Depending on the age of the cat at the time of the adoption, the adoption fee will cover the initial FIV/FeLV combo test; initial treatment for fleas, worms, parasites, and ear mites; initial distemper vaccination; and possibly rabies vaccination.

Additionally, we try to ensure that all of our cats are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. Adopters of kittens that are not old enough to undergo the surgery will be given a free spay/neuter certificate for one of our local participating veterinarians.

If you would like to set-up a meet and greet or are interested in adopting one of these cats, please fill out our free online application.

11.10.21 Phoebe 21-461
location: foster home

21-461 Phoebe is a short pudgy adorable cuddle bug. She’s about 4-6 years old and spayed. She’s good with older children and other cats (please no home with very small children). Phoebe does not care for loudness but is getting better. Phoebe would be a wonderful pet for an older person that just wants to sit and hold a cat and snuggle. Vet cannot find anything physically wrong with Phoebe and her blood work came out good but she is “mentally off” as she does not show normal cat emotions like excitement over food or treats. She does not get worked up or active. The only emotion she shoes is contentment and happiness to be held and purrs for hours on end. At times she needs to be reminded to eat. She would be great for somebody who is home all the time. She is a very loving little girl. Phoebe will do best in a home without dogs. Phoebe should go to a home with other cats, preferably in the 1-5 age range. She loves to play with her younger foster sisters every night.

12.18.21 sam 21-469
Location: Foster Home

Updated on 4/18/22 –

I am a handsome grey, tan tabby. I am a sweet 10 month old who loves to come out to play. Once I trust you I love to have my belly rubbed, not crazy about being picked up. I love to have my feather wand rubs and chase after all my wand toys.

I have been with my brother (Al) at my foster mom’s house since the end of October and am now at Petsmart in Hanover waiting for my furever home.

12.18.21 al 21-468
location: foster home

Updated on 4/29/22-

21-468 Al This sweet boy has been with us since the end of October, he is now 9 months old. He is a swirl pattern grey tabby.

He loves to play, but is still shy of being petted or picked up. Loves belly rubs with his feather toys.

He needs a human of his own, to trust and give him all the love he deserves.

Please consider meeting this gentle young man and giving him the fur ever home he needs. He is neutered and up to date on shots.

2.10.2022 tux (22-068)
location: Cape Horn incredible pets in red lion

Tux is a neutered male around 4 years old. He had a hard life on the streets. Tux has lots of scars on his ears and neck and upon further examination a pellet was found in Tux’s neck form being shot. His left ear is scarred and bent. Despite what Tux has been through, he is very sweet and social. Tux is good with other cats. Tux is FIV positive.

3.10.22 Sunburst 22-120
Location: Foster home

Sunburst was among 10 cats that were left behind outside when her owner moved. She is extremely sweet and loving. Sunburst is a little shy but warms up very quickly and is around 1 years old. Sunburst is extremely vocal and literally hollers at you for attention. She is spayed.

4.5.2022 smokey (22-102)
location: Cape Horn incredible pets IN red lion

Smokey Is about a year old. He is good with other cats. He is very shy and takes time to warm up. He needs someone who is loving and understanding.

4.13.22 baby max 22-168
Location: foster home

22-168 Baby Max is an absolute love bug. He’s about 2 years old. Good with other cats and kids. Just wants to snuggle and love. He came to us with a wounded front left leg. He is on antibiotics for 30 days. He will be ready for adoption around mid May. In the meantime fill out an application and come spend time with him.

4.19.2022 rusty (22-179)
location: foster home

Rusty is a 10 to 12 month old orange tabby cat. He is extremely friendly to all ages of people and is very gentle, but confident. He has not been tested with other cats or dogs, but with a slow introduction I feel confident he would adjust. He loves playing with toys, being brushed, being held, and generally just being around people. He purrs, and even talks (meows) sometimes, during play or brushing sessions.

4.24.22 pitt 22-077
location: foster home

Pitt is a gorgeous long haired boy. He is all black with a couple of patches of white…one on his chest and one on his belly. He is about 8 months old.

