Depending on the age of the cat at the time of the adoption, the adoption fee will cover the initial FIV/FeLV combo test; initial treatment for fleas, worms, parasites, and ear mites; initial distemper vaccination; and possibly rabies vaccination.

Additionally, we try to ensure that all of our cats are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. Adopters of kittens that are not old enough to undergo the surgery will be given a free spay/neuter certificate for one of our local participating veterinarians.

If you would like to set-up a meet and greet or are interested in adopting one of these cats, please fill out our free online application.

8.24.21 abby 21-335
location: Cape Horn pets

21-335 Abby is a very sweet little girl at about 1 to 2 years old. She raised five beautiful kittens that have all been adopted. It is her turn now for a forever home. She will be a little shy at first but warms up quickly and will be a great addition to any home. She has been around dogs and was fine. She is good with calm children and other cats. Abby likes to play, is a curious kitty and likes to be held.

8.31.21 Boots 21-234 (pending adoption)
location: Cape Horn pets

Boots is about 9 to 12 months old. He was trapped in a volunteer’s backyard. He is shy at first but not mean at all. As you can see he is being held by a girl. He is good with other cats. Boots has become more relaxed and likes his snuggles and to be brushed! He loves to play!

9.2.21 OLIVIA 21-337

Olivia is a pretty girl who is about 11 months old. She loves attention and rubs behind her ears. She is a laid back girl who is just looking for a little love and attention.

Olivia loves attention and is becoming a lap cat. She does okay with other cats but will definitely need a little adjustment period. She loves being the center of attention and sometimes doesn’t want to share the attention.

If you are interested in this sweet girl please consider completing an application.

9.15.21 buck 21-363
location: foster home

(21-363) Hi I am Buck an energetic, playful 5 month old boy who loves to play with my foster brothers, and chase wand toys. My favorite thing is to be petted and sit on your lap. If you want a playful loving kitty I am for you.

9.19.21 oreo (20-123)
location: Cape Horn pets

Oreo is a handsome, easy-going and super soft male tuxedo who is quite the catch! He is approximately 4 years old and just wants to be your buddy. Oreo is a purring machine who likes to look up at his human friends for attention. He likes to play with draggy toys such as shoelaces too. He’s like the nice guy in high school who makes friends with everyone he meets. Although FIV+, it doesn’t keep him from looking and being fabulous. He gets along with other cats and would probably be pals with a dog. If you need a buddy to hang out with on the couch, Oreo is your guy!

9.19.21 Meow Meow (20-251)
Location: Cape Horn pets

Meow Meow is cute and quiet. She likes to be cradled in your lap and brushed for hours. Her fur is soft like a bunny’s. She is just around 3 years old and gets along with other cats. She is looking for a nice, quiet home, with a family who loves her. Don’t you need a sweet, lovely, soft friend to spend the chilly winter with under some blankets?

9.20.21 Patches (21-351, calico) & sparkles (21-352, gray/white)
location: foster home

Patches and Sparkles are two adorable big girls approximately 2-3 years old. They came into our care due to their owner no longer being able to care for them.

They are sweet girls looking for a safe home together. Both girls are a little shy to start, but once they warm up to you Patches is more outgoing. She’s playful and talkative and a little spicy when she’s had enough attention. Sparkles is slightly skittish, but she loves to be loved on. She’ll roll over on her back for belly rubs and can’t get enough pets.

Both girls would prefer to stay together, but can be adopted separately to the right homes. Patches would do better in a home with older children who know when to leave her alone. Both would probably prefer not to have any other animal siblings, but could get used to another cat or a very laid back dog.

10.3.2021 Chestnut 21-421
Location: foster home

Chestnut was found roaming York City. She’s quite a petite little love bug. She’s good with other cats and kids. I would foresee no problem with her being around dogs. She is probably around 9 to 12 months old.

10.03.2021 Tink 21-379
Location: Foster Home

Tink is an unusual 5-6 month old boy. Once he is used to you he will talk up a storm.

He is very slim and lanky with an unusual face. His tiger markings and white on belly and legs make him a really handsome boy.

He is very loving and loves to sit on your lap.

He does not get a chance to play with the wand toys too much as his foster brother Buck hogs up all the play time and Tink just sits back and watches as Buck will jump right on him if he gets in the way.

He will make a great addition to someone’s family if you open up your heart and home.

10.4.21 Gimlet (21-321) & Sangria (21-323)
location: foster home

UPDATE 11/8 –

Gimlet (gray) and Sangria (dilute torti) are 3 month old sisters who must be adopted together as they are bonded. Their brothers were adopted and they hope to find their forever home soon.

