Depending on the age of the cat at the time of the adoption, the adoption fee will cover the initial FIV/FeLV combo test; initial treatment for fleas, worms, parasites, and ear mites; initial distemper vaccination; and possibly rabies vaccination.

Additionally, we try to ensure that all of our cats are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. Adopters of kittens that are not old enough to undergo the surgery will be given a free spay/neuter certificate for one of our local participating veterinarians.

If you would like to set-up a meet and greet or are interested in adopting one of these cats, please fill out our free online application.

10.29.18 SAMMIE

Sammie is an 18 year old female living the golden life at her foster home. She lost her home due to no fault of her own. She is very sweet and loves to sit with you in the quiet evenings. Sammie loves attention and has the loudest purr! Her favorite past times are sleeping, canned food and meowing for water from the faucet. Please consider giving this girl a home!

10.29.18 SARGE

Sarge. What can I say about Sarge?!?! This big boy is a hoot! He’s always doing funny things and talking to you! He loves canned food, dry food, people food did I mention he likes food?! He’s a super sweet boy and about 10 yrs old. Sarge is a diabetic and requires a special diet, blood sugar monitoring as well as possible insulin. Sarge had a full dental recently and he has very few functional teeth left as they were removed. He’s recovering well but his blood sugar still hasn’t regulated yet, he’s currently on 4 units of insulin twice a day and get 2-3 cans of food per day. When his belly is full of canned food, which is better for a diabetic, he’s less apt to sneak dry food. He has also been playing! He has a lot more energy now that his diabetes is more regulated, but will likely require insulin for the rest of his life which he is super good about getting. Sarge waits to get his insulin after he eats and then goes about his day until lunch (yes he will let you know it’s lunchtime) and dinner (he will let you know about dinner too). Don’t let diabetes scare you! It’s easily managed with proper care!

Worried about going out of town? Sarge likes to ride in the front seat, but don’t count on him for directions. Bring him with and you’ll all enjoy vacation together.

1.9.19 WESLEY

Wesley came to us 2 months ago after her trailer burnt down. She was one of half a dozen cats that was thrown out and left behind by an undeserving owner. She and the others begged the neighbors for food until someone contacted us to help. Wesley has a large wound on her neck when we took her in. Luckily, it just needed to be cleaned and cared for. She’s now doing much better and ready for adoption. Wesley is a sweet 8-10 year old that loves attention and would barely sit still for us to take a picture.


Baby Rabbit is soft as a bunny and as sweet as one.

5.13.19 CHESTER

Chester came to us Nov 2018 at 3 months old. He was a mess with crusted nose and eyes. He was checked for a polyp but no luck finding one. The vet feels he has the feline herpes virus. There is no cure, however, he can live a long happy life with the right care. It can go into remission and symptoms will reappear when stressed. Unfortunately, for Chester his life with us brings daily stresses as cats come and go.
Chester is an amazing young boy who thrives on being loved! He stands on his back feet and reaches up when he wants picked up (all the time), purrs non-stop, and is extremely playful. He is an all around sweet cat just looking for love.

6.15.19 OLLIE

Old Man aka Ollie very sweet boy. He’s approx 10 years old, fine with other cats once he’s used to them. Does well with kids. He does need time to warm up as he may hide at first but then he’s a huge snuggle bug and loves to rub all over you and be wherever you are. He doesn’t like sudden movements so a quieter home with no small children or dogs may be best for him.

9.23.19 LULU

Lulu was rescued from a hoarder that had over 55 cats! She was malnourished and sickly when we got her, but thankfully super friendly. She’s over 10 years old, but has a lot of life left to live. Lulu has had a lot of her teeth removed and due to this prefers to eat wet food. She also drools a lot and needs her mouth cleaned frequently. Lulu loves to lay in the sun or cuddle up next to you on the couch. She’ll follow you around from room to room to enjoy your company and paw at you when she wants attention and pets. She loves to be petted and brushed! She also sleeps with you every night curled at the end of the bed by your feet.

