Depending on the age of the cat at the time of the adoption, the adoption fee will cover the initial FIV/FeLV combo test; initial treatment for fleas, worms, parasites, and ear mites; initial distemper vaccination; and possibly rabies vaccination.

Additionally, we try to ensure that all of our cats are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. Adopters of kittens that are not old enough to undergo the surgery will be given a free spay/neuter certificate for one of our local participating veterinarians.

If you would like to set-up a meet and greet or are interested in adopting one of these cats, please fill out our free online application.

11.10.21 Phoebe 21-461
location: foster home

21-461 Phoebe is a short pudgy adorable cuddle bug. She’s about 4-6 years old and spayed. She’s good with older children and other cats (please no home with very small children). Phoebe does not care for loudness but is getting better. Phoebe would be a wonderful pet for an older person that just wants to sit and hold a cat and snuggle. Vet cannot find anything physically wrong with Phoebe and her blood work came out good but she is “mentally off” as she does not show normal cat emotions like excitement over food or treats. She does not get worked up or active. The only emotion she shoes is contentment and happiness to be held and purrs for hours on end. At times she needs to be reminded to eat. She would be great for somebody who is home all the time. She is a very loving little girl. Phoebe will do best in a home without dogs. Phoebe should go to a home with other cats, preferably in the 1-5 age range. She loves to play with her younger foster sisters every night.

12.18.21 sam 21-469
Location: Foster Home

Updated on 4/18/22 –

I am a handsome grey, tan tabby. I am a sweet 10 month old who loves to come out to play. Once I trust you I love to have my belly rubbed, not crazy about being picked up. I love to have my feather wand rubs and chase after all my wand toys.

I have been with my brother (Al) at my foster mom’s house since the end of October and am now at Petsmart in Hanover waiting for my furever home.

12.18.21 al 21-468
location: foster home

Updated on 4/29/22-

21-468 Al This sweet boy has been with us since the end of October, he is now 9 months old. He is a swirl pattern grey tabby.

He loves to play, but is still shy of being petted or picked up. Loves belly rubs with his feather toys.

He needs a human of his own, to trust and give him all the love he deserves.

Please consider meeting this gentle young man and giving him the fur ever home he needs. He is neutered and up to date on shots.

5.3.2022 Big Mama (22-260)
location: foster home

Big Mama just wants to held and loved. Her mommy passed away three years ago and now her daddy just recently passed away. She is a very robust girl and could definitely stand to lose some weight. She is about 7 years old. Please help me honor her previous owners by finding her a good, loving home. Big Mama likes to rollover and show you her belly and let you rub her belly. She is a weirdo too.

5.14.22 todd (22-288) & jack (22-289)
Location: Cape Horn incredible pets in red lion

22-288(Todd) and 22-289(Jack) Showed up together in a trailer park in Denver. I’m sure they would love to stay together if possible but can be adopted separately. They are neutered males probably between 3 to 5 years old. Todd is a gray tiger and Jack is black with white. They are both very large cats. They are good with other cats and children. Todd has become very loving and social. He loves to cuddle up. Todd loves small children and anyone who will pet him.

5.15.22 Breeze 22-022
location: Cape Horn incredible pets in red lion

Breeze is a beautiful 1 year old that is the momma of Gusty and Windy that were rescued from underneath some steps. She was a wonderful protective mother and her babies have gone to good homes where they are much loved. It is her time now to find the family that will give her time needed to get to know and trust her new family. Once she feels comfortable she will love you…she loves her head and neck scratched and rubbing your leg and will set on your lap for short periods. Please give this sweet beautiful girl a chance to have her own family.

5.21.2022 nyx (22-214)
location: foster home

Nyx is a sweet 1-2 year old Torti.

She came to us with her 5 kittens, who she has watched over and protected, it is now time for her to have a forever home for herself.

She is spayed and up to date on shots.

She is a gorgeous girl who loves to be petted and sit next to you. She has dealt well with the other cats in the foster home.

Please consider meeting this lovely cat and giving her a loving family.

