Depending on the age of the cat at the time of the adoption, the adoption fee will cover the initial FIcinV/FeLV combo test; initial treatment for fleas, worms, parasites, and ear mites; initial distemper vaccination; and possibly rabies vaccination.

Additionally, we try to ensure that all of our cats are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. Adopters of kittens that are not old enough to undergo the surgery will be given a free spay/neuter certificate for one of our local participating veterinarians.

If you would like to set-up a meet and greet or are interested in adopting one of these cats, please fill out our free online application.

12.18.21 sam 21-469
Location: Foster Home

Updated on 8/31/2022 –

Sam has come a long way since he came to his foster home last year in October. He is about a year old now, and is really a special kitty.

He came to us with his brother Al and the finder was not sure if he was approachable.

He has integrated with the fosters cats in the home, and will let you know when he wants attention.

He loves to have his belly rubbed and to be petted, will even sit up next to you and cuddle in. But does not allow you to hold him.

He is a gorgeous grey and tan tabby with white chest and underbelly.

He is sometimes so quiet you forget he is there, but will let you know when it is time to be fed or he wants attention.

With love and patience he will become someone’s best bud and companion.

12.18.21 al 21-468
location: foster home

Updated on 8/31/2022-

Al is a gorgeous grey and white tabby male. Approximately 1 year old, he has been with his foster since October 2021. He comes out for her but is very shy and hides when anyone else is in the room. He is very gentle and loves to play with wand toys and be around his human, but does not allow petting or being held. Al gets along with other cats and kittens.

He is current on shots and is neutered, If you have the heart and patience to work with and win his trust he would make an exceptional pet.

10.10.2022 squid (22-511)
location: foster home

Squid is an adventurous ball of fluff who is about 5 months old. He enjoys running around and playing with other cats. And he is a huge fan of soft food! Squid is very shy though. He will need humans who are willing to be very slow and patient with him. He will take a while to warm up but will make a great addition to the right family.

If you would like to meet Squid please complete an adoption application.

10.10.2022 scout (22-512)
location: foster home

Scout is a very curious little girl who is about 5 months old. Always the first one to “scout” something out! She loves to play with cat toys and other cats! Scout is shy though and will take some time to warm up to her new home.

If you’re interested in meeting Scout please complete an adoption application.

10.21.2022 juju bee (22-634)
location: foster home

JujuBee (Big Lady). This gorgeous girl lost her owner unexpectedly. She is 11 years old with beautiful emerald green eyes. She does limp and she could lose a pound or 2 lol. Due to her weight she does have trouble walking, she is on Onsior as needed and Adequan injections that will have to be continued. Juju is hyperthyroid and will require lifelong meds. She is a sweet girl and loves to be scratched and lounge in the sun. JujuBee shows she’s content by crossing her paws. Don’t miss out on this sweet girl!

11.12.2022 Mindy (22-768)
location: cape horn incredible pets in red lion

Mindy showed up at a lady’s house in Dover begging to come in. Every time the lady opened up her door, she would dart in the house. She’s probably around three years old. She is your typical torti with torti-tude and mouthy towards other cats but will adjust.

2.14.23 dave 22-644
Location: Foster home

Dave is a handsome 6 year old fella who was living in an outside colony. He loves other cats, but prefers female friends as he can sometimes get picked on by strong males. He is a love bug and will happily show you his tummy. He also enjoys playing with dangle toys. Dave was in pretty rough shape when we took him in. His fur was dirty and covered in lice & mites, his paw was painful and all 4 paws were swollen. Those issues resolved but we found out Dave is FIV positive, has kidney disease, high phosphorus in his blood, and is losing protein in his urine. With the help of a diligent veterinarian, his health is stable and he is cleared for adoption. He does eat a prescription kidney diet and gets a pill and some powder mixed in his wet food. Easy peasy. Dave has been through a lot but has overcome a lot. He is just waiting for a buddy or family to welcome him into their loving home.

2.20.23 apple (22-706) & cider (22-707)
Location: foster home

Would you like some spicy apple cider to warm up from the winter chill? If so, we have the right kitties for you. Apple and Cider are about a year old, and came to us after being found wandering around a local neighborhood. Now they would love to fill your home with their sweet and spicy personalities. Fill out an application so you can meet this dynamic brother and sister team!

2.27.23 mr. Chubbs (22-417)
Location: foster home

Hi, I’m Mr Chubbs. Please don’t judge me by my looks. I’ve had a very rough life, but with the help of the nice people at Heavenly Paws who love me, I’m getting better and more dapper every day! I think I’m about 3 years old now. I cry like a baby when I’m left alone or ignored. I was so lonely on the streets, but now that I know what love is, I hate to be left alone. I’m good with other cats and would prefer a home with older kiddos (10 plus). I love kids. I do feel the need to be the center of attention and love to have long conversations. I haven’t been around small kids or dogs but I would probably be nice to them if they are nice to me.

Mr. Chubbs has been checked by the vet and is healthy. He had entropion eyelid surgery on August 9, 2022 and is ready for adoption.

3.3.23 priscilla (22-801)
location: Cape Horn incredible pets in red lion

Priscilla is about 6 months old and was rescued from a colony. She was trapped and spayed and was planned to be released, but the caretaker found her to be friendly, so she came to heavenly paws in hopes of finding a home. She loves the company of other cats, but is not fond of dogs. She still has a long way to go. She has come a long way being in foster care. She still tends to hide but will come out to hang out with you once she is relaxed. So if you have time and patience to give this little girl, she will be a wonderful addition.