Pitt was previously in his finder’s home with children and other cats before coming to his foster home. Pitt struggled with his transition info his foster home. He now seems like he has settled in.

Pitt will more than likely need extra patience, love, understanding and extra attention as he becomes accustomed to his new family and surroundings.

If you are interested in meeting Pitt, please complete an application.

.29.22 tank 22-094
location: foster home

Tank (22-094) got his name because he was the biggest of his litter and is also 10 weeks old. This boy will curl up in your lap for a nap and purr. He is as playful as his littermates. Tank also gets along with other cats and dogs and is great with kids. He is currently in foster care.

5.2.2022 magnolia (22-227)
location: foster home

Hello from 1 year old Stunning buff golden girl Magnolia!
Wow is she such a beautiful girl who’s got the most incredible eyes you’ve ever seen.
Magnolia came from a sad situation. She was left behind when owner moved along with 2 sisters. She’s an extremely affectionate kitty who loves being carried around. She is very vocal and will lay in your lap for hours. Magnolia was with her kitty sisters in previous home but has been hissy towards foster mom’s cats so we honestly don’t know if she would be ok with other kitties without proper time for introduction. She would be good with kids and hasn’t met a dog yet.
Magnolia is spayed up to date on all vaccines and ready for her forever home!

5.3.2022 vera (22-258)
location: Pet Supplies Plus Shrewsbury

Vera was left in a back yard in carrier with a black tarp over her for a couple days. A wonderful set of neighbors rescued her and called us. She is a lovely little girl, about three years old. Right now she is not thrilled about other cats and is growling at them but I’m sure in time she would adjust. We were told that her owners also had another cat so she has definitely been around the cats before. Right now she’s just stressed out and feeling betrayed.

5.3.2022 sweetness (22-260)
location: foster home

Sweetness just wants to held and loved. Her mommy passed away three years ago and now her daddy just recently passed away. She is a very robust girl and could definitely stand to lose some weight. She is about 7 years old. Please help me honor her previous owners by finding her a good, loving home. Sweetness likes to rollover and show you her belly and let you rub her belly.

5.2.22 Tarot 22-172
Location: foster home

Tarot 22-172

Tarot was an outdoor kitty that had to fend for himself to survive, thus he had a cat bite on his tail. His tail bite is healing well now and he is loving the indoors. He is approximately 2 years old and the most gentle laid back cat you will ever find! He gets along well with other cats and will be friends with you today in return for scratches!

5.6.2022 amber (22-135)
location: Cape Horn incredible pets in red lion

Sweet petite Amber was left behind at a farm with about 12 others when owners were evicted. She’s about a year old. She can be with other cats as long as they don’t mind if Amber gets sassy with them. It needs to be a cat that will stand up to her.

5.6.2022 dusty (22-261)
location: Cape Horn incredible pets in red lion

Poor Dusty is still a bit scroungy looking from roaming York City. He needs to fatten up and eat good so his coat gets nicer looking. Please don’t hold that against him though because he’s an absolute precious little guy. He just wants to be on your lap and loved. He adores kisses on his nose and forehead. We think he’s only 1-2 years old. He’s good with other cats and kids.

5.6.2022 haley 22-265
location: foster home

Haley is about a 6 to 12 month old spayed female and is absolutely precious, sweet and snuggly. Haley came from a hoarding situation of 35+ cats in York City. She has 2 white beauty marks and a scarred left eye.

5.8.22 miss kitty 22-011
Location: foster home

Miss Kitty (22-011) is an 11 year old female dilute calico. Her story is a happy but sad one. She has been an only cat for her entire life. She lived in a nursing home with her parents, and the vet records say her dad used to share his cake with her— she loved the treats. When her parents passed away, a woman named Dot living at the nursing home wanted to keep Miss Kitty. Apparently she was known to roam the halls and be a friend to everyone. So, Miss Kitty became Dots with original family’s son checking in on her and always ready to swoop in when needed. Well, Dot was over 100 years old and Miss Kitty now needed a thyroid pill 2x a day. It became too much for the nursing home, because they would have to assist, so Dot was made to give up Miss Kitty.

