Cat Courtesy Posts


**They have no affiliation with Heavenly Paws Animal Shelter and you must to contact them directly. You will need to discuss the cat’s leukemia, spay/neuter and vaccine status with the person in the ad. Heavenly Paws’ volunteers have no contact with these cats**

9.3.18 We have two female cats. They are sisters they share a litter box the one is all white and the other one is an orange tabby. They are two years old and both are fixed but not declawed. We hate to give them away but we cannot keep them. They are free and you can have the litter box and toys. We would love for them to go home together because they grew up together and they don’t get along with other pets. Contact Travis at 7174348583 or Diane at 7177936495 thank you.

9.3.18 Pumpkin (male kitten)

Domestic short hair—York, PA

Age: approx. 6 months, medium

Color: orange and white

Health: neutered, rabies shot (York SPCA vet paperwork)

Pumpkin is a playful, intelligent boy. Part of a litter of 4 dumped outside. He is good with other cats. He will eat wet food from a teaspoon and is also happy to get kibble.

Pumpkin is high energy but likes to curl up in a box as well, will share with sibling. He can be vocal at times. No doubt he will sing in a carrier.

To adopt Pumpkin, contact

9.3.18 Penelope (female young cat)

Domestic short hair—York, PA

Age: young adult, approx. 1 year + small

Color: silver tabby with brindle/orange coat

Health: spayed, rabies shot (York SPCA vet paperwork)

Penelope was a kitten dumped outside along with her brother and had to grow up fast. She is a wary but will come to the distinctive sound of the opening of a can of wet food and is warming up fairly quickly. Penelope was a teen mom who had a litter of 2 younger tabby kittens. She had a second litter of 4, red/white, black/white, and 2 mixed orange and brindle. She is a good mom; all 6 kittens are playful bundles of feline fun. She was very stoic about her trip to the SPCA. Penelope is a good hunter and could be a pet cat with a little attention or a barn cat.

Consider adopting Penelope. She does not deserve a death sentence due to dumping and irresponsibility. Contact

11.13.18 Wyatt and Midnight

Diana Harden
Wyett is a sweet and healthy adult cat who is FIV+. He was found in Dauphin County and is being fostered by his finder. He is front declawed.
Midnight is a young female who was free on craigslist. Midnight was rescued and vetted. She was anemic from fleas but has been receiving care and is now looking for a loving forever home.
First two pics are of Wyett and last two pics are of Midnight

2.25.19 Vinny

This pretty boy is estimated to be 8 years old. He is neutered and has had his vaccinations. He is great with his litter box. He is staying in a house with cats and kittens. He doesn’t join in their fun, but loves to sit and watch them. He would love a friend but would also be okay with just having someone to love him. He loves to sit on your lap or next to you and cuddle. His ears were a mess when he was found. The vet feels they are bent from him scratching them. They are now fine, but may stay like this.

Corinne Sheridan

2.25.19 Owen

This pretty boy is estimated to be 8-10 years old and is neutered. His name is Owen and he was brought in from a colony because he is so sweet. He is living with cats and kittens and is fine with them. He likes to play and be petted. He is a good eater and is good with his litter box.

Corinne Sheridan

2.25.19 Anastasia, Star, Mac, Huda

A few months ago a lady had contacted me about my cat that was missing and wanted to know if I’d take a kitten. I told her I couldn’t at the time but she’s gone on about how one way or another they’d be gone by that Friday so I caved and went to meet her. When we got there she handed me the carrier and jumped in her truck and left me standing with all the kittens! There were seven, all feral so my kids and I spent every waking second socializing them with people and my adult cats as well as having my ex husband bring his dogs over so they could adjust to dog friendly homes. One has been adopted and two are going to their new homes as soon as I can get them fixed so I’m left with four. I have them on Craigslist, Rehome and anywhere I could find but cannot seem to find anyone for these last four.
My email is and my number is (717) 538-0682. I am a mom, full time college student and work part time so if I don’t answer you can leave a message.
Mac- Male black/grey/white- super lovable and will sleep with you but doesn’t like being held long.
Anastasia- female grey/dark grey- very lovable
Star- female light grey with dark grey swirls. She is the runt so she’s about 1/3 of the size of the others. Teeny tiny, super lovable, pushy and runs the roost. Doesn’t like being held long because she has better things to do but will sleep with you and lay on your lap or wherever you are.
Huda- female grey/dark grey. Super lovable.