5.29.2022 severus (22-285)
location: pet supplies plus shrewsbury

Severus is 3 years old. Both of his owners passed away, so he arrived scared and confused. In a short time, he has blossomed into a true love bug. All he wants is pets and love and some toys to play with as he likes to play. Severus wants to be your one and only and would do best in a home with no dogs or other cats. He has done well with older children who respect him, but little kids would probably have too much energy for him. During petting he will sometimes reach out to touch in order to ask for more pets. He is eager for love and affection. Won’t you please open up your quiet home and give this soft gentleman a loving home he can thrive in?

6.9.2022 hershey (22-323)

Hershey is a tiny little girl about 6-9 months old. She raised a litter of kittens that all found their own homes. Now it’s her turn. She is great with our cats and calm children. We have not had her around dogs.

6.15.2022 petunia (22-287)
location: foster home

Meet Petunia! (“Toony”, 22-287, 2-3 years old.)
This shy beauty will play possum when you meet, but don’t let her fool you. She’s a pure love bug and craves affection and attention! She may be flat at first, but this little frozen biscuit will rise up and become a tender little lap nugget as soon as she decides you are trustworthy. Dogs and other cats are an unknown. She is spayed and fully vaccinated.

6.19.2022 dixie (22-376)
location: foster home

Dixie is a tiny little pistol at only 5 pounds. She follows you all over checking out what everyone is doing. She’s good with kids and cats and would adjust quickly to a dog. She is getting over a little head cold right now. Dixie is 5-6 months old. Dixie is extremely playful and a bit “wild” at times. She’s still learning that hands are not toys. Dixie is really a fun young girl that really could use a young playmate. Dixie is a snuggler and would love to snuggle up with you and watch the game.

6.23.2022 blinders (22-283)
location: foster home

Have you seen a cuter face ever?! Yes sadly she’s missing both eyes. She was rescued from a bad situation of many sick cats. She uses the litter box and knows where her food dish is. She is able to find her way around quite well. She loves to follow me all around and talk to me. She climbs up on my lap and shoulder. She’s not thrilled with other cats but could adjust to 1 or 2 that are nice to her when she bumps into them. She is only about a year old. Blinders will need eye surgery in 2-4 weeks after gains weight and is a bit more healthy as well as a dental then. Blinders is FIV positive and will soon be having eyes removed and sewn shut. She loves to follow her foster mommy everywhere. Even when she’s vacuuming. Not much scares her.

6.24.22 candy 22-174
location: Cape Horn incredible pets in red lion

Candy is a beautiful tortie who loves to be petted and brushed. She came to us after her human mom passed away. Candy needs a quiet home with a patient person as she can be shy initially. With love and time she will be a purrfect companion. Would do well with a calm, gentle cat and older kids. She is 7 years old. It doesn’t take long for Candy to warm up to you and once she does she will beg for scratches and attention with lots of purrs.

6.24.22 raine 22-270
Location: foster home

22-270 Raine 

Raine is a handsome black male, who came to Heavenly Paws with his mommy and brothers and sisters at 4 weeks old, after being found under a gazebo. He is 12 weeks old and ready to venture out on his own. 

He is full of zip and energy and loves to play. 

He will bring laughter and love to the lucky family who adopts him and makes him their own. 

6.24.22 morgan 22-269
location: foster home

22-269 Morgan

Morgan is a handsome black and white tux boy, who will win your heart quickly. 

Playful and energetic, he like to play and be petted. He will cuddle, when held. 

At 12 weeks old he is ready to find his fur-ever home, along with his siblings who all reside with the same foster. He is already neutered. 

If interested in meeting him, please complete an app on our Heavenly Paws site.

6.29.2022 chubbs (22-417)
location: foster home

Hi. I’m Mr Chubbs. Please don’t judge me by my looks. I’ve had a very rough life and I’m still pretty beat up and rough looking. I’m getting so much better though. The nice people at Heavenly Paws love me and are making me more handsome by the day. I think I’m about 3 years old now. I cry like a little girl when I’m left alone or ignored. I was so lonely on the streets that I’m scared and lonely now that I know what love is if I’m left by myself. I’m good with other cats and older kids. I haven’t been around small kids or dogs but I would probably be nice to them if they are nice to me. My foster mommy will get better pictures of me soon.

