Paw Print Prayers


Now I lay me down to rest
I pray my soul can stand this test
Of watching critters lose their homes
While owners gripe and cry and moan
I long for strength of spirit that
They’ll find a loving home again
Where they will know a loving heart
I can’t do much, but it’s a start
And spare me from the owner’s pleas
About the baby’s allergies
Or how they’re moving out-of-state
Or spitefulness ‘tween cat and mate
Please keep me sane while dealing with
The woman who bought as a gift
A wriggling tiny ball of fluff
That now is playing way too rough
Remind me I should bite my lip
When confronted with “he grew too quick”
“I didn’t know he’d get so large”
“He seems to think that he’s in charge
Protect my heart when I hear them say
“I think we’ll breed our dog one day”
Sometimes I think it’ll break in two;
Each day brings trials harsh and new
And if I die before I wake
I pray one hopeless soul you’ll take
My tears are gone, my faith is bare
Lord, please hear my rescue prayer.
~ Unknown


Her eyes met mine as she walked down the corridor peering
apprehensively into the kennels. I felt her need instantly and
knew I had to help her. I wagged my tail, not too exuberantly,
so she wouldn’t be afraid. As she stopped at my kennel I blocked
her view from a little accident I had in the back of my cage. As
she read my kennel card I hoped that she wouldn’t feel sad about
my past. I only have the future to look forward to and want to
make a difference in someone’s life. She got down on her knees
and made little kissy sounds at me. I shoved my shoulder and side
of my head up against the bars to comfort her. Gentle fingertips
caressed my neck; she was desperate for companionship. A tear fell
down her cheek and I raised my paw to assure her that all would be
well. Soon my kennel door opened and her smile was so bright that I
instantly jumped into her arms. I would promise to keep her safe.
I would promise to always be by her side. I would promise to do
everything I could to see that radiant smile and sparkle in her eyes.
I was so fortunate that she came down my corridor. So many more are
out there who haven’t walked the corridors. So many more to be saved.
At least I could save one. I rescued a human today.