These two adorable sisters were found at a Harrisburg construction site with their brothers. They were only 4 weeks old. They cleaned up well, filled out, and grew up to be the sweetest, most playful purr machines ever!

Gimlet is the daring girl. She’s the first to explore. Sangria likes to be cuddled, once she’s done playing. They both love toys and climbing cat trees as well as sleeping together.

10.8.21 PIN 21-391
LOCATION: foster home

UPDATE 11/19 – Pin has matured over these past few weeks and is now loving to be held and has the biggest purr machine! He is approximately 14-16 weeks old.

10.8.21 Bennie 21-393
location: petsmart north hanover

Bennie (21-392) is 10-11 weeks, shy when being picked up but does not stop purring while being held. He has fun playing with his brothers Vinnie and Pin. (named changes from Nutmeg to Bennie after we found out he was a boy)

10.8.21 Vinnie 21-392
location: Petsmart north hanover

Vinnie (21-393) is 10-11 weeks, shy when being picked up but does not stop purring while being held. He has fun playing with his brothers Bennie & Pin. (Names changed from Ginger to Vinnie after we found out he was a boy)

10.9.21 lucy 19-047
location: Petco West York

Lucy is about 3 years old. She was returned to us 3 years after she was adopted through no fault of her own. Her owner worked long hours and didn’t have much time for her. She loves to eat her diet food.

Lucy is very sweet. She loves to be petted and will roll on her back and show you her tummy. She loves a good brushing session and makes the cutest chirp sounds to greet you in the morning. 

Lucy needs a home of her own. She does well with older kids and calm cats. Dogs are unknown, but she would probably do fine with an easy-going older dog. Please open your heart and home to this lovely girl with beautiful eyes.

10.14.21 Ember 21-417
Location: FOster home

Ember is a one year old female tuxedo kitty. She isn’t shy around humans; she wants to be friends with them all. She is beyond affectionate and loves to be with you at all times. She has zero touch zones — pets everywhere are welcomed by her! She isn’t overly reactive to other animals but hasn’t wanted to be friends with any. She can absolutely coexist, especially with a kitty that isn’t to in her space. She hasn’t been tested with dogs or children.

If you are looking to add a little sweetheart to your family, please apply to meet Ember to see if she may be the perfect addition.

10.14.21 Beatrice 21-454
Location: FOster home

Beatrice is a 1-2 year old spayed female. She has been around dogs and other cats. She’s a little nervous around hyper dogs. She just needs time to adjust and lots of love and attention. She is not thrilled with other cats but could make a do if it was just one other one. She doesn’t hurt or go after them; she just grumbles under her breath. In time that would go away.

10.16.21 Jasmine 21-024

21-024 Jasmine was returned by no fault of her own. She is a vocal cat and will talk to you when you enter the room. She will do best as an only cat. She is spayed and up to date on shots. She has not been around dogs. She would do well in a quiet home with older children/adults. She will need time to adjust to her new home. She is over a year old.

10.20.21 celine 21-153
location: Cape Horn pets

Celine is our comeback girl. A true testament to what HP is about.

She came to us as a severely injured mommy with 6 kittens and we had to wean the kittens off of her by bottle feeding them as we wanted to give her the best chance of recovering that we could.

She had something fall on her and pin her when moving her kittens to a new spot and had pulled her tail so hard that it was broken in 3 places and she had a broken pelvis.

She is a true miracle as the staff at Clearview had doubts as to her ability to recover her mobility and get her continence in control.She had surgery to remove her tail and is spayed and shots are up to date. Her pelvis is healed and she has no mobility issues.

She is a gentle loving 2 year old tuxedo, loves to climb and play with the other fosters. She is a lap cat and loves attention.

Can be a little shy but once she trusts you she will be yours forever. Please consider putting in an adoption app for this truly amazing cat.

10.27.21 joshua 21-488
LocAtion: foster home

21-488 Joshua is a big handsome medium long-haired boy. He’s very social and outgoing. He is good with kids and cats. Would adjust well to dogs. Probably around two years old. He was found wandering the streets of York City. Joshua is very affectionate and loves to lay in laps.

10.29.21 sammy 21-493
location: foster home

21-493 Sammy is a very social and outgoing boy. He’s probably around 1 to 2 years old. He has been around others cats. He had one quick interaction with my big dog and it seemed to go fine. He is quite a silly boy. He likes to play peekaboo. He climbs under a towel or blanket and pops out the other end. He also likes to climb right up on you and sit on your back and shoulders. In his newest pictures we are taking a picture of him on my shoulder and he jumped over to the person taking the photo. Sam is quite the fireball who gets very wound up and hyper. He would love somebody to play with him.

