scratchers so she can spread her wings and burn up some of her pent up energy.

5.22.18 AJ (17-359)

Location: Foster Care

The first thing you need to know about AJ is he LOVES other cats. His first instinct with every cat he meets is to run up to him or her and make friends. The second thing you need to know about AJ is he is a little shy around people at first. He has been in foster care for several months now learning how to trust humans, and we think he’s finally ready to get out and find a home. He is super affectionate with his foster family and runs out to greet them when he hears them, but he is unsure of himself in new surroundings. AJ will need someone with the patience to help him adapt to his new home, and who understands that even though he might hide or seem shy at first, his loving personality is worth the wait. AJ is about a year old and would love a home with other cats (although that’s not a requirement). He would not do well with young children or high-energy dogs. Fill out an application to visit him in his foster home.

6.2.18 Shadow

Location: Foster care

Shadow is a 3-5 year old male. He came in as a poor beat up Tom cat. He had a wounded tail that fell off and healed. He has a scar on left eye and many scars with no fur. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body but is a big scaredy cat. He needs held tight to your body and given lots of love. He is FIV pos but very non aggression and can be with other cats. For more info on FIV please call or text Ann at (717) 495-1727

6.29.18 Lux and Garen (yes, these are two different cats)

Location: PetValu Shrewsbury

Lux and Garen are a bonded pair and must go home together, they are brother and sister. They came to our Shelter about 6 years ago and were adopted together. Unfortunately, their previous owner had to move across country and couldn’t take them with. Lux and Garen are terrified to be in a new place with new people, but they are very slowly warming up to their fosters parents. They love to swarm around for pets and are even playful when they relax a bit. They will be excellent cuddlers once they get to know you and are comfortable in their new surroundings.

Lux is the more outgoing and adventurous of the two. She will be the first to come around. Once Garen sees her getting love and attention though, he’ll be rubbing up against your legs for pets too. They will butt your arm, hand, leg for pets when you stop, because they aren’t done yet.

Do you have patience and a big heart to bring these two lovers into your home? They may do well with other laid back cats or an older dog that isn’t overly hyper. Lux and Garen would probably be fine with younger children, but will definitely hide from loud noises.

7.3.18 LePew (18-143)

Location: Foster care

LePew, Mr love bug, isn’t a “pew” anymore! This 10 year old long haired neutered male is just as sweet as can be. He came to us after being caught in a trap covered in cow manure hence the name “LePew”. He’s been bathed to remove his pew and also had several bad teeth removed to perk up his smile. He’s very talkative,does well walking on harness, and loves head kisses. Unfortunately, shortly after he was cleared to go and went to the store, he suffered a rectal prolapse and had to undergo emergency surgery. LePew has fully recovered now and is looking for a forever home. His new family will need to monitor his stool and be on the look out for possible future prolapses.

7.3.18 Charlie

Location: Cape Horn

Charlie is a beautiful sweet girl about 3-5 years old. She is an angel that just wants to find her forever family.

7.7.18 Rylie (18-190)

Location: Foster care

Look at this beautiful 1 year old girl. Dubbed ‘Rylie’ because she’s like a furry loaf of marbled rye. Rylie is very curious, talkative and playful when she finally feels comfortable in her surroundings. She’s a sweet girl who can get along with other cats-she’s easily startled so she would be happier in a calm setting.

7.13.18 Mr. Bigglesworth (18-146)

Location: Petvalu North Hanover

Mr. Bigglesworth is a cutie pie that may be a little shy at first. He’ll warm up to you though if you provide lots of pets and catnip toys! He like to come to you in his own time and is still unsure about being held. How can you pass up that adorable face though? He’s about 1 year old and ready to find his furever home!

7.23.18 Nellie

Location: Cape Horn Pets

Nellie is a beautiful 3-5 year old grey tabby with white markings. She is very nervous and confused. Nellie was dumped at a farm and doesn’t understand what is happening. She is friendly but takes some time to warm up to you. She would do best as an only cat but may be okay with an older cat who gives her space. She does not get along with dogs. If you are interested in meeting Nellie, please fill out an application online.

7.23.18 Fanny

Location: Foster care

Fanny is approximately 5 years old and significantly overweight. She used to be someone’s kitty, but was no longer wanted and dropped off at a farm. This poor girl is amazingly sweet and talkative and just wants to be with people. She loves attention, but due to her weight she occasionally needs help cleaning herself. We hope that her new family will help her lose weight by controlling her diet.

