As a no-kill shelter, we specialize in helping cats that would typically get euthanized in other shelters. We are proud to help all of the cats that wouldn’t have a chance otherwise. Unfortunately, they tend to come with large vet bills or specific medical requirements to help them live happy lives in their foster homes for long periods of time.

Below are listed some of our long-term fosters and their specific needs. These cats are not currently available for adoption and may live the remainder of theirs lives in our care. If you are interested in sponsoring one of these kitties, please take a look at our donation page for more information.

Mama Cat

Mama Cat is a snuggly approximately 16 old, going on 17 yrs old this winter, spayed female. Mama Cat was found outside and pregnant. After she had her babies, she was left behind by her “owner.” I can’t imagine why anyone would leave Mama Cat behind, because she is the sweetest girl you will ever meet! She loves to talk, snuggle and have her head rubbed. She loves laps to lay on and soaking up the sun!!!! If you are looking for a calm, sweet, cuddle bug… Mama the cat for you!!! Mama Cat is currently being cared for in a foster home. She is also our longest foster currently in the shelter.


Lester was adopted and returned 3 times for peeing in the house. He currently is enjoying life as an indoor/outdoor cat at a foster home. When it is nice out, he doesn’t want to come in. When it is freezing cold, he decides to come in and immediately pees on the floor! Other than his potty issues, Lester is an exceptionally sweet boy.

When he originally came to us, we believe that his had been hit by a car. He was missing teeth on the left side of his mouth and had to have surgery to have a pin put in his knee cap. We have tried everything to correct his potty issues, but anytime he is inside he backs up against the wall and sprays.

Since Lester is unadoptable, he will be safely cared for as an indoor/outdoor cat with Heavenly Paws.


Lincoln is still waiting for his forever person, or family, to scoop him up. Lincoln is a special boy. He has a sweet and loving personality with a slight quirk – he bites. He is around 5 years old and a chunky boy with a half tail. He loves to rub on your legs, but doesn’t want to be touched. He will lick your fingers and knuckles. He truly is a sweetheart who gets overstimulated due to pain and shows his excitement by biting. Our hearts are heavy for him because we know how great of a kitty he is but this quirk makes him hard to adopt. The vet says that his tail was previously broken and is compressed at the base of his spine which is what is causing him pain. If you love a sassy sweetheart with a big personality and a lot of love and love bites to give – please consider him. The rescue, including volunteers, just love him. He should not go to a home with small children but can adjust to cats and dogs.


Wesley came to us after her trailer burnt down. She was one of half a dozen cats that was thrown out and left behind by an undeserving owner. She and the others begged the neighbors for food until someone contacted us to help. Wesley has a large wound on her neck when we took her in. Luckily, it just needed to be cleaned and cared for. She’s now doing much better and ready for adoption. Wesley is a sweet 12+ year old that loves attention and would barely sit still for us to take a picture.


Sammie is a 20 year old female (going on 21 years old this summer) living the golden life at her foster home. She lost her home due to no fault of her own. She is very sweet and loves to sit with you in the quiet evenings. Sammie loves attention and has the loudest purr! Her favorite past times are sleeping, canned food and meowing for water from the faucet. Please consider giving this girl a home!


Pusser is quite an odd ball but also a fun kitty who is 1 years and 5 months old (as of 5/2021). He loves to be with people and play with them BUT he’s not ready to be held or touched a ton. He needs an understanding person who will respect his limits and work with him. At times he loves his head and neck rubbed. If you want a fun companion he’s the one. Pusser does have a sweet side and loves to lay in bed with his humans. I would not recommend him for young children. He’s currently fostered in a home with a dog cats and a 10 and 13 year old child. The children have grown up fostering cats so they love him because They understand that every kid is different. They also know where his limits are. He has made progress in his foster home and loves to play with his foster’s children.


20-269 Miss Kitty Is a very pretty girl with a black body and white whiskers that stand out. However she does not like to be touched. She loves to be around people and gets excited for treats and food. She will even lay at your feet. But go to touch her and you’ll get smacked. If you keep pushing it you’ll get bit. I have tried to make her an outside cat three times but she sits at my door and cries for hours. 




21-105 Mani earned her name because she’s a maniac. Sadly someone left her in a carrier on someone’s porch April 2021. At first we couldn’t even touch her, she was so mad. Now she flirts and allows some pets before she swats at us. She had to get shaved due to severe matting.