3.5.23 loki (23-043)
LOCATION: pet supplies plus shrewsbury

Loki is a very handsome and sweet 10 month old tuxedo. He is very playful and energetic. He seems to have thick fur but is short haired. He is good around my calm dog, and is interested in other cats. He’s a little shy at first, but falls for the laser pointer. He is ready for his furever home!

3.6.23 horchata (23-080)
Location: petsmart in hanover

Meet Horchata! This sweet lady is about 11 months old and just wants to be loved. She can be shy until she gets to know you and then all she will want to do is head butt you. She has a ton of love to give! Horchata is spayed.

3.6.23 riesling (23-084)
Location: petsmart in hanover

Meet Riesling. This beautiful gray girl with a touch of white and some sweetness to go with it. Riesling is an independent girl who loves to snuggle and is the perfect lap cat. In fact, she will lay on her foster moms lap and smother her all day long. She’s a good little girl who wants to be in her furever home soon!

Riesling would be great with a family with no children or other pets.

Riesling is spayed and up to date on her shots.

3.13.23 harvey (22-565)
Location: Cape Horn incredible pets in red lion

Harvey is a very special 8 month old boy. He loves to play, and he likes attention. He can be scratched and petted, but only for a short time. He is on anxiety meds (and also Rescue Remedy drops), and may be for a very long time. He watches other cats, but am told he’s a bit afraid of them. Harvey needs a quiet home, probably without other pets. He’s going to need a very patient and understanding adopter. He will have to be the one who decides what he can handle in a furever home

3.20.23 razin (23-107)
Location: petsmart hanover

Razin is a handsome little guy who is about 10 to 11 months old. He has an easy-going personality and loves attention. Razin enjoys being around people and loves attention. He also seems to be fine with other others cats. With the proper introduction, he should be okay with dogs. Razin loves playing with feather wand. He would be a great addition to any family.

If you would like to meet him, please complete an adoption application.

3.24.23 TWIZZLER (22-854) & GYPSY (22-856)
Location: foster home

Twizzler (tuxedo) and Gypsy are a shy brother and sister bonded pair, who are 7 months old. They are both very sweet and playful. Twizzler has come out of his shell, and likes to lean on your arm for pets. Gypsy is still quite skittish, and much smaller. They will need a quiet home, and lots of patience. They’ve been around kittens, and have met my calm dog. But probably would not do well with young children.

3.26.23 ariel (23-114)
Location: foster home

Ariel is a cute little girl. She is about 14 weeks old. Ariel was found with a few other kittens at a mill where the finder was purchasing sawdust for her horses. She couldn’t leave them there, so she scooped them up and took them home until she could find a rescue to help. Ariel is playful and likes to play with the other kittens in her foster home. She is loveable and full of energy. And of course…she likes almost any toy and the feather wand. She should adjust to a home with dogs with the proper introduction and is good with other cats. Ariel will be available after she is spayed on March 28th. She has all of her age appropriate vaccines.

3.26.23 lyra (23-108)
Location: pet supplies plus shrewsbury

Lyra was found outside, sleeping in a flower pot for almost a month. She was taken in, spayed and vaccinated, and brought to a foster’s house. She is the sweetest, most snuggly cat ever. She loves to be petted and will ask for more – even on her tummy! She’s a little hesitant around other cats, but would probably adjust to a calm cat with proper introduction. Please give this sweet 2-4 year old baby a home, and she will give you so much love!

3.29.23 GUINNESS (23-110)
Location: foster home

Meet Guinness! This little boy is a sweet boy with a fluffy round face. He has a-lot of characteristics that make him unique. He’s loveable. He’s sweet. He snuggles. He’s a lap cat. And most importantly, he is blind. Guinness is a blind fellow that can see shadows and make his way around nicely. He’s not a jumper but he is a lover. In fact, he will smother you with love and kindness. This baby doesn’t have a mean bone in his fluff ball body. He loves to be with his fosters and cries when they walk out of the room.

Due to being blind, Guinness will need a furever home that is patient with him and loves him for his specialty.

Guinness is neutered and is about 10 months old.

3.29.23 jenny (23-109)
Location: foster home

Meet Jenny! Jenny is a fluffy little lady with a little sass but some sweetness to go with it. Jenny is friendly but also a little guarded. That means she is waiting for her person so she can bond. She wants someone to give her unconditional love and a safe place to be herself.

Just like Forest Gump said, “Jenny and Me goes like peas and carrots. “ This sweet Jenny is looking for her sweet pea to take her home.

Jenny is spayed and about 1-2 years old.

3.30.23 brandy (23-022)
Location: ritz grooming salon

Brandy is a cute little girl who is about 5 months old. Brandy has the cutest little round smushy face. Brandy will need a patient adopter. She’s not mean at all but is not a fan of being picked up and held. She has made a lot of progress but still will need time to adjust in her forever home. She purrs when you pet her and wants to love but is scared until she gains your trust. She’s good with other cats, and she sees dogs coming through the grooming salon. She is spayed and current on all vaccines.

If you have the patience and the love to give this girl, she’s perfect for you. If you want to meet Brandy, please complete an adoption application.