Mr. Chubbs has been checked by the vet and is healthy. He returns to the vet on August 9th for entropion surgery on his bottom lip.

6.30.22 parker 22-437
location: Cape Horn incredible pets Red lion

22-437 Meet big boy Parker. He’s a big ham and loves to get pet and shown attention from everyone. He’s good with other cats and kids. He is FIV positive But he is good with other cats so he can be around other non-FIV positive cats. He was fending for himself in the city for a while and is happy to be inside and loved now. He is probably around 2 to 3 years old. Won’t you please consider giving him a forever and loving home?

7.2.2022 abby (22-344)
location: foster home

This little 6 month old is full of vim and vinegar. She has the typical torti sass or torti-tude as we call it. She loves attention and to be held and her head rubbed but, will sass you and nibble on your arm at the same time. She does not like the other cats at all so would be best as only cat or maybe just 1 other passive cat. Also, This gorgeous kitty would not be suitable in a home with small children. Sadly she came to us with a ruptured eye that was removed 7/5/22. Abby has been healing well, has had her stitches removed, and is ready for her forever home. Please consider applying and coming to meet this special girl.

7.4.2022 buttercup (21-458)
location: Petco West York

Buttercup is a lovely petite ginger and white girl. She enjoys long naps in comfy places and gentle pets. She isn’t a fan of other cats but can co-exist with a calm one. Unfortunately, Butters may have cancer but her symptoms are being managed with easy medication that goes in her wet food, which she loves. She has undergone tests but we still don’t have a definitive answer on what is wrong with her. Although her time left on this earth might be limited, she truly deserves her own home with lots of love and comfort. Heavenly Paws is happy to continue her veterinary care and will waive the adoption fee for the special someone who will treat her like family. Please apply today to give her a home of her own and treat her like the queen she is. Feel free to contact Amanda, her foster, with any questions you may have about her health condition at 443-655-7383.

7.5.2022 muffy (22-419)
location: foster home

Muffy is lovely petite girl. Her and 2 of her friends were adopted from us around 2013. Sadly they were recently returned due to the owner having a stroke and no longer being able to care for them. We would love to get them quickly into a new loving home. They are all about 8 to 10 years old now. Any of the three would make a great companion to someone looking for a company. Muffy has bloodwork and dental scheduled with the vet for August 9th.

7.5.2022 gilly (22-420)
location: foster home

Gilly is a hefty fella full of love and snuggles. He and two friends were adopted from us around 2013 but recently returned due to the owner having a stroke and no longer able to care for them. He is around 8 to 10 years old. He would just love to cuddle with someone. Gilly has been checked by the vet and is healthy. He is scheduled with the vet on August 9th for dental.

7.7.2022 sapo (22-399)
location: foster home

Meet Sapo who is now 12 weeks old (as of 7/31/22). She loves to have a good time by running, jumping, and pouncing but also loves snuggles from her humans when it’s time to rest. Her and her sisters arrived to Heavenly Paws at about 2 weeks of age without their mother and it was great to see the litter full of life. Sapo saw her three sisters get adopted and she hopes to find her forever home soon. If you would like to adopt Sapo please fill out our online adoption application.

7.16.2022 dash (22-322)
location: Cape Horn incredible pets in red lion

Dash was rescued from the city when his owner was evicted and he was left behind. All he wants to do is be friends and snuggle. He’s good with kids and dogs. Dash is probably around a year old.

7.17.2022 hopper (22-456)
location: foster home

Hopper is a chatty boy. He will talk to you every time you walk into the room. He is a lovable big boy who loves attention. He doesn’t mind other cats or kids. Hopper is in foster care and is between 3-5 years old neutered and up to date on vaccines.

7.19.2022 sunburst (22-120)
location: foster home

Sunburst was among 10 cats that were left behind outside when her owner moved. She is extremely sweet and loving. Sunburst is a little shy but warms up very quickly and is around 1 years old. Sunburst is extremely vocal and literally hollers at you for attention. She is spayed. Sadly, Sunburst was adopted but has been returned and is yet again looking for her forever home. 

