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If you are interested in an animal listed below, please follow the contact instructions detailed in the listing. Heavenly Paws Animal Shelter, Inc. is not responsible for the health of any of the animals listed below and we advise you to verify their vaccination/neuter status prior to accepting the new pet into your home.

Animal’s Name: Teddy

Animal’s Breed: 

Animal’s Age: 6 years

Spayed/Neutered?: Neutered

Up-to-Date on Vaccinations?: yes

Details about the animal: Teddy is a 6 year old FIV positive big lover boy. He is afraid of other cats because he was repeatedly beaten up by others while he was outside. He was definitely someone’s pet prior to his days on the street. He is at Feline Solutions and their number is 717-819-5778. Thank you!

Contact Name: Feline Solutions


Cell or Home Phone #: (717) 819 – 5778

Contact Instructions: Please call

Animal’s Name: Gracie

Animal’s Breed: American Shorthair

Animal’s Age: around 2 years old

Spayed/Neutered?: Spayed

Up-to-Date on Vaccinations?: yes

Details about the animal: 

Looking for a forever home for Gracie who is a grey/white female with golden eyes around 2 years old. Gracie was on the outside camera for around a year. A month ago, she finally went in a trap for TNR. When she was picked up at the SPCA for return, she was already spayed. She had been someone’s pet at some point. While she was at the SPCA clinic, she had her ear tipped, rabies and distemper shots. She did not have any fleas, ticks, or worms.

She has been in my basement adjusting to being an indoor only cat. She has shown no desire to get out of any doors. Because of her trying to survive the outside world dangers, she was very cautious in her new surroundings.

She has come a long way in the past month. To make her feel less scared, she has been getting regular brushings which she loves, except for her belly. She loves kitty treats. She bonds with you really quick with the treats and brushing. She eats most canned foods with a side of dry. Gracie is great with the litter box but likes it cleaned daily. She uses a cardboard scratcher and a door mat made of straw materials to sharpen her claws. She is scared of brooms making me believe she may have been abused.

I think the best home for her is an adult only home where she is the only pet at this time. My cats and her hiss through a screen. She would need a week or two in a room where she can bond with her adopter and feel safe adjusting to a new environment. Until she felt safe with me, she did have a few hissing moments. If you are an experienced cat person, and can give her the time and patience she needs in a new environment, I think she will blossom into a devoted kitty to you.

For more info, you can text Charla at 717-495-5647 if interested in giving her a second chance at a safe life as an indoor only cat.

Contact Name: Charla


Cell or Home Phone #: (717) 495-5647

Contact Instructions: text

Animal’s Name: LuLu

Animal’s Breed: Calico cat

Animal’s Age: 3 years old

Spayed/Neutered?: Yes

Up-to-date on vaccinations?: Yes

Details about the animal:: My mother needed to relocate out of state to live with me. I live in the mountains, frequented by wild animals. LuLu is an inside cat but was able to go out every day at my my mom’s house. We left her with my brother in Red Lion, PA and she stays in the basement, but cannot go out because he lives in town. She is a very playful cat and gets along very well with adults and children. I believe she would be a good companion for another cat. Not sure about dogs. She was found abandoned as a kitten in a state park.

Contact Name:: Penny Testerman

E-mail Address:pennysremedies@gmail.com

Cell or Home Phone #: 540-871-2140

Contact Instructions:: Call me first and I can arrange for my brother to meet with anyone who would like to meet her. He is over the road trucker and cannot receive phone calls while driving.

Animal’s Name: Tiger

Animal’s Breed: Arabian Mau

Animal’s Age: 1.5 years old

Spayed/Neutered?: neutered

Up-to-Date on Vaccinations?: yes

Details about the animal:

Looking for an adopter(or a foster with a room for him) for Tiger, our 1.5 year old Arabian Mau, to be an only kitty. He is being very bossy and the other cats are scared of him. He is very affectionate with people and loves to talk! Please share with any of your friends who are looking for an only cat.

Contact Name: Feline Solutions


Cell or Home Phone #: (717) 819-5778

Contact Instructions: Please Call

Animal’s Name: Flannery

Animal’s Breed: Tabby

Animal’s Age: 6 months old

Spayed/Neutered?: Yes

Up-to-Date on Vaccinations?: Yes

Details about the animal:

Meet Flannery. He is about 6 months old. He didn’t come to foster until he was about 12 weeks old so was very shy. He came from a cat colony in Hallam. He has come a long way but will need patience as they adjust to a new family. Flannery is up to date with all his vaccines and is neutered. He has not been tested for feline leukemia or HIV.

Flannery is a buff colored male tabby. He is vocal especially when it is meal time. He is extremely shy but slowly warms up. He can be petted. Flannery has extra toes on both front feet which you can see in the picture. He lets me hold him for a minute or two and is a good boy.

He is fairly mellow when not scared. He is playful as well. He loves squirt cheese. He has not been around children or dogs.

Please contact Sharon 717-885-0930 if interested. Thank you!

Contact Name: Sharon

Email: N/A

Cell or Home Phone #: 717-885-0930

Contact Instructions: Please Call

Animal’s Name: Tommy

Animal’s Breed: American Shorthair

Animal’s Age: 9 months

Spayed/Neutered?: neutered

Up-to-Date on Vaccinations?: yes

Details about the animal:

Courtesy Post for Tommy who is an orange 9 month old tabby who is neutered and up-to-date on vaccines. Tommy is a very energetic cat. He would probably be good in a home with other cats to play with. He has been around dogs and has not attacked them but he has never lived with dogs.

He has not been around small children and would need to be acclimated them but he would eventually bond with them. Until he is used to other people he might have some hissing moments but he just needs time to adjust. He would need some play time to combat bordem to not try and play with your ankles. Also he prefers an old carpet or cardboard scratches to avoid scratching the furniture. He’s a sweet cat and once used to you, he would probably come on your lap for cuddling. He would come for cuddles at nighttime on your bed if he’s allowed. He’s up to date on all his shots and is negative for parasites. If interested contact Yvonne Shaub email: yvonneshaub@yahoo.com Phone #: 717-487-3111.Please contact me before 4pm Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. Please leave me a message if it’s after 4pm and I will get back to you by 830 pm or the next day after.

Contact Name: Yvonne Shaub

Email: yvonneshaub@yahoo.com

Cell or Home Phone #: (717) 487-3111

Contact Instructions: Please contact me before 4pm Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. Please leave me a message if it’s after 4pm and I will get back to you by 830 pm or the next day after.

Animal’s Name: Unknown

Animal’s Breed: American Shorthair

Animal’s Age: Unknown

Spayed/Neutered?: spayed

Up-to-Date on Vaccinations?: unknown

Details about the animal:

Very clingy fixed and chipped small female. Must be the only cat — clings like Velcro to owners for folks who like that. If interested please contact Brecca at (240) 344-8447. Thank you!

Contact Name: Brecca

Email: unknown

Cell or Home Phone #: (240) 344 – 8447

Contact Instructions: If interested please contact Brecca at (240) 344-8447