Depending on the age of the cat at the time of the adoption, the adoption fee will cover the initial FIcinV/FeLV combo test; initial treatment for fleas, worms, parasites, and ear mites; initial distemper vaccination; and possibly rabies vaccination.

Additionally, we try to ensure that all of our cats are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. Adopters of kittens that are not old enough to undergo the surgery will be given a free spay/neuter certificate for one of our local participating veterinarians.

If you would like to set-up a meet and greet or are interested in adopting one of these cats, please fill out our free online application.

12.18.21 sam 21-469
Location: Foster Home

Updated on 8/31/2022 –

Sam has come a long way since he came to his foster home last year in October. He is about a year old now, and is really a special kitty.

He came to us with his brother Al and the finder was not sure if he was approachable.

He has integrated with the fosters cats in the home, and will let you know when he wants attention.

He loves to have his belly rubbed and to be petted, will even sit up next to you and cuddle in. But does not allow you to hold him.

He is a gorgeous grey and tan tabby with white chest and underbelly.

He is sometimes so quiet you forget he is there, but will let you know when it is time to be fed or he wants attention.

With love and patience he will become someone’s best bud and companion.

12.18.21 al 21-468
location: foster home

Updated on 8/31/2022-

Al is a gorgeous grey and white tabby male. Approximately 1 year old, he has been with his foster since October 2021.

He comes out for her but is very shy and hides when anyone else is in the room. He is very gentle and loves to play with wand toys and be around his human, but does not allow petting or being held.

Gets along with other cats and kittens,

He is current on shots and is neutered, If you have the heart and patience to work with and win his trust he would make an exceptional pet.

6.30.22 parker 22-437
location: foster home

22-437 Meet big boy Parker. He’s a big ham and loves to get pet and shown attention from everyone. He’s good with other cats and kids. He is FIV positive But he is good with other cats so he can be around other non-FIV positive cats. He was fending for himself in the city for a while and is happy to be inside and loved now. He is probably around 2 to 3 years old. Won’t you please consider giving him a forever and loving home?

7.29.2022 stormy (22-213)
location: foster home

Updated on 8/30

Stormy is an energetic, sweet 16 week old all black girl, who came to Heavenly Paws when her 4 litter mates and mommy were found under a gazebo, she is spayed and is up ti date on distempers, ready for her new home.

She has the shiniest, silkiest fur.

Currently in foster home. All of her siblings have gone on to their fur ever homes, leaving her all alone.

If you want a sweet, playful addition to your family, please consider completing an application.

10.10.2022 squid (22-511)
location: foster home

Squid is an adventurous ball of fluff who is about 5 months old. He enjoys running around and playing with other cats. And he is a huge fan of soft food! Squid is very shy though. He will need humans who are willing to be very slow and patient with him. He will take a while to warm up but will make a great addition to the right family.

If you would like to meet Squid please complete an adoption application.

10.10.2022 scout (22-512)
location: foster home

Scout is a very curious little girl who is about 5 months old. Always the first one to “scout” something out! She loves to play with cat toys and other cats! Scout is shy though and will take some time to warm up to her new home.

If you’re interested in meeting Scout please complete an adoption application.

10.10.2022 blaze (22-513)
location: foster home

Blaze is a sweet and playful little girl who is about 5 months old. She is named Blaze for her bright, golden eyes. She is very shy until she warms up, which will take a little time. But once she trusts you, she will be your best friend!

If you’re interested in meeting Blaze please complete an adoption application.

10.18.2022 Sammi (22-631) and Scarlett (22-630)
location: pet co west york

Sammi and Scarlett are two playful kittens. They are both around 3 months old. Sammi is smaller than her sister but they love each other so much. They play together and will sleep together. Sammi is more out going than her sister. Scarlett has a foggy spot on her one eye but the vet said it hasn’t effected her vision. They are great around other cats and would tolerate a laid back dog. They are currently at Petco in West York.

10.18.2022 houdini (22-712)
location: foster home

Houdini is a handsome and sweet little guy that came from a very bad hoarding situation. He was covered and fleas and full of worms. A very nice lady rescues him and others from there and got them to safety. He’s been around other cats, dogs, and kids. He’s around 2 years old. Houdini is a lap kitty that loves to snuggle up!

10.21.2022 juju bee (22-634)
location: foster home

JujuBee (Big Lady). This gorgeous girl lost her owner unexpectedly. She is 11 years old with beautiful emerald green eyes. She does limp and she could lose a pound or 2 lol. Due to her weight she does have trouble walking, she is on Onsior as needed and Adequan injections that will have to be continued. She is a sweet girl and loves to be scratched and lounge in the sun. JujuBee shows she’s content by crossing her paws. Don’t miss out on this sweet girl!

10.21.2022 izzy (22-633)
location: foster home

Izzy is the sweetest 18 year old you’d ever meet! She loves to come to bed with you and demand attention. Usually she is sleeping the day away somewhere cozy. This sweet girl has a lot of love left. Izzy is front declawed. Izzy is hyperthyroid which requires simple meds 2 times per day. Izzy’s meds are not expensive.