7.9.2022 amber (22-327)
location: foster home

Amber is an adorable 4 month old orange tabby. She is a little purr machine who makes air biscuits! She is very loving, but still enjoys her turbo chaser, and climbing her cat tree. She is longing for her furever home.

7.5.2022 lorraine (22-329), mary (22-330), and Shirley (22-331)
location: foster home

Meet the triplets!
Lorraine 22-329
Mary 22-330
Shirley 22-331

These sweet 4 month old sisters are purr machines, and so very entertaining. Lorraine is the cuddler. Mary is the smallest with the biggest heart. And Shirley is the bold one. But they are all playful. They love climbing cat trees, and playing with the turbo chaser. They adore each other and would love to be adopted as a pair or even trio. But they are all longing for a furever home.

7.28.2022 nala (22-212)
location: foster home

Nala is a gorgeous tortoiseshell kitten who is looking for her fur-ever home, with a family who will watch her grow and love her for their own.

She has black, orange and tan coat with a grey markings around her eyes.

She is playful and loves to explore.

She is spayed and ready for a new adventure. She loves being petted and will sit by your side.

She was found under a gazebo with her mom and 4 siblings.

Up to date on all shots, so she is all ready to go.

Nala is 13 weeks old.

Please consider applying for this sweet girl today.

7.28.2022 jewel (22-443)
location: foster home

Jewel is now looking for her forever home after raising her litter. She has the cutest little hiss that is her meow. She doesn’t meow just a cute little hiss sound. She doesn’t mind kids not sure about dogs. She loves attention. She loves treats and wet food. Please note she needs to be the only cat but she will be by your side.

7.28.2022 shortcake (22-463)
location: petsmart hanover

Shortcake is a sweet little girl who is about 12 weeks old. She is all black with a smidge of white on her chest. She has a pleasant personality and loves attention. Shortcake purrs the second you pick her up. Like a typical kitten….she plays nonstop and enjoys almost any toy.

If you looking to add a little purr machine to your family please complete an adoption application.

7.29.2022 pudding (22-464)
location: petsmart hanover

Pudding is a cute little girl who is about 12 weeks old. She is all black with a touch of white on her chest. Pudding looks almost identical to her sister, Shortcake. Pudding is very playful and enjoys playing with her littermates. She loves the feather wand and balls with bells in them.

If you are looking for a sweet girl please consider adopting Pudding.

7.29.2022 kiara (22-211)
location: foster home

This special tortoiseshell girl is ready for her fur-ever home, with someone who will watch her grow into the beautiful girl she will become.

She is super sweet and has gorgeous markings, with tan surrounding her left eye area.

She is one of 5 kittens found under a gazebo.

She is 13-14 weeks old with all her shots and spayeed. Already for you to take home.

Please consider completing and app to adopt her today.

7.29.2022 kiara (22-213)
location: foster home

Stormy is an energetic, sweet 12-13 week old girl who came to Heavenly Paws when her 4 litter mates and mommy were found under a gazebo, she is spayed and ready for her new home.

She is currently with a foster.

She is an all black kitten with the softest fur.

If you want a sweet, playful addition to your family, please consider completing an application.

7.29.2022 kali (22-215)
location: foster home

Kali is an adorable kitten who has a special look. She is a tortie with mostly black fur, with a brown spot on her head and strands of tan and brown running through her coat down her back, with a cream color spot on the tip of her chin.

She was found with her 4 siblings and mom under a gazebo and was the runt of the litter.

She is cute as a button and ready to go to her “furever” home.

Very sweet tempered and loves to be held and cuddled. When she looks at you it will melt your heart.

Between 13-14 weeks old, spayed with all shots up to date.

Please consider adopting this sweet girl.

7.29.2022 sweetie pie (22-401)
location: foster home

Precious 14-16 week old tiger girl with white chest and belly.

She was following a woman on Cherry Lane in Dallastown, when the finder asked the lady if the kitten was hers she said no and the kitten scampered up his pant leg.

He could not keep the kitten so contacted Heavenly Paws.

