As a no-kill shelter, we specialize in helping cats that would typically get euthanized in other shelters. We are proud to help all of the cats that wouldn’t have a chance otherwise. Unfortunately, they tend to come with large vet bills or specific medical requirements to help them live happy lives in their foster homes for long periods of time.

Below are listed some of our long-term fosters and their specific needs. If you believe you would take wonderful care of one of our long term cats we can talk to you about adopting one of our long term cats. If you are interested in sponsoring one of these kitties, please take a look at our donation page for more information.


Lincoln is a special boy. He has a sweet and loving personality with a slight quirk – he bites. He is around 5 years old and a chunky boy with a half tail. He loves to rub on your legs, but doesn’t want to be touched. He will lick your fingers and knuckles. He truly is a sweetheart who gets overstimulated due to pain and shows his excitement by biting. Our hearts are heavy for him because we know how great of a kitty he is but this quirk makes him hard to adopt. The vet says that his tail was previously broken and is compressed at the base of his spine which is what is causing him pain. The rescue, including volunteers, just love him.


Pusser is quite an odd ball but also a fun kitty who is 2 years and 5 months old (as of 5/2022). He loves to be with people and play with them BUT he’s not ready to be held or touched a ton. He needs an understanding person who will respect his limits and work with him. At times he loves his head and neck rubbed. If you want a fun companion he’s the one. Pusser does have a sweet side and loves to lay in bed with his humans. I would not recommend him for young children. He’s currently fostered in a home with a dog cats and a 10 and 13 year old child. The children have grown up fostering cats so they love him because They understand that every kid is different. They also know where his limits are. He has made progress in his foster home and loves to play with his foster’s children.



lucy “miss kitty”

(As of 7/14/2022) Lucy “Miss Kitty” is an advanced age senior. He was found in the middle of the road. He has cataracts and is having surgery for entropic eyelids (the eyelids fold into the eye causing irritation). Luke had dental surgery on 07/13/2022 and had 6 teeth removed but he’s still as sweet as can be. He also had bloodwork and x-rays done which came back normal. Luke is blind and deaf but the sweetest fluff ball you’d ever meet.


Old Man!!!! Super sweet 12-15 year old boy. He loves to snuggle! This sweet boy has no teeth due to stomatitis and requires a canned food diet.


Buddha, 13 year old Red Mitted Ragdoll. Buddha lost his home when his owner died. His current foster home is his 5th home. Don’t let looks fool you, while he’s gorgeous he is not outwardly social and prefers to sleep most of the day. He does let his servants know when he needs something.


Winston, 10 plus year old male. Winston was sadly returned as he is very shy. He’s been in foster several months and still hasn’t warmed up to his foster family but is slowly getting there.


Camden was living outside in a colony. She had an upper respiratory infection when she came into foster care. She has been on different antibiotics but it’s been a challenge to get her breathing better. She also has a growth on her tongue, which is an allergic response called an eosinophilic granuloma. She is FIV+ which may account for the slow healing. She gets prednisone twice daily to shrink the growth. She is very sweet, loves people and other cats most of the time. She is a calico so she’s got a bit of spice.


Our big boy Parker is a 5-8 year old big ham. He loves to get petted and shown attention from everyone. He’s good with cats, dogs and kids. He is FIV positive But he is good with other cats so he can be around other non-FIV positive cats. He was fending for himself in the city for a while and is happy to be inside and loved now. He has a great personality and is a cool cat. Parker has stage two kidney disease so he is on a k/d diet and is taking kidney supplements.


22-733 Copper is one of the most handsome boys his foster mommy has ever seen. He’s probably around 3 years old. Sadly he’s FIV positive and not yet trusting of humans. He was in a big walk in cage but one of us apparently forgot to lock it and he found his way out. So now he’s living loose in his foster moms basement. He loves when it’s wet food time and cries to get his bowl. Our hope is that in time he will trust humans and get his very own home. With FIV he cannot be put back outside. He’s loves his other kitty friends too.


Gypsy is a quiet, sweet girl who can be pretty shy. She was so nervous when she was living outside in a cat colony that she mostly lived up in a tree. Now she is enjoying ground level and laying in her favorite bear claw shaped bed. Gypsy is a pretty sick girl, however. She is quite anemic and has been for some time. The vet has tried various treatments but nothing has worked yet. So, Gypsy is going to an internal medicine specialist on February 15th. Hopefully they can get Gypsy healthy. Gypsy is around 2 years old.