10.31.21 butler 21-504
Location: pet supplies plus

Butler is a handsome 2-3yr old tuxedo boy. He is a little shy at first, but will warm up quickly with encouragement of food. He is very social once he knows that he is home and will be friendly to guests and other animals. Butler is very playful, but also likes to stretch out in your lap for cuddles and pets. He does well with other cats and would probably do good with a laid back dog or even children.

Are you looking for the perfect gentleman to greet your guests? Butler is your boy! He has the cutest face and look at those long whiskers!

11.1.21 luke 19-469
location: foster home

19-469 Luke is a very large handsome boy. He is good with kids and cats. He loves attention and to be snuggled. He is about two years old.

11.4.21 charlie 21-519 (pending adoption)
location: foster home

Charlie (21-519) came to one of our volunteer’s house and tried to get in through her slider and front door. We think he is 2 years old and has medium/long hair. Look how cute he is with his face markings and his bushy tail!

Charlie is very vocal and loves attention. He loves to have his head rubbed, likes to lay right next to his human friends and likes laps. He is a curious boy and loves to play. He loves to roll over and look extra cute! He is so loving and adorable and he knows it!

Charlie was neutered yesterday and is up to date on his vaccines.

Since Charlie is so adorable and has longer hair than a short hair cat we think he will get adopted quickly! If you would like a cat who loves attention and is vocal Charlie is your guy!

11.4.21 peaches 21-330
location: foster home

Peaches (21-330, female, 4 months old) is energetic, loves to play and is just full of personality. She gets along very well with her foster mom’s cats and dog. When she gets sleepy, she’s an excellent snuggler and has the most amazing purr. She is fully vaccinated. Get your application in to come meet this beautiful little girl!

11.7.21 dixie (21-373) & daphne (21-374)
Location: foster home

Dixie (21-373) and Daphne (21-374) are sweet little sisters who are about 11 to 12 weeks old.

The girls are very energetic and play nonstop. They are very social and love people. They love to climb on the scratching post and don’t let their petite size fool you; they are excellent jumpers!

Dixie and Daphne are fun little girls who will adjust quickly to any home willing to give them lots of love and attention.

If you’re looking for a little sweetie (or maybe two) you can’t go wrong with these girls. Please consider completing an application.

11.9.21 lynx & Leo (21-034, 21-035)
location: Cape Horn pets
Lynx and Leo are 5-6 year old purebred highlander brothers. They found their way to our shelter due to anxiety causing them to pee inappropriately outside of their litter box. Since being in foster care, they have not had any “accidents”. Lynx has curly ears, Leo has a giraffe pattern. Both boys are bob tails Lynx and Leo are beautiful boys who are cuddly and curious. They love pets and snuggling, but won’t stay for long as they always have things to do and spaces to explore. They are playful and like to chase string toys and battle catnip bananas. The boys are skittish and will take sometime to warm up to you, but they’re worth the effort. Lynx and Leo are also very talkative and will call for you when they want attention. They like to sleep with you too and will paw at the blanket to get under the covers. These boys must be adopted together and should be only pets, they do not get along with other cats and anxiety may be too high for dogs.

11.9.21 electra 21-403
location: foster home

Electra (21-403) was found wandering the property at Mercury Electronics in Seven Valleys. She is a 4-5 month old girl who does well with other cats, is timid around dogs but would probably adjust.

She is a very sweet, loving, playful little girl who loves to cuddle, and play with balls, feathers and bags. She purrs constantly and just wants to be with her person. Electra is outgoing. 

If interested in adopting Electra please fill out our adoption application.

11.10.21 Phoebe 21-461
location: foster home

21-461 Phoebe is a short pudgy adorable cuddle bug. She’s about 4-6 years old and spayed. She’s good with kids and other cats. We have not had her around any dogs but she’s so laid back that we think we she will fine. Phoebe would be a wonderful pet for an older person that just wants to sit and hold a cat and snuggle. Vet cannot find anything physically wrong with Phoebe and her blood work came out good but she is “mentally off” as she does not show normal cat emotions like excitement over food or treats. She does not get worked up or active. The only emotion she shoes is contentment and happiness to be held and purrs for hours on end. At times she needs to be reminded to eat. She would be great for somebody who is home all the time. She is a very loving little girl.

Coal (21-476) is an adorable 10-12 week old gray black kitten who came in with his brother Ash.

They were found on the road near a barn in Mechanicsburg. The wonderful lady took them to a vet and paid for their treatment and care, until a rescue could be found.

Coal had an issue with his eye and is blind in that one but that does not stop this fiesty little guy. He had several bite marks and abrasions.

He is very lovable and wants your attention and will make a great kitten for some lucky child to grow up with, or an adult looking to raise a kitten and make them their own.

He would not be good for older people with mobility issues as he loves to tangle around your legs and feet.