Lulu would do best in a calm home without children or dogs. Since she came from a hoarding situation, she does well with other cats but prefers to keep to herself and her humans. Will you take a chance on this sweet senior?

10.4.19 SPICE 19-354
LOCATION: Cape Horn Pets

Spice is a 5-8 year old female. She is super friendly, but also loud and opinionated. She will follow you around the house and talk at you all day. She will demand food and pets, but will let you know when she’s had enough.

10.4.19 MICKEY 19-355

Mickey is around 5-8 years old. We named him Mickey as in Mickey Mouse because he liked to bring mice presents to the nice people feeding him. Mickey has a hyper-thyroid which is easily managed with medication 2 times per day.

10.12.19 CLARENCE 18-364
LOCATION: Cape horn

Clarence is a very vocal girl. Yes she is a girl. The people who found her thought she was a boy and named her Clarence so we just kept the name. She loves affection. She is FIV positive.

10.18.19 Goose
Location: Foster Home

This butterball is a rare male dilute calico/torti or as we like to call them, caltort. He was sadly abandoned by his previous owner and left to fend for himself in an apartment above an auto shop. One of the technicians was graciously checking in on him and feeding him and contacted us to come to the rescue. Goose is a sweetie that likes to flop over and show you his belly!

Goose is shy at first, but once he gets comfortable, he’ll be rubbing all over you and following you around the house. He’ll be excited to greet you when you come home and will come running to say welcome home! During his first couple of weeks acclimating, he may be a little bit aggressive when he is over stimulated or gets startled. He may swat or even bite if you keep trying to give him attention. Once he’s settled, he’ll be as sweet as pie though!

It’s hard to get Goose to play because of his size, but he likes string toys that drag on the ground and to play peek-a-boo from under the door. Once you’ve got his attention, this blubber will be scrambling all over the place.

Goose is currently on a diet of wet food only and would do best to remain on this for the rest of his life. His new family will need to continue with wet food and scheduled feeding times to help him get to a healthy weight which will prolong his life. We estimate that he is probably 3-5 years old.

10.29.19 Gracie 19-371
Location: Cape Horn Pets

Gracie is now spayed and ready for adoption. The vet thinks she’s 2-3 years old. She has a previously broken and healed leg that looks slightly odd. She has a small lump in her neck from a bullet/pellet that is causing no harm. She is FIV positive but fine with other cats.

10.29.19 Grizzly & Marlin
Location: cape horn

These two are brothers, about 7-8 months old. They are sweet and friendly kitties that LOVE to play: any toys are good toys! They also love wrestling and playing with each other, as well as other cats. Would love to be adopted together!

11.10.19 Princess
Location: Foster Home

Princess is a sweet heart and a talker. Every time you walk into the room she is in she will talk to you. She loves her wet food! She likes to be brushed and held. She will sit with you but will get up when she is done with being petted. She doesn’t mind other cats and will tolerate small dogs. And doesn’t mind older kids.

Princess was recently diagnosed being diabetic. But that has not changed her. She still loves to talk. She will just lay there when getting her shots. I don’t think even knows she is getting them. She needs them twice a day. She still loves her wet food and loves to lay on your lap and be petted. She is always purring. The vet said she is the best patient ever and wished all their patients were like her when getting blood work. She doesn’t mind being held and loves to be brushed. She does fine with cats she will tolerate dogs. She has come a long way being in foster care.

12.15.19 Boo 19-465
Location: Cape Horn Pets

Boo is about 5 years old and spayed. She was left behind with another cat when her owners moved. Sadly she had a big wound on her hiney. The vet thinks she was attacked by something.

12.29.19 Bruce
Location: Cape Horn Pets

Bruce is a 3-5 yr old laid back, confident, independent boy. Loving on his own terms and likes to hang out with people…he is a talker especially to other cats.