7.23.18 Lewis

Location: Cape Horn Pets

Lewis is a handsome 5 year old tabby cat. Another kitty dropped on a farm and it breaks our hearts. He is a very sweet boy who loves attention and being near people. He is cuddly, friendly, and affectionate. He is good with other cats and kids. If you would like to meet this adorable kitty please fill out an adoption application online to set up a meet and greet.

7.23.18 Tyler

Location: Petvalu South Hanover

Tyler is a sweet, affectionate and very playful little guy. He is about 5months old. He had a rough start at life but has an amazing personality despite that. He would do best with another kitty friend to play with.

7.25.18 Flour (18-331)

Location: Foster Care

Flour is a 6 month old baby girl and as sweet as can be! She may look a little rough now, but the poor thing came to us flea infested and is currently on the mend. She has been checked and cleared as healthy by the vet. She’s going to be absolutely gorgeous once her fur starts to grow back and she’s been taken care of inside for a bit. Look at those pretty yellow-green eyes! Will you give her a chance to steal your heart?

7.25.18 Shinko (18-253)

Location: Petco

Shinko is a 12 year old handsome lug. Sadly his owners moved and left him behind. He is an absolute love bug and really enjoys his cat nip toy.

7.31.18 Philo

Location: Foster care

Philo is the sweetest 9 year old boy. His owner just passed away and he’s feeling a little lost in this huge world. Philo was very stressed when we took him in but once we put him in a room full of baby kittens, he was like a brand new kitty full of love and energy. Philo is a major cuddle bug and does well with nondominant cats. He is very scared around dogs. Philo is the ultimate lap kitty. He loves to purr and cuddle. We can’t even scoop his litter box without him rubbing all over us and purring. We would love to see Philo go to a quieter home. Although Philo has never shown any signs of aggression, we ask that he not be adopted to a home with young children due to stress.

8.5.18 Xena (18-201)

Location: Foster Care

Xena is a sweet cuddly love bug. She enjoys balls and strings and loves to be held. She will meow for attention and purr for you when getting lovings! She is approximately 4 months old and will have a beautiful long coat when she grows up.

8.5.18 Mocha (upper, 18-258) & Moose (lower, 18-259)

Location: Foster Care

Mocha (female) and Moose (male) are brother and sister looking for a forever home together. They are sweet, friendly kittens about 10 weeks old. They are playful and love ball toys. They like to be held and are little purr machines when your giving them love.

8.5.18 Speckles

Location: Fostercare

This pretty little girl is about 4 months old. She’s a little timid, but very friendly. All kittens are playful and she is no exception! She’s looking for her forever home and is ready to go home!

8.5.18 Ivy (18-285)

Location: Foster Care

Hi! My name is Ivy and I am a beautiful 1 year old female tuxedo. I came to Heavenly Paws at the end of June with my three kittens. I was still nursing but really they should have been on their own by then. I was hanging outside of a family’s home for a while without being spayed so I got pregnant at a young age. Heavenly Paws helped me get vaccinated and spayed so I can now live a long, happy, and healthy life. I love to be pet and could let you pet me for hours on end. I haven’t really found the right toy to catch my attention here in the foster home but I’m sure somewhere out there is a toy I’ll love. I am not found of kisses on the head because it makes me nervous and I get a little over excited when being pet so young children are probably not the best for me. I haven’t been very involved with the other cats in the house, besides my own kittens, and dogs I’ve been away from but I’m starting to be introduced now so we shall see if I think we can all be friends.

8.5.18 Ophelia (18-284)

Location: Petvalu Shrewsbury

Hi! My name is Ophelia and I am an adorable 3-4 month old female grey and white kitty. I came to Heavenly Paws at the end of June with my mom and two sisters. My mom is a kitten as well – under a year old, but she was a good mommy to us. We weren’t socialized a lot before 8 weeks old so when we met humans we were so scared. The last six weeks we have become brave and love to play and get pets. I am the craziest of the kitties because I love to jump, fly, and climb. I can’t guarantee curtains will be safe with me but I do enjoy using scratching posts too. I love playing with anything so I’ll need someone who has lots of energy to play with me. I’m an adventurer and the most independent. I do love a good head and chin scratch especially when I am sleepy. I get startled by loud noises and quick movements so little kids may not be the best for me or may take me a little time to warm up to. I’ve only been around a small mellow dog but but I’m so young I can learn to love dogs with proper time and introduction.