Please consider adopting this sweet boy by completing an application on our site.

He gets along well with other kittens and adult cats as you can see in pictures with Buck and Tink (his foster brothers) there.

11.13.21 el chapo 21-531
location: foster home

21-531 El Chapo is a very loving 1 to 2-year-old boy. He is good with kids cats and dogs. He just wants lots of attention and love. He was found wandering Locust Street in Spring Grove.

11.13.21 pumpkin 21-532
location: foster home

21-532 Pumpkin is a big gorgeous boy. Probably around 2 to 3 years old. Shy at first but warms up quickly. He loves to purr and show you his belly. He is going to need some time and patience but will be a wonderful companion.

11.13.21 cider 21-517
location: foster home

21-517 Cider is a talkative male brown tabby kitten. At 11 weeks old is a typical playful kitten who gets along with adult cats, but loves to be with his sister. Not sure about dogs but fine around young kids. He is still a little shy and is not fond of being held. He should be adopted with his sister.

11.13.21 pumpkin 21-516
location: foster home

21-516 Pumpkin is a sweetie. She is an 11 week old beautiful gray tabby with unique swirl pattern on her sides. She is more lovable than her brother and will purr up a storm when holding her. She doesn’t mind being held and is playful as her brother. She gets along with other adult cats and not sure about dogs. Doesn’t mind young kids. She should be adopted with her brother Cider. If you are looking for a playful pair you won’t be disappointed with these two.

11.14.21 frankie 21-432
location: foster home

Frankie is a 10 – 12 week old fluff ball who loves to curl up with your. She loves to play with her siblings and gets along well with other adult cats. She doesn’t mind dogs and gets along well with children. She loves to curl up with you and purr. She is currently in foster care.

11.16.21 helios 21-506
location: foster home

21-506 Helios is an absolutely gorgeous all white 5 year old neutered male who is very lovey-dovey! We do not get in all white cats that often so if you are looking for an all white cat please apply for handsome Helios! He is great with cats who are not bullies but is mostly afraid of dogs.

11.18.21 douey (21-530)
location: foster home

Douey (21-530) was born on July 22, 2021 so that makes him about 17 weeks old. Douey is uniquely marked with a black cap on his head, black tail while the rest of his body is white. His sister, Zoey, was adopted so he hopes to go to his forever home soon.

Douey is a nice kitten. He made his way to the rescue when his owner started having severe allergic reactions which led to her having breathing problems. It was a difficult decision for her to make.

Douey is adjusting well in his foster home. He is full of energy and loves feather toys. He also does not have any problem with the other cats in his foster home.

If you are interested in meeting Douey…please complete an adoption application.

11.19.21 Marhissa 21-539
location: foster home

Marhissa (21-539) is a beautiful calico, came in with her sister Tilley but from a litter of four. Her mother is a feral and could not be captured and is still being fed outside by rescuer. They both are still shy but warm up quickly when held and start their purr machines….don’t think it will take long for these guys to be great additions to your family. Marhissa is about 12-14 weeks old.

11.19.21 tilley 21-538
location: foster home

Tilley (21-538) is a beautiful girl with dark gray and light gray stripes. She came into foster’s house with sister Marhissa and from a litter of four. Her mother, a feral, could not be captured and is still being fed outside by their rescuer. They are both shy but warm up quickly when held and start purring. She is 12-14 weeks old.

11.22.21 buttercup 21-458
location: foster home

Buttercup is a petite young lady, approximately 3-4 years old. Found outside with a kitten, she wasbrought indoors for safety. Her kitten has a home of his own and now Buttercup wants one too. She lovesto lounge around in her bed and thoroughly enjoys getting petted. She has been around other cats and older kids. Help this princess live a happy life as a retired mom! She deserves it.

11.22.21 cordelia 21-534
location: foster home

Cordelia is 9 years old and finds herself looking for a new home. She was raised with a dog and they were best friends. When the dog passed away, Cordelia took it hard and her parents gave her up. She is beautiful, as you can see, and very sweet. She doesn’t seem overly fond of other cats but has been around older kids. Won’t you give this gorgeous golden girl a place to relax and be loved?

11.24.21 ONYX 21-523
location: foster home

21-523 Onyx is a 10 -12 week old typical playful kitten. He loves his toys and his cat tree. He loves to play with his siblings. He is great with kids and adult cats. He doesn’t seem to mind dogs. He is currently in foster care.

11.24.21 phantom 21-521
location: foster home

21-521 Phantom is a 10-12 week old kitten and is Onyx’s brother. He is just as playful as his brother. He loves toys and running around the house chasing his siblings. He is great with kids and adult cats. Is getting use to dogs. He is currently in foster care.