1.7.20 Carla 19-403 and Brandy 19-404

Location: Foster Home

Carla is a quad poly (extra toe on each paw) who is bonded with her sweet sister Brandy. They are 4 1/2 months old and very playful and loving. They like to be cuddled. Since they are a little shy they probably wouldn’t do well with small children. They will be perfect together in a calmer furever home.

1.7.20 Pizza 19-424

Location: Foster Home

Pizza came to us only weighing 2 pounds…the size of a 2 month old. We were very surprised when we realized he had adult teeth. It turns out that he has a heart defect. He has a small hole in his heart. The cardiologist wants to do another ultrasound in six months but feels that this may not be a major issue in the long run. He loves to snuggle and is wonderful. He is all snuggled up because he just had a bath. He also has a scar over his left eye.

1.7.20 Tara 19-446
Location: Foster Home

Tara is a sweet, shy, lovely 1 to 2-year-old female. She was brought to us with her kittens. She is now ready for adoption herself and absolutely loves belly rubs she will fall over to bare her belly when she knows she can trust you

1.27.20 Oscar 19-473
Location: Pet Valu South Hanover

Oscar is approx a 1 yr old male Tuxedo. He is extremely loving, playful and friendly! He will follow you around all day and be your shadow! He is a talker!!

1.27.20 Tux 19-476
Location: Pet Valu York

This friendly boy is 1-2 years old and was found roaming a neighborhood in East York. We thought it was going to be his lucky day, when we found out he was microchipped, but then his previous owner didn’t want him back. Tux is an all around great guy who just wants a real home with someone who loves him.

1.27.20 Fumi, Talia, Filo and Melty

Location: Foster Home

The adorable siblings are purr machines! When you walk into their room they swarm around you for attention and play time with their motors revving. These cuties are around 5-6 months old and will be in foster care until they are neutered later in February.

They are good with each other, but have not been introduced to other cats yet. They were a little shy for the first few days in their new environment, but have warmed up quickly and now want all of your attention. We expect that they will be good around other cats and maybe even dogs given the proper introduction. Kids would be fine too.

2.7.20 Licorice 20-482
Location: Foster home

Licorice is a 9 – 10 week old little tuxedo boy. He came to Heavenly Paws when we was 4 – 5 weeks old after being found in a box on the side of the road weighing a little over a pound. He is a little fighter and beat the odds! He is a sweet, loveable, ornery, energetic kitten all wrapped up in one small package. He will definitely steal your heart with his cute little purrs. Licorice is now ready to move on to his forever home.

2.7.20 Checkers 20-028
Location: Pet Valu north Hanover

Checkers is approximately 8 to 9 weeks old – Checkers is a male tuxedo. He is an energetic little kitten who loves to play with just about anything. He was found under a porch with his siblings (who have been adopted) before being brought to Heavenly Paws. He is sweet, loveable and always ready to play. He is now ready to move on to his forever home.

2.7.20 Smore 19-439
Location: Foster Home

Smore was in very rough shape when he came to us. Xrays showed absolutely no fat on his body but he had a very round belly. Here is was starving and his colon was so enlarged that it was pushing his organs to the side. He also had a luxating patella(dislocated kneecap). He also had had a penile-ectomy. After lots of loving care and medications the vet has cleared him for adoption. The vet said to continue him on good canned food and that the knee has basically hardened where it is and nothing can be done so he will just always limp and walk funny. He needs time to gain muscle mass and strength. He loves to be around people and to eat but not yet thrilled with being handled a lot. The vet feels that as Smore gains confidence and heals he will be a more loving guy.

2.7.20 Stella 19-024
Location: Pet Valu Queesngate

Stella Is about a 1 to 2-year-old spayed female and is currently in Petvalu Queensgate. She’s very shy at first but quickly warms up and is rubbing all over you and loves to have her butt rubbed. She had six kittens four of which 4 currently found homes

2.15.20 Elton 20-025
Location: Pet Valu Queensgate

Elton is a neutered 5-6 month old boy as soft as a bunny. He’s at PVQ. Very shy but warms up quickly.