Miss Kitty has been in foster care with Heavenly Paws since … she is amazing! For never being around other animals, she lives with her fellow feline friends without issue and a small canine pup too. She loves all people, and enjoys taking her medicine.

5.10.22 molasses 22-280
Location: foster home

Molasses was left behind at Waterford apartments when people moved. He’s a young neutered male probably about one to two years old. Very sweet guy. He is good with kids and cats.

5.12.22 luma 22-165
location: foster home

Luma is a true star. This gentle petite female is so loving. She is cat friendly, all ages of people friendly, and I can’t imagine she couldn’t adjust to a dog with proper introduction. She deserves a home that will pamper her with love and attention! Luma is 11-13 months old. 

5.13.22 argyle 22-113
location: foster home

Argyle is a sweet 3 to 5 year old boy who was rescued off the streets of Lancaster. He’s looking for someone who will love him and his issues. Argyle is FIV positive, had to have his teeth pulled, has a cauliflower ear due to bad ear infections, and is on a special diet for his skin. His hair is growing back softly. He needed to be shaved because he was deeply dirty.

So if you want a sweet and funny guy who just wants a home and attention, please apply for him.

5.14.22 levi 22-284
location: foster home

Levi (22-284) is a cute little guy who is about 8 to 9 weeks old. He has amazing markings. Levi is a little boy with a huge personality. He loves people and human attention. Of course like all kittens he loves to play with everything.

If you’re interested in meeting Levi…please consider completing an application.

5.14.22 flash 22-281
location: foster home

22-281 Flash is a nuzzling smooching little 6 month old boy. He loves other cats. He came to us severely matted. There was no saving his gorgeous fur. He looks rough now but it will grow back quickly. The groomer said he purred the entire time.

5.14.22 harris 22-279
Location: foster home

22-279 Harris is a very soft sweet boy. He is great with other cats and kids. He loves to rub on you and be pet. We think he is probably around two years old.

5.14.22 todd (22-288) & jack (22-289)
Location: foster home

22-288(Todd) and 22-289(Jack) Showed up together in a trailer park in Denver. I’m sure they would love to stay together if possible but can be adopted separately. They are neutered males probably between 3 to 5 years old. Todd is a gray tiger and Jack is black with white. They are both very large cats. They are good with other cats and children.

5.14.22 agent 21-505
Location: foster home

Agent came to us in September of 2021. He was scared and traumatized from abuse. We originally thought that he would do best on a farm, because he seemed to be terrified of people, but recently he’s been demanding love and attention.

Agent is a sweet boy who has never tried to bite or swat, even though he’s been scared. He is playful and loves to pounce on string toys, but mostly he just wants to be loved. He’s not comfortable with being picked up yet, but will rub all over you for pets. Agent’s tail gets fluffy when he’s excited and happy with pets. Agent is a talker and will yell at you for attention.

Are you a patient person who is willing to give Agent the time he needs to adjust and get comfortable in a new home? The best reward is when the shy scared ones come out for your love!

5.15.22 Nellie 22-122
location: foster home

Nellie was born at her foster’s home on March 13th and is from a litter of six and the only girl. She loves to play with her litter mates, but is ready to leave for her forever home and find new things to love and keep her company.

5.15.22 boone 22-126
location: foster home

Boone is the brother to Hobbs and Nellie and was born on March 13th and is from a litter of six. He is playful and loves his litter mates, but is ready to leave for his forever home and find new things to love and keep him company.

5.15.22 Breeze 22-022
location: foster home

Breeze is a beautiful 1 year old that is the momma of Gusty and Windy that were rescued from underneath some steps. She was a wonderful protective mother and her babies have gone to good homes where they are much loved. It is her time now to find the family that will give her time needed to get to know and trust her new family. Once she feels comfortable she will love you…she loves her head and neck scratched and rubbing your leg and will set on your lap for short periods. Please give this sweet beautiful girl a chance to have her own family.

5.15.22 hobbs 22-124
location: foster home

Hobbs (22-124) is the brother to Nellie and Boone and was born at foster’s home on March 13th and a litter of six. He is playful and loves his littermates, but is ready to leave for his forever home and find new things to love and keep him company. He will be available after May 22nd.