10.22.2022 penny (22-557)
location: foster home

Penny is a gorgeous grey female who is around 1 year old.

She came to us while pregnant and then to her foster home with her 6 kittens.

She was a terrific mommy but now her babies are 11 weeks old and it is time for her to have her own home and humans to call her own.

She loves to be with people and follows you around. She likes being petted and playing with wand toys and balls.

Please consider putting in an app and taking this gorgeous girl into your heart and home.

She was very protective of her kittens and would not allow any of the male cats in the household around the area where her baby’s were.

She is spayed and up to date on shots.

10.23.2022 stitch (22-467)
location: foster home

Stitch is approximately 6-7 months old.
Stitch came to us with SEVERE eye infections and couldn’t open her eyes. After getting treatment it was determined she had entropion in both eyes. Which means her lids were rolling under so every time she would blink, she was scratching her eyes. This little girl had lid surgery and has some damage to the eyes but is able to still see. She is very timid as her sight is slightly off/blurred due to the scarring.
If you want a little girl that is full of purrs, loves being snuggled, curls up like a little hedgehog , and is going to be petite then Stitch is your girl!! Stitch will do best in a quiet home and would love to go home with a laid back kitty or even possibly adopted with Gabe as they love to snuggle!

10.29.2022 tig (22-737)
location: foster home

Tig is a sweet little 10 month old spayed female. She is good with kids, cats, and dogs. she enjoys playing with toys and eating treats and wet food. If you are looking for two she has a sister named Paw Paw.

10.29.2022 paw paw (22-738)
location:cape horn incredible pets

Paw Paw got her name because she likes to paw at people for attention. She is 10 months old and spayed. She has been around dogs and other cats. She has a sister named Tig if you’re looking for a pair.

11.2.2022 screaming mimi (22-602)
location: foster home

Mimi is a sweet but shy 6 month old girl. She wasn’t brought in from outside until she was almost 4 months old so may need some extra time to adjust.
She loves to play and climb cat trees. She will let you know when she’s hungry with her unique cry.
She has met my calm dog, but isn’t sure about other cats. She would do best in a home without young children.
She just wants a quiet home with a window to call her own.

11.2.2022 kraken (22-305)
location: foster home

Kraken aka BW

BW is an energetic 6 month old neutered boy. He is very small for his age so, as a bottle baby, he makes up for it with “spirit.” He’s sweet and playful but…doesn’t like to be restrained for anything like nail trims, or vet visits.
He loves his turbo chaser, and climbing his cat tree. He’s met my calm dog, but not sure about other cats. He would’ve best in a home without young children.
He may be a stinker at times but he really wants his furever home.

11.4.2022 chuck (22-747)
location: foster home

Peek-a-Boo!! I’m Chuck. I’m a big talkative handsome boy. I think I’m about two years old now. I love other cats and dogs and kids. I love to sit and have a conversation. So if you want a good companion to keep you warm and company through the winter I’m your guy.

11.4.2022 goldie (22-752)
location: petsmart hanover

Goldie is a handsome little boy who is about 4 months. He has 5 brothers. He is a gorgeous buff color. He has a very pleasant personality and likes to snuggle next to you. He loves playingwith his brothers. Goldie and his brothers were taken in by his rescuer at 2 weeks old. She bottle fed them and took care the entire time while trying to find a rescue to help her. She has been delaying an important medical procedure because she would not leave the kittens. Thankfully a foster was able to help her so she can now get her surgery.

If you would like to meet Goldie please complete an adoption application.

11.4.2022 gabe (22-753)
location: foster home

Gabe is a handsome little boy who is about 4 months. He has 5 brothers. He is a very loveable boy. He enjoys being around people and being the centerof attention. He loves playing with his brothers. Gabe and his brothers were taken in by his rescuer at 2 weeks old. She bottle fed them and took care the entire time while trying to find a rescue to help her. She has been delaying an important medical procedure because she would not leave the kittens. Thankfully a foster was able to help her so she can now get her surgery.

If you would like to meet Gabe please complete an adoption application.

11.4.2022 jessie (22-733)
location: foster home

Jessie is a sweet 4-5 month old girl with beautiful red and white coloring. She loves to be close and set on your lap and when content paw-paws her blanket. She seems to be sensitive to her surroundings and loves attention and to be loved. Please consider this sweet girl and give her the love that she deserves.has been with other cats, dogs and ferrets

11.05.2022 emilo (22-629)
location: cape horn incredible pets in red Lion

I was found on the side of a busy highway with a bad leg wound. I was picked up by a nice lady who got me some pain medicationat an ER and got me to Heavenly Paws. I got lots of TLC while my wound healed. X-rays showed my leg was badly broken and the vets thought I might lose the leg. Well, I grew stronger and healed well and the vet says I’m ready for adoption, with all 4 legs! I love to purr and play. I like other cats and kids too. I would probably also adjust to a calm dog. Please apply today to take me home.

