Sponsor a Long Term Kitty

With being a no-kill shelter, we specialize in helping cats that would typically get euthanized in other shelters. We are proud to help all of the cats that wouldn’t have a chance otherwise. Unfortunately, they tend to come with large vet bills or specific medical requirements to help them live happy lives in their foster homes for long periods of time.

Here are some of our long-term shelter cats!


(14-275) Louie is a big, sweet, neutered, older guy around 10 years old. He is just a laid back snuggly lover. He loves to sleep in bed with you. Due to his IBS, we found it is best controlled on a strict wet food diet. Due to Louie’s healthcare, we thought it would be best to have him remain in our care. If you want to support Heavenly Paws & the Louie lifestyle, please sign up to be a sponsor!

Louie’s  special needs include his wet food diet & vet bills.



Blue (15-004) Our very own grumpy cat. He came to us in January of 2015 from another rescue with open wounds, fleas, ticks, and very underweight. So we got to work on getting him as healthy as possible but it turned out he doesn’t care for other cats, wasn’t potty trained, had urinary crystals, and had seizures causing him to injure himself! After many vet appointments, we were able to find out some of his triggers for seizures and start him on medication. He is also now pee pad trained and on a special diet to manage his crystals. Blue even goes to bed every night with his foster parents and their personal cats! He’s made great progress and they have managed to keep his seizures to once a month if he isn’t stressed. We hope to continue to give him the best life we can.

Blue’s extra expenses for the shelter are pee pads, seizure medications, special wet food diet, & blood work every 6 months. Please show Blue your support by becoming a sponsor!


(16-030) This is Grace. We wish this beautiful girl came to us on better terms, but we were contacted after a concerned citizen felt she wasn’t getting proper care by a woman who was feeding her outside. It turns out she needed all her teeth removed and most of her jaw just crumbled away during her dental work, so she has permanent jaw disfigurement. The infection in her teeth didn’t stop there, but went to her skin and ears causing her to be in a lot of pain. She had tons of hair loss, discoloration to her skin, and open wounds.

Thankfully now that she is recovering from her dental and had her multiple rechecks she is much happier and just wants love now. Her fur is coming in so much softer and her appetite is coming back with a vengeance! She still has a hard time keeping weight on even though she mostly sleeps and sunbathes her day away. The vet still thinks she is deaf even though we were hoping to save some of her hearing by beating the infections. Because of her hearing issues, she does not do well with other kitties. We have no way of knowing how old Grace is, but have come to terms that old lady Grace will live her life in a foster home, yelling at the other foster kitties till they let her go back to her nap.

Grace’s additional shelter expenses include an all wet diet, her favorite Fancy Feast Broths, & vet appointments. Please help us keep Grace happy!


(16-153) Oh hi there! My name is Buttons. I’m a sweet & social girl that LOVES attention!!  I’m FIV+, but that only means I’m extra special!  Us cats with FIV can still live long, happy lives; even with other NON-FIV cats 🙂  Buttons would love to get a furever home of her own! She’s now hanging out at a foster home, so fill out an adoption application online!


(16-234) Wobbles is our cute kitten friend. She was born in our shelter. She is currently in foster care for cerebellar hypoplasia (hence the name!). We are currently working on re-littertraining her. She is good with other cats but doesn’t like to be picked up because it throws off her balance. She does like to cuddle and snuggle. She LOVES to chase the laser pointer. Wobbles would appreciate if you would sponsor her or donate in her name!

Wobbles additional shelter expenses include annual vet visits, potty mats and extra food to keep up with her high metabolism.


(15-103) Mama Cat is a snuggly 8-10 year old spayed female. Mama Cat was found outside and pregnant. After she had her babies, she was left behind by her “owner.” I can’t imagine why anyone would leave Mama Cat behind, because she is the sweetest girl you will ever meet! She loves to talk, snuggle and have her head rubbed. She loves laps to lay on and soaking up the sun!!!! If you are looking for a calm, sweet, cuddle bug… Mama the cat for you!!! Mama Cat is currently being cared for in a foster home.

(17-013) Gertie is a lovely 10+ year old beautiful girl. She is heading to the vet to discuss her poor teeth. She is a wonderful snuggly lap kitty who comes running when she hears the treat bag. She is enjoying life at her foster home.

(17-394) Fawn



If you are willing to donate $10 towards their care, you will get a post card about the cat you are sponsoring. If you donate $20, you will receive updates on the cat you are sponsoring and a special gift from us. If you donate $30 or more, you will receive updates, a special gift, and a t-shirt with our logo! Please know that every bit counts and helps us care for these special kitties. All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt in the mail. Please fill out the form below so we have your information in order to send you your goodies!