2.25.19 Bailey & Felix
I currently have 2 cats that I need help finding homes for. They are both very sweet and loving and well behaved. My current living situation does not allow for me to keep them. I have exhausted all other outlets and friends and family and have not been successful. One is a 10 year old spayed female, Bailey, who is a domestic medium hair cat. The other is a 9 year old neutered male, Felix, who is a domestic short hair cat. They do not have to stay together. They tolerate each other, but aren’t very attached to each other.
Susan Gallagher


Name: Tommy

Spayed/Neutered?: No

Up-to-Date on Vaccinations?: No

How Can Potential Adopters Can Reach You?: 7173094655 or

Details About the Cat: I would like to ask if anyone would be able to find a home for a barn cat who really needs to be a lap cat.

His name is Tommy. He was born in (probably) March 2016. He is a large gray/blue & white DSH with green eyes. And he is super loving. He lives at my deceased mother’s farm. We are auctioning the farm in March.

We gave him a trial run on the farm’s enclosed porch and he did well with the litter box.

We tried taking him home with us and our 2 dogs and 2 cats. I didn’t think he would have had an issue bc he knows all of the animals. He used the litter box but also started spraying. Otherwise, he tolerated the move well.

He is a sweet boy who just wants a lap.

2.25.19 Bo

Spayed/Neutered?: Yes

Up-to-Date on Vaccinations?: Yes

How Can Potential Adopters Can Reach You?: Jennifer 17176508457

Details About the Cat: Bo is an 8 year old black cat who was my fathers cat. When my dad passes away, I took Bo and his sister. Since then, we have moved and adopted a dog. Bo “acts out” when he doesn’t get attention. He is on Prozac for anxiety and unfortunately will poop outside the litter box when he’s mad about lack of affection. He would be best as an only animal who gets tons of affection. As a note, he was great until we moved and added our dog. While it breaks my heart, I feel he would be better off with someone who can give him the attention he is needing.

Wicket is almost 1 year old and as sweet as can be. His Mommy and siblings have already found homes, but poor Wicket is still looking. Wicket is not neutered or up-to-date on vaccinations.

Please contact Michaela Hart via text or call at 717-271-4122 to get more information about Wicket.

This friendly boy found his way to a safe home until he can find his forever home. Please Contact Diane Harden to find out more information: 717-215-7115

Gray cat – Baxter – born April of 2005.  Can be skiddish with new people/settings.  Very friendly/loving. Great with other pets and kids.   Loves to snuggle at night.  Loves food. He does chew plastic if you’re not paying enough attention to him.  Must secure trash because he will get in trash if there is any food residue on plates or bowls.  Can be vocal and boy can it be loud! It’s like he knows when it’s time for us to get up in the morning. Loves laying in windows to sunbath.

Calico cat – Buttons – born sometime in late 2005/early 2006. Great with other pets and kids.  Has a quiet meow. But can be pretty vocal as well.  Loves to snuggle.  She loves milk.  She comes running from the opposite end of the house when I pull the milk jug out of the fridge!  She loves getting wet. She will hop in the shower after we are done so that the water can drip on her.  She too likes to lounge in our windows to sunbath.

**They are both litter trained and we have no concerns. They have always been indoor cats.  Have not been to a vet in years.  Last vet appointment was with Dr Freese at VCA Old Trail probably in 2006/2007.  They are neutered and spayed and they are declawed. **

Unfortunately due to some personal issues, we can no longer keep them.  This choice did not come easy, however, it is in the best interest for both cats.  Ideally they should be together as they have been together since they were kittens.   But not required.

Will supply litter boxes, food dishes, remaining food and litter. Please contact Holly at