11.07.2022 sophia (22-618)
location: foster home

Sophia is a quiet girl who is estimated to be around one year old. Sophia showed up at her rescuer’s home with her three baby girls. The rescuer gave Sophia and her girls (Blanche, Dorothy and Rose) a safe place to live until the foster had room to take them into foster care. Sophia was an amazing momma and raised three beautiful girls. Sophia now needs a home to call her own. She’s a little shy but very calm. She will lay on your lap for a long time for pets and ear scratches.

If you have room for this sweet girl in your home and would like to meet her…please complete an adoption application.

11.12.2022 eevah (22-717)
location: foster home

Meet Eevah! This little lady is shy but once she gets to know you she will provide a ton of love. Her playful shy personality is what will make you fall in love with her! Eevah is 10 to 11 weeks old.

If you would like to meet Eevah please complete an adoption application.

11.12.2022 Mindy (22-768)
location: foster home

Mindy showed up at the ladies house in Dover begging to come in. Every time the lady opened up her door she would dart in the house. She’s probably around three years old. She is your typical torti with torti-tude and mouthy towards other cats but will adjust.

11.22.2022 bleu (22-622)
location: Cape horn incredible pets

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Bleu (my name is Bleu), Im 2 years old and I was living outside in a colony until I was brought inside.
It turned out I had a pretty bad ear infection but my vet and foster mom got my ears all better. I still have a head tilt but I think it gives me character! I’m now bunking with my pal, Dusty, at Cape Horn Incredible Pets where we are hoping to find our forever homes.
Apply today to take me home.

11.13.2022 larry (22-679)

Larry is a handsome young fellow. He’s around a year old. He is still shy and needs time and lots of love and attention but will make a wonderful companion. He is great with other cats.

11.13.2022 marci (22-567)

Marci Is a beautiful little girl around six months old. She loves to play and enjoys the company of other cats. She is still a bit shy and will need a little time and patience. Marci is Simon’s sister. Please consider meeting both today!

11.13.2022 pugsley (22-663)
location: Petco West York

Pugsley is a quiet kitten. He came to us with an infected eye that had to be removed. But that hasn’t stopped him. He loves to play with his kitten toys. But he is also so quiet that sometimes we don’t even know he is here. He gets along well with other cats. But he is also content hanging out by himself. He tends to be shy at times but if you have the time and patience this sweetheart who purrs as soon as you pick him up will be a great addition to your home. He is currently in foster care. He is around 6 months old. He has all his vaccines and is already neutered.

gravy (22-781)
location: foster home

Don’t miss out on this big hunk of meat. He will definitely keep you nice and snuggly through the cold winter months. You can’t tell by the photos but he is a solid thick boy. He looks to be around two years old. He has been around other cats and older children. He loves canned chicken and wet food and purrs up a storm from attention. Not only is he soft and snuggly but he’s quite the hot stud as well. Look at those eyes!

11.16.2022 atlas and thalia (22-671 & 22-672)

Thalia (F)(22-672)

Atlas (M)(22-671) – more white in the face

Thalia and Atlas are brother and sister. They are around 7 months old. Thalia is very shy and will take a little while to adjust to a new home but she is very sweet once she trusts you. She loves to play and snuggle with her brother. She has started to come up to her foster mom for pets as well and purrs very loudly when being held. Atlas is more outgoing, always coming up for pets and wanting to play. He will follow you around and is always right under your feet. He also purrs very loudly for attention. He is his sister’s protector, when they first came to their foster he could be found snuggling up with scared little Thalia while their other littermates were playing. Both are spayed/neutered and up to date on shots. Thalia and Atlas are not bonded but they would love to stay together to help Thalia continue to come out of her shell. If you are interested in meeting these sweet babies please put in an application today!

11.20.2022 boo (22-402)
location: foster home

Poor Boo was adopted a year ago as a kitten and sadly returned recently because the owner has an illness that she can no longer care for him. He was so sad about being returned that he had for 2 1/2 months. Now he is out and about loving on everyone and ready for his new forever home. He has been around other cats, a dog, and children. He is about 2 years old.

11.26.2022 pepper (22-623)
location: Cape Horn incredible pets in red lion

Pepper was living outside in a colony until she was brought inside into her foster home. Pepper is a cute, sweet, playful girl. She gets along with other cats and likes to be petted. Dangly toys and cat trees are her favorite things. She is positive for FIV and has enlarged lymph nodes. She has a condition called atypical follicular
hyperplasia which just means that her body is fighting her FIV extra hard. She has been cleared by the vet for adoption. Her current condition is no reason she can’t have a long, happy life in a loving home where she can play and snuggle and live her best life. Pepper is around 2 years old.

11.26.2022 jasper (22-772)
location: foster home

Jasper! 1-3 year old male. Very very sweet and vocal, loves to be around people. Great with older kids and other cats. His foster doesn’t think dogs would be an issue as nothing seems to bother him. Jasper loves wand toys and cat nip toys.

11.26.2022 tessa (22-793)
location: petsmart hanover

Tessa is a sweet little girl who is about 12 weeks old. She has the tabby markings on her face but her coat is a more heathered look. She doesn’t mind being held and cuddled. She likes to play with her kitten friends at her foster home. She may a little shy at first but warms up quickly.

If you would like to meet Tessa please complete an adoption application.