Cat Courtesy Posts


**They have no affiliation with Heavenly Paws Animal Shelter and you must to contact them directly. You will need to discuss the cat’s leukemia, spay/neuter and vaccine status with the person in the ad. Heavenly Paws’ volunteers have no contact with these cats**

3.27.18 Toby is a one year old, neutered, male brown tabby. Toby is good with other cats. If interested in meeting Toby, or giving Toby a loving forever home, please contact Leslie at (443) 904-6494.

6.19.18 Kitty is loving black and white female tuxedo cat. She loves to cuddle and would do best in a home with no other pets. She is spayed, declawed and up-to-date of vaccinations. Please contact Brandi for more information:

7.3.18 I have 5, 6-week and 3, 7-week old kittens that are looking for forever homes. They are being fed and are safe. I handle them several times a day but they need homes. Please contact Crystal at 240-818-4267

7.7.18 Adorable kittens and Momma available. Please contact Lauren (240) 446-2729

7.18.18 Little man’s name is Leo, he is a little over one year old. He is a very energetic little guy that loves to cuddle and give kisses. He grew up with two dogs so he sometimes acts like one. He loves when you rub his belly and head. He is extremely allergic to fleas and we just got it under control, however he does have two dry patches of skin (Ask for details) I don’t want to surrender him to a shelter but due to people’s allergies in the house, little man needs a new home! Text at 443-895-1937 or 717-719-2813

7.18.18 Loveable Calico cat that is 2 years old. She loves to play and purr away when she is happy and can be very talkative. She doesn’t mind being around dogs but not other cats she prefers being the queen of the house. Loves being given treats and giving kisses on your nose when she’s super thankful. When it’s time to sleep though she’s right and home and goes and lays down where ever her bed is at unless you leave then she stays close by the door you left at waiting for you to come back. 717-758-2811

7.18.18 We are brothers and BEST FRIENDS! My brother was found in truck engine which had to be disassembled to get him out and I wandered in a day or so later. My brother has long black hair and is a purring machine. I am possibly the runt of the litter, but I’m a good eater. I’m a gray short-hair. I tend to chirp as I try to figure out this whole “meow” thing. My brother had a pretty bad ear infection and car goo in placed that the vet shaved, but we are now healthy at 10 weeks old. We are vet checked and have had our beginning kitten shots. Would you please consider adopting us? Together if possible. If you are interested, you may contact Geneva at 717-880-3088