She is very lovable and wants to be held and petted, and will lay on your lap or next to you on the sofa.

She is being spayed and given her rabies shot on 7/30/22, she will be ready to leap to her fur ever home at that time, with all shots up to date.

Please consider completing an adoption application and taking her home as your own.

7.30.22 lincoln 22-452
location: PetSmart Hanover

Lincoln is a friendly happy guy that is very laid back. He enjoys the company of his sister Gabby and loves being held. He is about 11 weeks old.

7.30.22 GABBY 22-460
LOCATION: PetSmart Hanover

Gabby is a beautiful sweet girl that has a sweet laid back personality likes to play with brother Lincoln and enjoys being cuddled. She is about 11 weeks old.

7.31.2022 pepper (22-450)
location: foster home

Pepper is a sweet and spicy brown tabby girl who is about 12 weeks old. She loves to play with her brother, Jack, and just about any cat toy! She is a bit shy at first but catch her sleeping or give her food, and she’s your purr-fect buddy.

If you would like to meet Pepper please complete an application.

8.1.2022 berry (22-303)
location: foster home

Hi from sweet little Berry!! This very interesting looking( black with tabby stripes) little boy was found on a strawberry farm by himself at only a week to 10 days old.. estimate 11 weeks old..
Hes a bundle of joy he loves other kittys and chews on his foster moms nose to say thank you for everything! Bottle babies have to fight to beat the odds with no mama and Berry did just that. If your looking for an adorable, playful, and loving kitten Berry is your guy!!

8.1.2022 camilla (16-068)
location: foster home

Camilla is a six-year old spade female who was adopted from us as a kitten and recently returned. Sadly her family could no longer care for her due to financial issues and the family growing. She has been around other cats, kids, and dogs and his wonderful with them. All she wants to do is be loved and held and be with people.

8.4.2022 bosley (22-491)
location: PetSmart Hanover

Bosley is an orange male tabby who is about 10 to 11 weeks old. Bosley is a laid-back kitten. He is playful and gets along well with the other kittens in his foster home. He has beautiful eyes that will your heart.

If you’re interested in Bosley please complete an adoption application.

8.4.2022 nutters (22-266)
location: foster home

Nutters is a sweet, sleek 1-2 year old neutered male. He appeared over the winter and wasn’t claimed or chipped, so I brought him in. He loves being scratched, petted, and brushed. He is very food driven, and seems to be a social eater.

He loves dogs: he followed mine everywhere when he first saw her. So if you have a dog they must be prepared for an adoring cat! He just got neutered in May so I don’t know how dominant he is with other cats. But he is definitely ready for a furever home.

8.5.22 willie 22-50
location: foster home

22-502 Willie, is a neutered male up to date on vaccines. He is currently in foster care. Willie recently had his right eye removed, but that has not stopped him from wanting all the belly rubs he can get. He is a total love bug. He will need to have his stitches out before going to his forever home. 

Willie is okay around other laid back cats and is okay around dogs. Is great with kids. And that he follows you everywhere and just wants to be with either. And he will curl up beside you or sleep at the end of your bed.

8.5.22 jimmy 22-506
location: PetSmart Hanover

Jimmy (22-506)

Jimmy was born on May 11, 2022 which makes him about 12 weeks old. He loves to jump on his littermates and chase balls. He enjoys any toy with feathers. Jimmy loves to be held and have his head rubbed. He is a loving and playful kitten.

If you would like Jimmy please complete an adoption application.

8.5.22 tiger 22-507
location: foster home

Tiger (22-507)
Foster home 

Tiger was born on May 11, 2022 which makes him about 12 weeks old. His favorite thing to do is play with his littermates. He likes to chase feather toys and balls. Tiger can be a little scared at first but will warm up and will be very loving. 

If you are considering adopting Tiger please complete an adoption application.

8.5.2022 dusty (22-493)
location: foster home

Dusty is a handsome Manx and Gertie’s brother. A sweet guy that also got an eye infection when a tiny kitten that went untreated causing him to loose one eye. Dusty likes to be held and give head butts. Won’t you give Dusty a place to call home.