8.5.18 Indigo (18-283)

Location: Petvalu Shrewsbury

Hi! My name is Indigo and I am an adorable 3-4 month old female brown tabby. I came to Heavenly Paws at the end of June with my mom and two sisters. My mom is a kitten as well – under a year old, but she was a good mommy to us. We weren’t socialized a lot before 8 weeks old so when we met humans we were so scared. The last six weeks we have become brave and love to play and get pets. I really enjoy a light pet to my belly. I am the most calm about being picked up, cuddled, and kissed but any new home is going to be a little scary to me at first. I love to play with feather toys, scratching posts, and cat nip toys. When sleeping, I’m usually cuddled up in a bed with River nearby. Oh I should mention I am a big momma’s girl too and still find comfort in trying to suckle her. I get startled by loud noises and quick movements so little kids may not be the best for me or may take me a little time to warm up to. I’ve only been around a small mellow dog but but I’m so young I can learn to love dogs with proper time and introduction.

8.5.18 River (18-282)

Location: Petvalu Shrewsbury

Hi! My name is River and I am an adorable 3-4 month old female tuxedo. I came to Heavenly Paws at the end of June with my mom and two sisters. My mom is a kitten as well – under a year old, but she was a good mommy to us. We weren’t socialized a lot before 8 weeks old so when we met humans we were so scared. The last six weeks we have become brave and love to play and get pets. My favorite is when my butt gets scratched. I’m kind of nervous about being held and carried around but I’ve only been trying it for a couple of weeks so I may start to like it. I used to be the shyest in the litter but I’ve become one of the more curious ones now. I will probably take a little bit of time to warm up to a new house, and new people, but please consider giving me a chance. I would really like to go home with one of my siblings too as I have a pretty close bond with Indigo. I get startled by loud noises and quick movements so little kids may not be the best for me or may take me a little time to warm up to. I’ve only been around a small mellow dog but but I’m so young I can learn to love dogs with proper time and introduction.

8.8.18 Dean
Location: Foster care
Dean is a sweet, outgoing 4 month old boy looking for his forever family! He thought that he might be going home, but alas it wasn’t meant to be. His brothers have all gone home without him and he wants to know when it will be his turn. Dean loves to play with all toys, as well as other cats. He has very high energy! He is extremely curious and inquisitive about everything. This boy will keep you on your toes as he just can’t get enough of people and playing! He’s a little bit rotten, but that’s only because he’s been spoiled!

8.18.18 Melody (15-148)
Location: Foster Care
Melody is a 3 year old white cat with brown tabby markings. This lovely lady was adopted from Heavenly Paws in 2015 at around 8 weeks old. Her “family” recently moved and decided they couldn’t take Melody with them. The first evening we took Melody in, it took around 15 minutes for us to close her carrier as she was so confused and scared she was spit hissing like a feral. The fear of the unknown that she had broke our hearts more than we can explain. The first week was rough. She wouldn’t let us near her, when she finally did she would occasionally hiss and attempt to swat and bite. Her foster Mom has been working to gain her trust and promise her that good people are still in this world and she will never not be loved. She now loves her foster mommy’s attention and rubs her head on her foster mommy’s cheek to show affection.
She meows nonstop for pets and truly wants to be nearby at all times. While we don’t know how she has lived the last 3 years, we do know that in the short time we have had her we can see an amazingly loyal and loving kitty. At this point she needs to go into a home with no other animals, and preferably no small kids. Her encounters with animals in her foster home has been very nerve racking and aggressive and we would not feel comfortable adopting her to a home with other animals at this time.

8.12.18 Toast (18-245)
Location: Petvalu East York
Toast is a gorgeous 8-10 month old girl with a huge personality. She loves to talk and demand attention from her humans. While toast was hanging out in her foster home, she became fast friends with the resident dog. Initially she did not do well around other cats but after two weeks of slow introductions, she was able to coexist. Toast is currently hanging out at Pet Valu in East York!

8.12.18 Sheeba
Location: Foster Care
Sheeba is a beautiful all black 6 year old female. She was adopted from Heavenly Paws previously, but returned when her family could no longer take care of her. She is in search of her true forever home and can’t wait to love all over you! Sheeba is the most loving cat we’ve ever met. She made herself at home as soon as she was let out of the carrier. She will rub on you for as long as you’ll let her and when you’re done, she’ll rub all over whatever is near.
Sheeba seems to be in her own world. She is not intimidated by other cats and could care less about them. She’s not even afraid of the vacuum! She just wants all your loving. She does have frequent upper respiratory issues and a chronic runny nose. Due to these issues, she’s a little bit silly and sticks her tongue out when she gets pets. These issues don’t stop her from being a sweet as can be and are not contagious to other animals.