We do not accept owner surrenders, however we do assist in finding appropriate homes by placing courtesy listings on our website. The animals and persons listed below are not affiliated with Heavenly Paws Animal Shelter, Inc. and we have had no contact with them.

If you are interested in an animal listed below, please follow the contact instructions detailed in the listing. Heavenly Paws Animal Shelter, Inc. is not responsible for the health of any of the animals listed below and we advise you to verify their vaccination/neuter status prior to accepting the new pet into your home.

10.7.19 – Elwood

Name: Mackenzie Smith

Spayed/Neutered?: Yes

Up-to-Date on Vaccinations?: Yes

How Can Potential Adopters Can Reach You?: Email: mlukacs@outlook.com or Phone: 717-881-6835

Details About the Cat: Elwood is a domestic shorthair tabby-Siamese mix. My family adopted Elwood with his brother Jake when they were two months old from a local rescue. While they were a bonded pair at first, we soon found out that Elwood is meant to be an only-cat. My mom gave him to me so that he could be the only pet in the house, but we found out that he is not good with kids either… we have a two year and one due in March. He has anxiety, so when he has to share attention his behaviors change drastically. He’s normally a sweet, loving, friendly boy. He’ll be your absolute best friend; he likes to cuddle for naps and sleep above your head on the pillow at night. His favorite toy is a string on a stick (we call “snake”) that he’ll bring to you for play time – he loves to run around and play chase! He doesn’t like closed doors, so expect to have a friend by your feet whenever you use the restroom! We hate to lose him, but it’s unfair for him to be in a home that causes him stress. If you’re looking for a feline best friend, Elwood is your guy!

10.7.19 – Ghost & Three

Name: Janice Kessler

Spayed/Neutered?: No

Up-to-Date on Vaccinations?: No

How Can Potential Adopters Can Reach You?: 717-451-3042

Details About the Cat: Can you help? These kitties were dumped outside and are looking for their forever home. Both are males and approximately one year old.

“Ghost” (white) is friendly and likes to be petted while he’s hanging out by his food bowl.

“Three” (orange and white) is very friendly and enjoys being held and cuddled.

These boys do not have to be adopted together.

10.7.19 – Kittens

Name: Samantha Lippy

Spayed/Neutered?: No

Up-to-Date on Vaccinations?: No

How Can Potential Adopters Can Reach You?: 7177793502

Details About the Cat: 3 eight week old female kittens in need of their loving forever home.